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Originally Posted October 6, 2016
by Robert Baty

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Image Posted October 5, 2016 by Diane K. Hummel.



Diane K. Hummel has transformed herself from an aging, retiring woman from “up north” to a key operative in the Kent Hovind machine.  She’s at or about 72 years of age.
This article is designed to offer some observations regarding her place in Kent’s continuing effort to fulfill his pledge to spend the rest of his life promoting his false legal narrative.
Diane is invited to engage the discussion here and fill in the blanks or offer any suggested corrections to my observations which include speculations due to the secrecy surrounding the Hovind operations and Diane’s connections thereto.
Diane began working for Kent about a dozen years ago, apparently taking a job with Eric Hovind after Kent’s operations were shut down; in part, so she could keep an eye on Jo Hovind, Kent’s wife at the time, and report developments to Kent.  Jo also worked for Eric.
In 2008, Diane was instrumental in the development of the still mostly secret scheme to gather affidavits, from Hovind family and friends, accusing Kent’s presiding federal judge Margaret Casey Rodgers of using the term “rape” in describing Kent and/or his crimes and then having the references deleted from the official record.
Diane was the notary public who authenticated the few affidavits that were gathered up.
Despite there being no good reason to accept the Hovind claim regarding the “rape” allegation, Kent and his people continue to promote it in their effort to impeach the integrity of Judge Rodgers and the official record.
In return for her years of service, Kent recently promoted Diane to board member of his alter ego, nominee, 501(c)(3) corporation known as Creation Science Evangelism Ministries. Inc.
Like Kent Hovind, Diane has left Pensacola, FL and taken up residence on a 145 acre compound in Conecuh County, AL, near Lenox, AL, where Kent Hovind is building his retirement home and business operations.
Diane has apparently been given charge of cooking and cleaning for the people Kent has come in to work the construction projects.  She also apparently acts as a house mother for girls and women who come to the compound looking for men or boys and are willing to work a little in exchange for room and board.
Kent has been promoting his matchmaking skills ever since he moved to the compound.
For a time, it was rumored that Diane would become the next Mrs. Hovind. However, Kent went with another, younger woman, Mary Kosloskey Tocco*, whom Kent appears to have begun a romantic relationship with before he knew Diane.
According to reports, Diane would have signed an employment contact allowing Kent to exploit her image while at the compound.  It is believed she may have also signed a non-disclosure agreement with Kent.
From all indications, Diane K. Hummel will never be properly de-briefed regarding her years of involvement with the Hovind family and related businesses. However, I invite her to come out, come clean, and help develop the evolving Kent Hovind story.
I will try to update this article as new information might be obtained or corrections need to be made.
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* Mary Kosloskey Tocco Hovind (about age 60)






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