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Christian & Danielle Holm,

When I tried to discuss the secret involvement of Brady Byrum in your case after hearing Ernie Land‘s announcement, you would not.  You deleted my message from your FaceBook page and blocked me from your FaceBook page; which is otherwise quite public and you and FaceBook invite folks to “share” what you post there.

Even your #1 promoter Jonathan Payton refused to even acknowledge that it was Brady Byrum who was secretly meddling in your case and would not discuss it.  He also deleted my posts from the public #freebabyholm FaceBook group and blocked me from that group.

That group has recently gone “underground” to prevent public access to what you are up to.

In light of what I saw today, I thought I would take some time to again call you to repentance if having your child returned is really what you are after.

See my additional comments below the two images below:



There’s another much simpler explanation of the document than such as you propose above.

That is, that the form was simply the available form and, should it ever be challenged in court as to its characterization, it will be reasonably shown that the signature on the line for the mother was clearly meant to simply show the person to whom the child was being released.  The nurse that witnessed it, similarly, might be expected to testify that she was not, in signing the form, claiming she witnessed the release to the mother but rather to the woman who signed the form as having received the baby.

Really, it’s no big deal, and is certainly not what you and your promoters are claiming for it.

“Forged Documents Support State Kidnapping?”

Since that was framed as a question, I will answer with my opinion that the answer is clearly a “NO“!

From the facts you admit to and which have been commonly reported, the State of Alabama clearly had cause for removing the child from your custody, quite unrelated to your religious and anti-government theology.

You have a lot of explaining to do, in my opinion, regarding how you happened to enlist and utilize the services of Brady Byrum and so insure that you could not and would not be working towards a quick resolution of the custody issue.

Repent, Christian & Danielle, repent, and bring forth works meet for such repentance.

I would suggest that such works include accepting your responsibilities for the delay in resolving the custody issue.

I have heard that you have now, at least, been able to enlist the services of a real, private lawyer by the name of Lisa Chasteen, who has a special interest/expertise in cases such as yours, though she seems to have a certain bias that might cause problems (i.e., did she really threaten Danielle’s mother with a lawsuit?), and she may not fully appreciate the problems Brady Byrum created for you.

Your offer of forgiveness is rather lame.

YOU, Christian & Danielle, should be the ones seeking forgiveness for what you have done in placing your child at risk and refusing to deal openly, honestly and effectively to resolve legitimate issues regarding the best interests of the child.

Robert Baty
December 29, 2016
7:20 PM MT

UPDATE December 30, 2016 9:55 PM MT

More evidence that the parents are pursuing a course not reflective of a serious interest in having their child returned.


UPDATE January 2, 2017 7:55 PM MT

More evidence that having Baby Holm returned to his parents is not high on the parents priority list:





Note to Christian Holm & Danielle Holm – Repent! — 5 Comments

  1. Seems Christian and Danielle are not getting the message and are following in the footsteps of Kent
    Hovind in trying to latch on to any and every other sad tale about child custody, posting the following
    message to their personal FaceBook page:

    Link Used for Reference:

    (Begin quote.)

    This has been happening for years.

    Many of us were hidden from these truths.

    To many it doesn’t phase you if it’s not happening to you.

    This mentality has to end.

    It IS happening to you if it’s happening around you.

    If you don’t do something to stand against it, you are
    contributing to it.

    No one’s children are safe.

    And we mean no one.

    We must unite and stand together to save our innocent children.
    They need our voices.
    Please stand for what’s right, what’s just and what’s love.

    — Christian & Danielle Holm
    — December 30, 2016

    (End quote.)

    Christian, Danielle, it’s time for you to step up and take responsibility for refusing
    to work openly and honestly in resolving your custody issue and for allowing Brady
    Byrum to meddle in your case.


  2. Further evidence that the parents, Christian & Danielle Holm, are the ones
    most in need of repentance and needing to bring forth works meet for such.

    (Begin quote.)

    From: Christian Holm
    Via: Christian Holm FaceBook Page (public)
    Date: December 30, 2016
    Time: 9:00 AM MT

    Coercion and conversion tactics.

    This is a process of sophisticated manipulation of using policies,
    loop holes within the law and most of all fear.

    When one wants to control another they must use fear, for true love
    is freedom.


    The supervisor at DHR (where we will not say a name so that our post
    is not remove) sent out a letter to all parties including the judge
    email about the demands and services that we must comply to in order
    for us to receive our hostage child back.

    All these services and policies have nothing to do with the law and
    or our beliefs.

    They are only coercion and conversion tactics to enslave you into
    their belief and their desires.

    This process of dragging families through this is unjust, unlawful
    and ungodly.

    They know not what they do.

    These people our consumed by the false ego and function primarily
    from the basic instincts mind.

    The basic instincts mind functions out of fear to survive and therefore
    becomes selfish and separate from spirit and or the creator.

    They know not what they do, for they don’t even know themselves.

    Thy will be done.
    We are here for a reason.
    We are here to serve.
    We are here to expose.

    When I was in high school there was this bully that would always pick
    on my friend.

    So one day I stood strong and told him to stop.
    He did but then he caught me in the hall way and threw me some punches.

    I stood strong and took each one, for I knew he would now become exposed.

    He was expelled from school and my friend was bullied no more.

    Therefore, we shall stand strong and take these coercion and conversion
    punches so that justice may be found.

    We shine bright to light up the night so that another can find light,
    now we all shine bright to light up the night.

    ~ Christian Holm

    (End quote.)

  3. Another sign that the parents are not getting the message and seem
    determined not to get their baby back.

    (Begin quote.)

    From: Christian/Danielle Holm
    Via: Their personal FaceBook page
    Date: December 30, 2016
    Time: 8:45 PM MT

    Oh yes they can and should have but failed.

    Hospitals do not allow anyone into a hospital room without
    a warrant unless the patient agrees.

    HIPPA 101.

    It was no different from felony burglars barging into our room.

    These people had no warrant to seize our baby.
    Nor did they have probable cause.

    They only had the false accusations from a nurse googling
    Christian Holm and coming up with Richard Christian Holm
    then assuming Danielle was Daniela Ruiz.

    These 2 people were in the same article but their arrests
    were on different days.

    They were not even connected.

    One nurse caused a dramatic life changing event for us that
    catapulted the kidnapping of our 1 day old baby.

    (End quote.)

  4. This story is from the U.K. but would seem to have application to the Baby Holm case:


    There is a limited range of either quantitative or qualitative evidence
    on violence against social care and Cafcass staff.

    However, a recent study by Community Care magazine suggests that in 2014,
    85% of social workers were assaulted, harassed or abused in the course
    of their work.

    Violence against social workers and Cafcass staff is often regarded as
    “just part of the job”, but at what point does offending behaviour
    become harassment and what remedies are available?

    (End excerpt.)

  5. The parents continue to demonstrate the return of the baby is
    not high on their priority list as they now are looking at the
    deep pockets, like Kent Hovind, and fantasizing about a million
    dollar pay day.

    In an earlier message they indicated they had found a calling
    in life and fighting DHS was it.

    Today they add the following in support of my analysis:

    From: Baby Holm Parents
    Date: Tuesday, January 3, 2017
    Time: About 4:00 PM MT

    A friend sent me some news that had no fear to tell
    the truth about this mafia style organization called DHR.

    This has become an epidemic and must be exposed.

    Many families are being destroyed through their coercion
    conversion tactics.

    We must unite as one.

    If we do not then this tyranny will come to your door.

    Maybe not now but in future it will someone.

    Or maybe it well be your children’s children that become
    subjects of this evil.

    It’s time to stand for our rights.

    It’s time to unite as one love under our creator.


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