Secrets, Kent Hovind and his people have so many secrets.
About 3 months ago, Kent announced some kind of split up between him and Brady Byrum and Kent began cleansing his on-line presence of any of his promotions of Brady’s “Kent Hovind Is Innocent DVD Series” scam.
Ernie Land announced that Kent’s people were doing what they could to keep Kent from going back to prison (he’s currently about half way through 3 years of Supervised Release).
No, no actual details of what is going on was given. Many have wondered about how Kent has been able to do what he as been doing while on Supervised Release.
I have just been advised that a few days ago Rudy Davis (aka LoneStar1776) broadcast another cryptic note indicating that problems Kent was having with his probation officer may have led to him stopping construction of his dinosaur theme park, camp & compound. Financial problems may also have contributed to what may be a shut down.
Maybe we will hear more of these things.
Following is my transcription of Rudy’s announcement.   (Time-marked link to Rudy’s broadcast)
Rudy Davis, January 8, 2017
(Begin transcription.)
…they’re going to build the world’s largest
ark out there in Alabama, but none of that
is available at this time.
Right, there’s things that have been put on
hold due to resources and certain circumstances
that are given regarding Kent’s parole and
probation and things like that.
So, Brady (Byrum) made the decision to upload
all the videos for free for everyone to review so
you no longer have to buy the DVD’s….
I highly recommend that you send $50.00 to
Brady Byrum for the time and effort he put in
to making this video and he can continue to
help Kent Hovind with his legal efforts…
He (Brady) is involved in a lot of different things…
– Rudy Davis
– January 8, 2017
(End transcription.)


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