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Originally Posted January 16, 2023

by Robert Baty

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There was an incident on November 12, 2022 near Cameron, MT which, as a result, saw Jesse Boyd, Bethany Boyd, Eric Trent and Carter Phillips (Bethany’s boyfriend) arrested and charged with felony assault. Josiah Boyd, Jesse’s 12-year old son, was in their company at the time and he was put in State custody pending pick-up by his mother who allegedly flew in from out of state.

Jesse Boyd, since that time, has sought to monopolize the social media discussion of the matter and turn it into a national story with “Christian Persecution” as his theme.

The co-defendants appear to be content to maintain their “right to remain silent” while Jesse has been all over promoting his false factual and legal narrative.

There are many points of dispute in Jesse’s false narrative. One of the recurring claims being made by Jesse is that he was simply compelled to protect his child, Josiah, who was standing beside him. Jesse’s latest version of that claim is reflected below from an email he sent out to his people on January 16, 2023.

That claim, “I was standing beside my 12-year-old boy” is reasonably in dispute.

I have previously written regarding Jesse’s apparent desperation to avoid having the cases proceed to trial where factual disputes are normally resolved through the proper presentation of evidence, testimony and its cross-examination.

Why would Jesse Boyd not want the case to go to trial and the disputes resolved in the normal course of criminal procedure?

Could it be Jesse is simply not up to having his claims tested in open court and his lies and misrepresentations found out?

Bethany Boyd, Carter Phillips (her boyfriend), and Eric Trent cannot be compelled to testify. They are stuck! Jesse has already locked them in to a narrative he has been pushing and they do well for themselves to keep their mouths shut even in the event of trial.

Then there is Josiah Boyd!

Josiah Boyd is not a defendant in this case. He has no 5th Amendment “right to remain silent”.

Jesse Boyd is desperate to avoid trial because he cannot stand the prospect of having Josiah Boyd called as a witness; a witness who would be compelled to tell the truth, even if it is not what his daddy has been saying for months.

Jesse Boyd was NOT standing

beside his 12-year-old son!

“Change my mind!”

Or not!

The Butcher Shop has picked up the Josiah Boyd story and published it at:



Josiah Boyd – State’s Star Witness — No Comments

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