(Subtitle: Kent Hovind Stops Publicly Promoting “Innocence” Scheme)

Dr. Dino = Kent Hovind

The Batman = Robert Baty (as Kent Hovind once referred to him)

Link to Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CmZ3z74VMAAMZFh.jpg:large


For almost a year Kent announced that his legal “Surprise” would soon be revealed, and we waited and waited and waited as each supposed revelation failed, until recently when it was made public in the form of a “Kent Hovind Innocence DVD Series” which allegedly contained up to 12 hours of material and scheme by which purchases could, if so inclined, prepare some documents to send to some government officials that would potentially result in an investigation of Kent Hovind’s 2006 convictions, the reversal those convictions, the impeachment Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers, and the awarding of up to $30,000,000.00 in damages to Kent Hovind.

Kent’s legal dream team was headed up by Brady Byrum, not-a-lawyer and well known paper terrorist of the sovereign citizen sort.  Brady is the master-mind behind the DVD series.

In a preliminary presentation of the scheme, Kent and Brady revealed the cornerstone of their effort as being based on the claim presented in the following graphic:

a-cast-346That is bogus of course, and the following rebuttal article was published as a refutation:


Not long after that it was noticed that Kent Hovind’s promotion of the product and letter writing scheme, which included his promise of $1,000.00 to the first 300 letter writers if his effort were successful, started disappearing, without explanation.

The product disappeared from Kent’s flagship website:


Videos promoting the product/scheme disappeared from Kent’s YouTube channel and recent performances have been conspicuous in not mentioning the DVD series:


The content of the Kent Hovind Innocence Website disappeared:


A stand-alone YouTube channel appears abandoned:


LATER:  Looks like that channel was abandoned and has now gone poof!


The stand-alone FaceBook page appears to be abandoned:


LATER: Looks like that page was abandoned and has now gone poof!


Some may recall Kent Hovind’s boast of last summer whereby he claimed that the work of Brady Byrum as lead of his legal dream team would “shut Baty up”.



I haven’t shut up, but it appears that Kent Hovind and Brady Byrum have been shut up.

Maybe it was my simple and effective rebuttal destroying their foundational claim as noted above.

Maybe it was something else, or including something else; like a warning from Kent’s probation officer that the DVD/scheme crossed the line and jeopardized his Supervised Release.

In conjunction therewith, maybe Kent has chosen to go underground, through surrogates, to market his DVD/scheme.

Perhaps Ernie Land has formulated a multi-level marketing scheme for which he is famous and which would allow Kent to effectively market the scheme amongst his base out of public view and also allow others to make money off of others as is common in multi-level marketing.

Maybe Kent Hovind and Brady Byrum had a falling out over who would get how money out of the DVD scheme.

Maybe we will find out later.

We can wait.

Kent, Brady, their people, anyone, someone is asked to and welcome to make their appearance here and let us know what is going on with that!

Signed: Robert Baty (aka The Batman)

UPDATE November 21, 2016

Kent Hovind’s flagship FreeKentHovind.com website appears to have been removed.  Kent and his people spent a lot of time anonymously attacking me, Robert Baty, and promoting Kent’s false legal narrative on that website.

See: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CxzMQUgVEAEGJyK.jpg:large




Dr. Dino “Shut Up” by The Batman! — 1 Comment

  1. KENT HOVIND on the BRADY BYRUM Scheme!

    What a difference a year makes!

    I found this in browsing around for something else!


    As I type this Kent’s voice as transcribed below is still around the 44:00 mark.

    (Begin transcription.)

    “I did not break any laws at all.”

    “I think the real lawbreakers ought
    to be brought to justice.”

    “And I’m hoping that happens.”

    “By the way, I talked to the guy (Brady Byrum)
    in Texas last night who is doing all the

    “You can’t do structuring on a bank
    account that was open before 1999.”

    “It’s grandfathered in.”

    “That bank account was opened in

    “We’re still working to get the original
    case overturned.”

    “Now he said, Kent, what you are going
    to want to do is get at least 2,000 and
    preferably 20,000 affidavits from people
    to say we want you to look at this case.
    We demand this case be looked at and

    “So, when we are ready, probably
    January or February, I am going to put
    a note up on YouTube and I am going to
    say, Folks, go here to download the
    document of how your affadavit should
    be worded, roughly, change it if you like
    for your own personal purposes, sign
    your name and send it in to this address.”

    “If we get, I prefer getting 50,000
    signatures saying we demand you look
    at this case; if they overturn the 2006
    conviction, they gotta pay back everything
    they did, and give me a million dollars
    a year for false incarceration.”

    — Kent Hovind

    (End transcription.)

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