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Originally Posted November 7, 2021
by Robert Baty

In a somewhat odd turn of events, Matt Powell made a reference to a Tommy McMurtry video in his broadcast this morning.  So, I thought I would find out what Tommy McMurtry thought about the current controversies surrounding Matt Powell and Kent Hovind.  Little did I know how much resistence there would be to getting Tommy to address the matter as he has similar matters.

The following are links and graphics to what transpired.

Link to January 20, 2016 McMurtry Divorce Video:

Link to November 6, 2021 McMurtry Promotion of Wittenberger Video:

Seems Mrs. Gander’s husband, Josh Gander, wants to be a preacher/pastor.  They appear to live in Canada where they want to start a church, may have started a church, and have drawn some criticism from the “Stedfast” IFB wing.

Josh Gander YouTube Channel

And yet it might be argued that Tommy McMurtry was content to let his wife, Cassandra McMurtry, and her girlfriend, Amanda Gander, run interference for him in evading providing a legitimate response to my inquiry noted after my response to his initial inquiry.

Time marked link to comments illustrated below:

Comments I posted below the above-referenced video:

(Above comments my not be publicly viewable!)

Update November 8, 2021

I gave the McMurtry’s another chance, but I don’t think they appreciated it.  Mrs. McMurtry has already deleted my post to her FaceBook thread announcing tonight’s show.

Cassandra’s Twitter Page

It seems Tommy had a little talk with his wife.  She has broadcast a performance tonight where she tries to justify their decision to “cut and run” and not be open and honest in response to my legitimate inquiry regarding Tommy’s Hovind-Powell problem.

2019 Performance regarding criticism:

Illustration showing the connection between Wittenberger, McMurtry and Hovind!

Update November 11, 2021

Link to Tommy’s “Tommy McMurtry” FaceBook thread where he throws his support behind Kyle Rittenhouse who has been all over the news lately because of some criminal trial where he is the defendant:

Link to thread on the “Pastor Tommy McMurtry” FaceBook page where I asked Tommy about that:

Tommy is still on the run from his Hovind/Powell problem.  He has already deleted my inquiry above.

Update November 12, 2021

Patrick Boyle is another IFB preacher who was sent out by Sandra’s Landmark Baptist Church 20 years ago and is now head of a church in Clermont, FL.  He is a close associate of Tommy McMurtry and recently promoted Matt Powell.  So, I asked him about these things.

Patrick Boyle’s FaceBook Address:

Patrick Boyle’s Matt Powell Promotion:

Patrick Boyle’s Church’s YouTube Channel:

Link to recent joint appearance by Patrick Boyle and Tommy McMurtry on radio show:

Update November 15, 2021

Kent’s boy Guzman added to the mix!

Update November 19, 2021

Patrick Boyle’s and Tommy McMurtry’s man Greg Cameron shows up on the Kent Hovind conpound in a live appearance with Matt Powell.

Greg Cameron’s FaceBook Page





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