Ernie Land is one of Kent Hovind’s handlers and the figurehead of Kent Hovind’s current operations.


This video was just broadcast by Rudy Davis, and is full of the typical lies commonly associated with Kent Hovind’s false legal narrative that is featured on this website.


Here’s the link, and for now I will leave it to you to evaluate; note the cowardice reflected in Rudy Davis’ presentation in that he fails to name names regarding certain of whom he accuses so viciously with his lies, lies, lies.


(Transcription follows video below.)


The Story of Ernie Land
by Rudy Davis
Broadcast November 29, 2016
Transcription by Robert Baty
There once was a man named Kent Hovind.
Kent said powerful truth against evolution and argued for biblical creationism so powerfully that the government had to make up false charges against him to put him in prison and silence his message.
The evil government got their chance when an evil, opportunistic woman named Rebecca Horton turned Kent in for tax evasion.
After a kangaroo court led by a suicidal repeat pedophile prosecutor named John David Roy Atchison and a feminazi judge Margaret Casey Rodgers who illegally modified the trial transcript calling Kent “worse than a rapist”, Kent and his wife Jo Hovind were falsely convicted when his defense attorney was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars but refused to put up any defense.
Kent and Jo were then put behind bars and all of their belongings including Dinosaur Adventure Land was taken by the evil corrupt government.
The years went slowly by and most people forgot about Kent Hovind.
His wife was released after one year but the evil corrupt government continued to terrorize Hovind’s family.
Infiltrators moved in and bad mouthed Kent Hovind calling him a bad man and tried to convince his family and friends that Kent Hovind was a terrible criminal deserving to be in prison forever.
Kent sat in prison nine years and when his time for release came up the government brought up new bogus charges which were designed to keep Kent Hovind locked up for the rest of his natural life.
There was a pack of reprobate devils assigned to Kent Hovind. They worked day and night to cause Kent Hovind trouble.
These devil’s called Kent’s wife to tell her it was Kent’s fault she had to spend a year in prison.
These devils even contacted Kent’s kids to tell them their father did not care about them because he broke the law and would not give up fighting corruption in the government.
They called the prison and told lies about Kent Hovind in order to get him in “the hole”.
These same devils called the newspapers and told even more lies so that no one would stand up for Kent.
When anyone did stand up and become vocal about supporting Kent Hovind these pack of devils would study the supporters weak points and call the local police, the FBI, the IRS, the counterterrorism units, the U.S. Marshals, and their place of work and do whatever dirty trick they could in order to destroy any effort to organize support for Kent Hovind.
Somehow, God protected these supporters from the onslaught of attacks and during this time a lot of people found out about Kent’s case and wanted to send donations, but Kent’s family did not want to be associated with Kent or his donations for fear of additional IRS and FBI scrutiny.
Kent had a longtime friend named Ernie Land.
Kent trusted Ernie.
As Kent’s case became more and more popular people wanted to donate to help Kent out.
Kent told them to give their donation to Ernie Land.
Ernie used several public donation websites such as,, and others.
When the pack of devils found out they called the website administrators and lied about Kent Hovind and the donations.
The website administrators told Ernie that he was breaking their terms of use agreement and they shut down the donation websites and even kept the money.
Then the pack of devils made a FaceBook page which slandered Ernie Land and made fun of his job and his family.
These devils called Ernie Land a con man and said he was stealing everyone’s money.
They did their best to demonize Ernie Land, but Ernie Land stood strong and continued to support his friend Kent Hovind.
And even though there were times when he thought he would just quit and walk away, Ernie remained faithful to Kent Hovind and took all the criticism.
In the end, God granted freedom for Kent Hovind.
Now Kent Hovind and Ernie Land are building Dinosaur Adventure Land 2.0 with lots of peoples’ help.
Even to this day, the pack of devils have not given up and they attack both Kent Hovind and Ernie Land.
These devils never stopped and they want to see Kent Hovind and Ernie Land in prison and they want the government to take all their belongings and stop the building of Dinosaur Adventure Land 2.0 just like they did before.
Praise God for friends like Ernie Land.
Every prisoner should have a friend like Ernie Land.
(End transcription.)



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