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Originally Posted June 8, 2019
by Robert Baty

Clickable link to Kent’s comments illustrated below:


Clickable link to website referred to in Hovind video:

Introductory text from above website:

(Begin quote.) Hovind

This site is for full transparency all of the communications, and all of the actions, to accomplish the below. All actions over the next several months will be posted on this Internet site, a highly visible, search-able, site for any Google search on CSE, Eric Hovind.

(After links shown below, the following comments were added to the above. – RLBaty)


(As with the above case if you can aid us in contacting Eric and encourage him to settle this without convening an American common law court please do so. If not, volunteer to be on the jury of this case, we can have several hundred act as judges/jurors over the internet to serve the courts needs. Contact if you have any interest in following the case or aiding as a judge/juror.) HERE < for more info. Matthew 18:15-17

(End quote.)

Clickable link to 1st letter mailed 04-25-2019:

Clickable link to 2nd letter mailed 05-20-2019:

Clickable link to 1st “Court” petition 06-04-2019:

Kent, using his man Paul John Hansen (whose website is featured in the above links), is using 3 properties in particular, instead of all the properties involved in his criminal forfeiture in 2006/7 as a result of his convictions for structuring, employment tax evasion, and obstruction, in his latest play to his base.

Following is from the Hovind/Hansen documents referenced above:


Google provides the following views of those properties:




The Hovind/Hansen effort is similar to what they did to harass Anthony Jaworski who had bought at auction another property that Kent had forfeited in 2006/7.  The video at the following link is an interview with Mr. Jaworski:

Anthony Jaworski also had an interview and some involvement with a guest blogger for Peter J. Reilly, and that is archived on Peter’s blog at the following link:

Today, Bill Ludlow, a Hovind critic, interviewed Deana Holmes, a Hovind critic, regarding these latest developments and posted a video of that interview at the following link:


A review of the emails and “court” documents indicates they are all typical of the sort of frivolous filings and claims made by what are known as “sovereign citizens”, many of which have suffered legal consequences for such antics, particularly when used against government officials.  There is no reason to think Kent’s latest trick is anything other than frivolous.  We have yet to hear what course Eric and his people might take in response, if any.


Update June 9, 2019

It could be that, even though frivolous, Hansen/Hovind’s current antics of the sovereign citizen sort, could be considered as a violation of the injunction previously issues against Hansen and CSE as indicated below:


(Begin excerpts)

The United States further sought a permanent
injunction directing that Creation Science Evangelism,
Creation Science Evangelism Foundation, 21
Cummings Road Trust, 400 Block Cummings
Subdivision Trust, 5720 N. Palafox Trust, 5800
N. Palafox Trust, 29 Cummings Road Trust,
any agent or representative acting on their behalf
take no further action to file or attempt to file any
liens, notices, financing statements, and claims of
whatever nature with the Clerk of Court in and for
Escambia County,
in any manner,
to cloud title of the properties without first obtaining
the advice of a licensed Florida attorney or an Order
from the Court.

(End excerpts.)





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