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Originally Posted August 2, 2019
by Robert Baty

Connie Reguli, a Tennessee lawyer and anti-government, anti-CPS activist, filed a federal suit against various individuals and organizations associated with efforts to protect Wendy Hancock’s children, on behalf of Wendy Hancock.

I decided to set up this article in order to present some of the basic information relevant to the case.

In recent days, Connie and Wendy were arrested and criminally charged for their part in interfering with Wendy’s case; which involved Connie’s taking in to her home Wendy and one of her children.

It has been reported that Connie has a private lawyer to represent her in her criminal case and that Wendy will have a public defender to represent her.

Connie, activist that she is, appears determined to make the matter a showcase of her skills as a lawyer and an activist in making the public aware of all the alleged evilness involved in the child welfare system.

The federal suit on behalf of Wendy appears to be just one aspect of that publicity campaign.

Wendy appears to be from a dysfunctional family with dysfunctional children which has resulted in child protective services being involved in her life for years.  Instead of working to resolve those issues and moving on, it appears Wendy, with the help of Connie and others similarly minded, has decided to try and use the situation to establish their 15 minutes of fame.  It has been reported that Wendy’s daddy has financed Wendy’s efforts and the involvement of Connie in her case(s).

We’ll see how it goes.

Link to background article on Connie Reguli as published by Jacquelyn Weaver:

PDF file containing Connie’s federal suit on behalf of Wendy:

Hancock Reguli Complaint 08012019 (1)

Current federal suit docket record:

FaceBook graphic of Connie’s/Wendy’s federal suit filing announcement:

Wendy’s FaceBook Address:

Connie’s FaceBook Address:

Connie’s public Family Forward Project group FaceBook Address:

Recent post by Connie in her above group stating one of her goals:

Links to related articles on this website:


Latest on the criminal case as to Connie, per Connie:


Update August 7, 2019

Tennessee Law, in part:


2010 Tennessee Code
Title 37 – Juveniles
Chapter 1 – Juvenile Courts and Proceedings
Part 1 – General Provisions
37-1-113 – Taking into custody Grounds.

37-1-113. Taking into custody Grounds.


(a)  A child may be taken into custody:


(1)  Pursuant to an order of the court under this part;


(2)  Pursuant to the laws of arrest;


(3)  By a law enforcement officer, social worker of the department of human services, or duly authorized officer of the court, if there are reasonable grounds to believe that the conditions specified in § 37-1-114(a)(2) exist; or


(4)  By a law enforcement officer or duly authorized officer of the court if there are reasonable grounds to believe that the child has run away from the child’s parents, guardian or other custodian.


(b)  The taking of a child into custody is not an arrest, except for the purpose of determining its validity under the Constitution of Tennessee or the Constitution of the United States.


Update November 16, 2019

The Framing of Wendy’s Suit


Update November 17, 2019

Latest Docket History & ORDER


Update November 17, 2019

Connie Reguli discussed the criminal/local and civil/federal cases in her interview with Shara Cronkite Michelle Wolf Donato Austin Lentin on November 15, 2019.  Here is the link to that interview followed by a graphic created therefrom documenting some of Connie’s statements.


Update November 27, 2019

Most recent docket entry in Wendy Hancock civil case:


Update December 17, 2019

Connie & Wendy report on the recent developments!

Despite the dramatics in the above video, the substance of the matter seems to be that the case has been “stayed” for most purposes due to the fact that Connie and Wendy have pending criminal charges against them related to the case.


Update December 28, 2019

Wendy Hancock, who has whined about my coverage of her case, showed up in a FaceBook discussion about Arlena/Lena Willes’ recent YouTube threatening Meko Haze and me for caring to discuss her case.

Link to My Article on Arlena/Lena Willes

Link to Shara Michelle’s Thread Where Following Exchange Occurred


Update February 21, 2020

Maybe something will come of it.

Maybe not.


Update March 15, 2020

Despite the “stay”, some of the defendants have recently filed a motion to file some material under seal and amend their briefs according, and such motion has been granted.   Connie and Wendy do not appear happy.

One of Connie’s posts today to her Family Forward Project FaceBook group:

A little later post from Connie in same group:


Update April 5, 2020



Latest Docket History

Dismissal Order

Hancock Dismissal Order 03272020

Memorandum in Support

Hancock Memorandum as to DISMISSAL 03272020

Screenshots of Dismissal Order (2 pages)


Update April 27, 2020

The Appeal


Update April 28, 2020

Connie Reguli was really ticked off with the judge calling her out, by name, in the dismissal ruling.  Time marked link to comments:


Update April 29, 2020

Wendy’s troubled son.  See federal Complaint referenced above which provides some background into his problems.


Update July 23, 2020

Connie Reguli files appeal brief in Wendy Hancock appeal:

Wendy Hancock Appeal Brief 07222020


Update July 25, 2020

Connie Reguli loses the Keshia Turner case on appeal!

Keshia Turner Affirmed 07242020

Update April 1, 2021

Wendy & Connie Lose on Appeal!

Wendy Hancock Connie Reguli Lose Appeal 03262021

Update April 5, 2021

I have yet to find any public statement from Connie or Wendy about the case.  However, I did find this testimonial regarding Connie.

Sarah’s FaceBook Address

Update April 6, 2021

Another testimonial regarding Connie Reguli!

Michelle’s FaceBook Address

Update July 16, 2021

Earlier this week, Wendy Hancock was found guilty of custodial interference.  Connie Reguli will also be criminally tried on charges related to the same incident.

Update July 20, 2021

Rumor has it that Wendy is scheduled to be sentenced on September 3, 2021 and that Connie Reguli is quite upset about it.  Connie’s trial on charges related to the same incident is coming up.

Update September 20, 2021

Smithville woman sentenced in 2018 custodial interference case, Brentwood lawyer to stand trial this month

By Matt Masters

September 3, 2021


A Smithville woman at the center of a 2018 endangered child alert who was found guilty of custodial interference in a Williamson County court in July was sentenced to two years of supervised probation on Friday.
    •  45-year-old Wendy Dawn Hancock must also submit to regular drug and alcohol testing and truthfully testify in the upcoming case of her co-defendant, Brentwood attorney Connie Lynn Reguli, who is scheduled to stand trial on Sept. 20 for the charges of facilitating custodial interference and two counts of accessory after the fact.

Update April 16, 2022

Connie Reguli scheduled for trial on Monday!

Update April 20, 2022

Connie Reguli – GUILTY!

Update April 23, 2022

Connie Reguli suspended from practice of law!



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