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Originally Posted May 30, 2020
by Robert Baty


Kent Hovind’s YouTube Channel

Theo’s YouTube Channel

Theo’s Individual Videos on Kent Hovind – Newest First (not an exhaustive list)

(For Better or Worse)

Thanksgiving Special – November 25, 2021

Phone interview with Theo from Lies of the Devil – April 19, 2021

Kent Hovind is Looking for 4th Wife – March 9, 2021

Matt Powell & Kent Hovind’s Pedophile Problem – July 19, 2020

AUDIO: Kent Hovind Defends Child Molester – July 19, 2020

“Why God?” Kent Hovind’s Letter From Prison – July 18, 2020

Kent Hovind Exposes “Bohemian Grove” Chris Jones – July 18, 2020

INTERVIEW: The Man Who Visited Kent Hovind In Prison – July 5, 2020

DAL Boot Camp July 24 Spiritual Manipulation – July 5, 2020

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Kent’s Pedophile Friend & Jeffrey Epstein Evil Exposed – July 3, 2020

Pedophile at DAL – June 4, 2020

Kent’s Pedophile Friend – June 4, 2020

Kent’s DAL Ex-Shop Manager (TESTIMONY) – June 4, 2020

Kent’s Drug Dealer at CSE – June 4, 2020

Kent’s Thug Threatens to Beat His Newly Wed Wife – June 4, 2020

Kent’s 777 Club Fraud-Scam Exposed by Ex-Construction Worker – June 4, 2020

DAL Death Inevitable, Horrible Construction & More – June 3, 2020

Kent is a Lazy Sluggard Who Extorts the Downtrodden – June 2, 2020

Kent Threatened to Starve Volunteers – June 1, 2020

Kent’s 3rd Wife ‘I Have a Gun, Shoot the Dog’ – May 31, 2020

Kent Asks Worker “Spy on Eric, Steal Everything You Can” – May 31, 2020

Witness Confirms Young Girls Give Kent Full Body Massages – May 31, 2020

Kent’s Full Body Massage by Young Girls Paid for by 777 Club – May 30, 2020

Kent’s Living Off His 3rd Wife – May 29, 2020

Kent’s Hiding Deadly Injuries at DAL – May 29, 2020

Kent’s Drug-Money Problem at DAL – May 28, 2020

DAL Child Drowning Cover-Up & Cult Spying – May 25, 2020

AUDIO: Kent & Eric Hovind Intervention – May 17, 2020

Kent To Lock Gates at DAL During Tribulation says Ex Construction Worker – April 28, 2020

Kent’s Fraud Exposed by Ex Construction Worker – April 28, 2020

Kent Building End Times Bunker Says Ex Construction Worker – April 27, 2020

Kent’s Ex-Construction Worker Exposes DAL as a Cult – April 26, 2020

Kent Tried to Steal a Dead Man’s Home – April 17, 2020

Kent’s Psychosis Revealed by Family and Friends – April 16, 2020

Kent Lied about Theodore Stealing Money and Intellectual Property – April 15, 2020

Kent’s Dad Taught Him How To Be a Thief – April 14, 2020

Kent Endorses Prostitute Loving Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Bakker – April 13, 2020

Kent’s 3rd Wife Warns Him of His Iniquity – April 12, 2020

PROOF Kent Lied About Theodore’s Marriage – April 11, 2020

PROOF Theodore Left Kent’s Cult – April 11, 2020

Kent Admits to Destroying His Family on Purpose – April 10, 2020

Kent Thinks He Is Jesus Christ – April 9, 2020

Kent Hovind’s Cult of Predators – Pt. 2 – April 8, 2020

Kent Hovind’s Cult of Predators – Pt. 1 – April 7, 2020

Kent Hovind is a Jesuit? Baal Worshipper? – April 6, 2020

Kent Hovind Insults Child That Drowned at DAL – March 30, 2020

Child Drowns at Kent Hovinds Dinosaur Adventure Land March 28, 2020

Kent Hovind Lied About Jeffrey Dahmer to Make Money – March 28, 2020

Kent Hovind Cheated on Jo Hovind – December 31, 2019

Ernest Land, CEO of CSE, Admits Kent Hovind is Hiding and Transferring Money (committing the same crimes that got him landed in prison the first time) – June 15, 2019

Kent Hovind Marries 3rd Wife – August 12, 2018

Kent Hovind is a Eugenecist Promoting Genocide – January 18, 2018

Kent Hovind Sin all You Want – January 15, 2018

Kent Hovind and Bestiality – January 12, 2018

Kent Hovind Pornographic Joke During Bible Study – January 12, 2018

Kent Hovind Documentary: Wolf in Sheeps Clothing – June 30, 2017


Update June 3, 2020

Kent’s Extended Response to Theo:

It’s a mixed bag, and Kent scores some hits against Theo.  Not so much on other issues, such as illustrated by the following.

Time marked link to Kent’s doll accusation, implying the images of Kent with the “doll” are fake, and not just Theo’s placement of them in his larger context:

Kent offers no explanation of him with the “doll”.

The “doll” pictures appear to have originated on the Internet with Sierra Noelle Hammond (now Smits) and her report of her experiences on the conpound; link and excerpts illustrated below:

In today’s response to Theo, Kent also implicitly admits that he is still married to Mary Tocco, though he appears to have thought he was justifying his exploitation of women by just pretending to be married to them “in the church”.  Kent was legally married, by common law, to Mary Tocco in September of 2016 and that marriage has never been legally dissolved according to Mary and Kent.  There is no provision in the law for a common-law/church divorce/annulment.

Ernie Land’s further tacit admission that Kent is still married to Mary Tocco!


Update June 4, 2020

Kent’s Yuliya Kalynovska v. Theo’s Kenny!

Link to Kent’s Video

Link to Theo’s Video

Graphic Illustrating the Issue


Update June 9, 2020

Kent is waxing quite hypocritical in today’s performance at:

Update March 10, 2021

Jacquelyn Weaver article on Theodore:

Peter J. Reilly blog on Theodore:

Update April 19, 2021

A.J. Patterson (Atheist Jr.) interviews Theodore (Theo) Valentine Valenzuela regarding Kent Hovind!

Update November 25, 2021

Thanksgiving Special from Theo





Theo’s Hovind Videos! — 4 Comments

  1. Kent’s attack back towards Theo was a very interesting performance. As it has been mentioned, even if Theo has some shady stuff he’s hiding, it does not compare to what Kent does. Theo may have a speck in his eye, while Kent most certainly has a beam.
    Watching Kent’s body language during this performance shows how stressed and angry he is. He clearly wants to cover up what he can to keep his cash coming. It’s especially noticeable how uncomfortable he got when he had to talk about Mary. Watching this is like watching the reporters interview Jim Jones at Jonestown.
    He lies about the pictures of the doll. Sierra did take those, they are on the internet.
    Kent focuses on the ‘easy’ to refute stuff. Food stamps, Eric, the massage, pot, etc. These are all things he has prepared an act for. He won’t dare touch the other issues, such as closing the gates when he believes the tribulation will happen, the injuries, the drowning, and the abducted child, etc.
    I am very sure that all of his ‘yes’ men and women huddled together for their orders before this video was aired.
    Julie, the one in the middle with the black hair, was married to a guy named Nick. He was around for some time, I wonder what became of him?
    All in all, these are very interesting developments. I think Theo must have struck a real nerve in Kent. He has gone from avoiding any mention of the guy, to full on confrontation. Perhaps, with the way Kent fights back, he knows what Theo says is true and wants so desperately to sweep this all under the rug.

    • @t65rex
      I think Nick is still around, but is no longer to be seen for some reason. You may recall he had some serious hepatitis issues and problems with his teeth and who knows what else. I don’t know, but I have occasionally heard/seen references to him indicating he is still there.
      I also agree with you about Kent doing what Kent does in such cases and looks for the easy pickings which he can exploit. Theo’s quality of programming certainly makes it easy for Kent to fire back.
      I am sure Kent would like to never have to mention Theo or me, and I think the two of us, Theo and I, are in 2 separate classes. However, as you also note, it seems there are times he just can’t keep it in any longer.
      It should act as a cautionary tale for us regarding what we do with what Theo puts out.

  2. What are your thoughts on the conversation between Theo and Ernie Land where Land apparently admits that Kent is hiding money? The stuff they are talking about goes over my head but Land never tried to deny he was saying that but focuses on Theo supposedly stealing money from them. Why would he admit that Kent is laundering money in the first place?

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