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Originally Posted February 1, 2020
by Robert Baty

It has been announced that Jonathan Rife (electrician) and Bethany Rife (pediatrician), from Tomball, TX, have loaded up and moved themselves and 4 children to Kent Hovind’s 145 acre conpound near Lenox, AL.

Jonathan’s FaceBook Address

Bethany Rife’s FaceBook Address

Rife Pediatrics FaceBook Address

Rife Pediatrics Website

Both Jonathan and Bethany, in their late 30’s, appear to have been married before.  Bethany’s maiden name appears to be “Flower” and her prior married name appears to have been “Shoemaker”.  It is not clear how the 4 children might be distributed amongst the various relationships.

Bethany is a licensed Texas medical doctor and she has recently applied for a medical license in Alabama, apparently related to the alleged move-in with Kent Hovind.

I have yet to find any public announcements from Bethany or Jonathan regarding their plans regarding their move to Alabama.  Bethany’s professional pages give no indication that she has moved to Alabama.  This apparent secrecy regarding the move raises questions as to just what might be going on with them and their future plans.  Attempts to get answers to these questions has resulted in inquiries being ignored or deleted with no answers being provided; further fueling suspicions that they might be up to no good.

Bethany’s mother, Linda W. Flower (husband – David), is reported to also be a medical doctor and the director of Tomagwa Health Care Ministries which serves the Tomball, TX area in offering medical services for low-income, uninsured individuals.

Personal interest news article on Linda Flower from 2004

I guess we’ll just have to watch and wait for more information as to what the doctor and her husband and Kent Hovind have in the plans for their future together.

Kent Hovind’s Worst Nightmare FaceBook Address

Kent Hovind is an unrepentant federal

felon who sent his first wife to prison,

manipulated her into divorcing him,

quickly married his girlfriend, Mary Tocco,

ran her off after a few months,

did not get a divorce,

and shortly thereafter moved his new

girlfriend, Cindi Lincoln, in with him.

Much more might be said.

For more information, you can consider

related articles on this website which

are listed in chronological order at the

following link:


Bethany with previous husband and their child!


Update February 2, 2020


Update February 3, 2020

Kent reports on Jonathan & Bethany Rife!


Update February 5, 2020

I discovered the following on Bethany Rife’s professional page.  No telling when it was first posted.  It leaves out much as far as her plans in Alabama and her association with Kent Hovind.


Update February 12, 2020

After a short trip back to Texas, Bethany Rife appears to have returned to the conpound!


Update February 14, 2020

Seems like a rather odd way to explain things!

It appears to me that her Rife Pediatrics website and Rife Pediatrics FaceBook page are being abandoned.  Nothing current and on-going appears to be being posted there.




Update February 16, 2020

It seems Bethany Rife also tried her hand at Rodan & Fields, but the extent of her success, if any, is unknown at this time.


Update February 20, 2020


Update February 21, 2020


February 29, 2020 – The Mystery Continues


Update March 13, 2020

Kent Hovind is now claiming that Bethany Rife is a doctor on his staff at Dinosaur Adventure Land.


Update March 18, 2020


Update March 19, 2020

There was a drowning of a 7 year old child at the conpound on March 15, 2020, a few days before the above reference to Bethany Rife in one of Kent’s videos.  I have a related article about the drowning, on this website at the following link, and following that are screenshots of the newspaper article which makes reference to an on-site pediatrician as one who came to provide assistance at the drowning site.  Interestly, it does not name Bethany by name, just references her by what she is.


Update March 20, 2020


Update March 26, 2020

In his latest performance broadcast late on March 25, 2020, Kent makes another reference to Bethany Rife who is in his audience at the conpound near Lenox, AL.

Time marked link to Kent’s latest reference to Bethany Rife:

Kent talks to Bethany Rife again around the 18:20 mark about whether or not she has seen any “tails” in her practice of medicine.  Time marked link for those comments is:


Update April 1, 2020

Bethany Rife’s Alabama Medical License


Update May 14, 2020

Bethany Rife has changed her business address in Tomball, TX.  It is now the same as the organization where her mother, Linda Flower, works as medical director.  Is Bethany in the process of moving back to Tomball?  I don’t know.  “Stay tuned!”


May 29, 2020

Jonathan & Bethany Rife are referenced by Kenny in one of today’s broadcasts by Kent’s former IT guy Theo.

On-line Interview of Bethany Rife, M.D.

The debate before the above interview:

That program is also on YouTube and Bethany was on YouTube earlier at:

I sent that show a message!

Update November 14, 2020

Kent’s staff doctor has these recent advertisements up on her professional FaceBook page:

Bethany & Jonathan Rife were recently spotted at a Hovind performance from his conpound near Lenox, AL, indicating they are still living there.

Update January 10, 2021

Update January 16, 2021

From some undisclosed Alabama location?

Update January 18, 2021

They are leaving the conpound!

Update March 28, 2021

Bethany Rife has now updated her website to reflect that instead of living with Kent Hovind she has not returned to Tomball, TX but rather has moved to north Texas.

Update June 18, 2021

Update July 21, 2021

Jonathan Rife has posted his comments critical of Kent Hovind under a video posted yesterday by Cindi Lincoln, Kent’s former “friend with benefits”.

Link to my related Cindi Lincoln article:

Link to Cindi Lincoln video:

Jonathan Rife Comments Illustrated

Bethany Rife followed Jonathan and posted the following:

Update August 16, 2021

Jonathan Rife is involved in the text exchange reflected in the following document which was provided today and includes 10 pages of texts through late this afternoon.

Kent Enters The Text War Regarding His Operations

Update September 19, 2021

I have received 3rd information indicating that Bethany Rife may be involved in unethical and/or illegal practices regarding her medical profession and that she and her husband may be involved in other suspect activities.

Update September 21, 2021

Rife Medical Services Agreement

Rife Telemedicine Service Agreement

Update October 22, 2021

(This in addition to her Tomball, TX location!)

Update May 3, 2022

Cindi Lincoln broadcasts 2 YouTube videos featuring Bethany and Jonathan Rife and their involvement in her controversies involving Kent Hovind.

Bethany in the local news recently at:



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