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Originally Posted July 18, 2021
by Robert Baty

Blaine Byrum is Brady Byrum’s son.  Brady Byrum is one of Kent Hovind’s sovereign citizen theologians and false legal narrative defenders.  Recently (2021), Mark Stoney and Blaine Byrum exchanged messages regarding Brady Byrum’s alleged child sexual abuse.

Blaine Darrell Byrum FaceBook Page

Mark Stoney FaceBook Page

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Blaine Byrum – Mark Stoney Exchange (pdf)

(Messages are in reverse order.)

Blaine Byrum Mark Stoney Messenger Exchange


(Begin Text of Exchange, in Order)

M = Mark Stoney
D – Blaine Darrell Byrum
M: What can you tell me about brady byrum and his “big secret”?
D: That depends… which one are you asking about? Do I know you from somewhere?
M: May I call you?
B: Is he being investigated?
M: Should he be?
B: Look, I’m not sure who exactly you are or what you’re about, so I’m not gonna call and talk with a stranger who gave me no simple introduction, or a greeting from you about your angle and reasoning for why you want info.
Surely you know that’s not how questions get answered, right?
M: Totally understandable. I hope I can fix that. My name is Mark Stoney. I have a long history with Brady(4 years). Today I learned that there is more to him than he let me know. In fact, I was completely unaware that he had a son until today. I was also made aware of some not so good skeletons in his closet. I’ll let you elaborate on that if you wish. I have stepped into some information that is really really big. In fact, I am in the middle of exposing a pedophile ring that operates under the guise of being a legitimate ministry. which is how I came to know Brady. I spoke with him on the phone today and asked him some questions about some accusations that have been levied against him by his family. He did not deny anything. I gave him space to tell his side of the story and all I got was silence. It spoke volumes. however, I do not know anything about the story beyond the very little that I’ve heard. I am not the kind of person to answer a matter before I hear both sides. He is refusing to give his side, which leaves me with yours. I told Brady I would be contacting you and he said, “you are the one who decided to break off our friendship, so I’ll just leave it at that” that was troubling. We don’t have to speak on the phone. We can chat here. It doesn’t matter. I am just seeking the truth. I associated myself with some very sketchy people, Brady being one of them and I am just trying to make sense of it all and put a stop to the continued atrocities. I’m only seeking truth.  Nothing else really matters. I understand if you do not want to talk about it.
B: I absolutely am willing, but understand that I don’t ENJOY speaking about it.
He was not invited to my wedding, he’s never met my wife or new Stepdaughter, (for obvious reasons,) and I really only have intermittent but obligated contact with him as he texts me throughout the year, for family reasons.
I scanned your page, though and I wanted to be up front with you, I left the faith and have been happy and fulfilled since then as a fairly non-traditional/non-fundamentalist/non-YEC/Humanist/agnostic/Buddhist, so you and I may not always see eye-to-eye in where we are coming from, in trying to see that the absurdity that is the Hovind Dinosaur Adventure land see justice.
That’s the part I’m most curious about, what your ultimate goals are… Exposure? Church-based action? Legal action?
If you can point me to some of your own work/videos/articles/that would help me grasp your own motivations and to understand what your desired achievements are, that would help a lot.
I am ABSOLUTELY open to future contact, I just want to wrap my head around your reasoning for it.
M: To be honest, I am still trying to wrap my head around everything. I first had contact with Brady after my daughter was kidnapped by my parents for me wanting to take her with me to Dinosaur Adventure Land. Kent immediately referred me to Brady.  For the next 15 months, I was in almost daily communication with Brady, trying to get my daughter back. Ultimately I succeeded. Brady wrote a whole criminal/civil complaint against my parents which was dismissed albeit very instrumental in getting my case the attention it needed. Anyhow, long story short, I got my daughter back and moved to DAL with her. Brady and I talked often and he even came to visit a couple times. I never suspected anything about him up until today. I was informed that he had a son. (You?) and also that there were accusations against him concerning child molestation. My motivations have not had anything to do with Brady. Until now. I am the one that has been coming out publicly about Kent and his pedophile friend, Christopher Link Jones. Back in 2019, Chris came to DAL, brought a boy with him and was caught in bed together. I have been pushing that narrative publicly over the past few weeks. Like nonstop. I am not a friend to pedophiles. I have a daughter myself. I don’t really know what happened with Brady. I’m not sure I want to know. I considered him one of my very best friends. But today I called him and confronted him about these accusations. All I got was silence. I never knew he had a son because he didn’t tell me. He only spoke about his daughter. My agenda, which I most certainly have one, is to stop Kent. He is a con man, charlatan, false teacher,  and a narcissist. he uses religion to browbeat people into submission and its grotesque. I know Kent is defending a known pedophile, Chris Jones. He even allowed him to  bring his own victim to DAL. which is why I am taking a stand. I cannot condone that behavior. It’s disgusting. Ok. So I came across some information today that implicates Brady as a pedophile, or child molester. I called brady and begged for his side of this story. I was met with SILENCE. No denial. Nothing. The only thing he could say was that I had chosen to break off the friendship and he was just going to leave it at that.This is the entire context and content of a 30 minute phone call. I asked him to address or deny the accusation but he could not or would not.  I don’t even really know what to think right now, I don’t know if I even want to know what this is all about. But I need to know. I am the tip of the spear leading this effort to expose the pedophilia going on at DAL. I totally understand that this is a sensitive subject. Take your time. Consider whatever you need to. I don’t know where this is going, but I have initiated cases with the human trafficking division, the missing and exploited children’s task force, the Alabama Attorney General, the Alabama Law Enforcement Association Major Crimes Division, the Conecuh County Sheriff… this is big league stuff already. I’m just a guy with a kid who doesn’t like pedophiles… I don’t know what I want to hear from you. I have just been telling my story to anyone and everyone who will listen. I don’t know what else to do. I’ll leave it up to you to reply or not. I can only imagine what you’ve been through already. I am not out to harm anyone. I just want the truth that is all.
B: I’m 1000% with you on that front.
Yes, I’m his son, also, I have three sisters, all his, the four of us.
One of them is still underage, one of them is adult now, but has some serious suicide/depression struggles because of all this, and dad is a BAD trigger for her, and the other one is older than I am, but she was the one it happened to, and she wants to move forward with her own family, so the reason I try to be so open to anyone who asks, like you, is to kindly ask you to come through ME, with any of your inquiries so my mom and girls don’t get bothered with having to deal with the topics anymore than they already do…
Part of the reason I left the church was the fact that so often, it is a breeding ground of secrecy, “emotional blackmail/forgiveness pressure”, and the failure of so many pastors and priests to EVER adequately deal with this issue and their refusal to ASK for legal oversight… it is a breeding ground for rampant pedophilia…
I understand based on my scan of your page, that you are still very much Christian, and trying to clean the ranks from within, and while I personally judged any further time in the faith a wasted effort, due to my other personal beliefs, I do respect and admire that in yourself, because so few Christians and church elders that I have met truly are caring about this, to the point that I wonder if they are implicit in the blame as well…
So I say that to say this, understand, in our talks, if I speak quickly and say something militantly atheistic, or that can be taken as offensive to your religion, know that it comes from the same place of revulsion in me, that you have, towards the complacent and voluntarily blinded church, and I mean those words towards and about church members like my dad, and the supportive humans who through intentional malice, or brainwashed genuine good hope, nonetheless allow this sickness to stay hidden and to spread, instead of cutting it about, NOT about active members like you, who are attempting to spread the truth and mobilize a strike force to keep the church’s integrity intact.…
I also am in the medical field, and got the vaccine… lol, I hope that doesn’t entirely discredit me in your own eyes, haha.
I know nothing about Chris Jones, but I can empathize with the shellshock that comes from being close with someone, treating them as a trusted friend or good people, and then having to rearrange your entire worldview and history and perspective about them in a split second…
I got a emergency call from my mom, when I was around 21/22ish, asking me to drive up to her house that day, right now if I could, she needed me, no information given. This was VERY odd of her, she NEVER makes requests of inconvenience without first off thoroughly making sure she wasn’t intruding. She normally starts with “Are you off this weekend? Did you have any plans made? Are you free? Do you think you can help me with…” but this time it was (1)“I need you to come to Dallas” and THEN (2)”Are you off work?”
Her voice was shaky, and I already had my keys in hand, was halfway to the door, thinking someone had died.
I found out on the way over, that she needed me to go with her to help hold her up because it was a demanded meeting from my dad’s side of the family, (again, not too sure how many of them would be feeling very tickled to have random inquiry requests from strangers) telling us to pass on to Brady that he was not to ever attend any family function ever again. No reunions, no funerals, never show his face, never reach out for apology, never attempt to contact anyone on that side, he basically better not remind them of his existence anymore, and that this was a GIFT they were giving him, in not pursuing legal action, and that if he broke that, he would probably have not lived for very long…
I learned in that meeting that my dad had been molesting my cousin since before he ever even met my mom, (and, knowing that it’s not really a one-off thing, potentially any number of other kids he had contact with,)
I realized this first cousin who wasn’t present, had always been very absent and secluded every time we had family reunions, and that this was the reason for his odd personality my entire childhood.
I began to see my father as the monster he was, and began to think of all the kids he had contact with through the years, as he had always spent time in children’s ministry, in dang near every church we attended…
…After that meeting with his family, I also got the secondary shitty day of finding out that after those many long years ago, it definitely wasn’t  a one-off thing, and that he picked it back up, molesting my oldest sister for several years between the ages of when she was 11-14 ish, until she stood up to him, and told him she would tell mom if he didn’t stop.
He won’t deny it, but he also won’t admit it. I’ve never even heard him admit it himself. He uses the cop out of “my memory is so poor, I don’t remember a thing from back then, I’ve asked God to help me forget.”
I’m curious about how you found out about me, and what information you “came across today” because try as I might to pin the fucker and get him to rot in jail, the fucking statute of limitations is up on both of the people I know had it happen to them, and if THEY aren’t willing to take action, then I don’t know if I can really do much… Did someone else give you my info?
M: Yesterday, Robert Baty informed me of a conversation y’all had back in 2017. He gave me your profile link. Action is being taken. In fact, I spoke with the local sheriff and informed them that Brady was there and scheduled to speak. He is now 45 minutes late. I don’t know what that means, but I’m hopeful. I’m so terribly sorry for what you and your family have been through. Sadly, there’s much more going on than just Brady. The “minister” he aligned himself with has more than just one pedophile friend. There’s a missing boy too. I am leading a push to find the boy and deal with the monsters who participated, enabled and are covering for these disgusting human beings. Thanks for being candid with me. There is one other person who would like to speak to you. Her name is Yulia and she was the secretary for Kent while I was there. May I direct her to your profile?
B: Early on when my dad first began over there, I sent a cautiously concerned message to Kent, and sent several messages to their ministry website emails, about my dad and his history and was VERY candid, about him not being a good person to associate with or allow into your inner circle… I think Kent had already been connected with him for several years and several court cases, so it made sense that he would have his own opinion of Brady, that would give him reason to toss mine out…
There was never so much as a respond email with request for a follow up call, or asking me to give clarification of details.
They either didn’t want, or didn’t care, about the other side, and that total lack of “maybe we should just check real quick, in case these statements are valid” was a BIG part of me writing off the entire Hovind compound as being systemically either unintentionally, by naïveté, or intentionally, by purposeful design, a failure of integrity and care.
M: The situation at Dino Land gets worse and worse the more I look into it. I am still in shock about Brady. I really did consider him a good friend. I’ve been desperately trying to recall if MY daughter was ever with him alone. I do not think they were. And besides, I have asked her if anyone ever made her feel weird in that sense that no child should understand. I do not believe she was ever victimized. These men need to be buried under the prison. Do you have any sort of evidence that supports your story? Not that I doubt you, but when dealing with these kinds of monsters, every bit of ammunition is crucial to bringing them down.
Also, nothing you are going to say from a non-Christian perspective is going to offend me. I deal with militant atheists all the time and truth be told, I see them the same way I do anyone. An image bearer of their creator. I will treat you with respect and of course expect the same in return. That’s all I ask.
B: All I have is that my sister is one of the most trustworthy people I know, and that every time it’s mentioned, Brady has never even attempted to deny any of it. I never walked in or saw anything happen, like I said, I found out years after the fact, but having multiple people come out to me, and say the same thing, with no alternative story being told by my dad, is enough for me. That’s where I think so many of these rape and sexual assault charges get lost along the way in the legal shuffle… without hard evidence, it just boils down to he said/she said, which we’ve been told, isn’t really enough to convict?
The “Justice” system is broken, and I’ve been pretty jaded by it all.
That’s the terror I feel with him at places… We agreed not to invite him to any of my mom’s side holidays either, far too many cousins on that side. The wedding was a big one where I considered that maybe I SHOULD invite him, that he had EARNED his invitation, and it was just a one-time thing, and that he DID work hard for the family growing up, and questioned myself if should one big thing cancel out the other? LOTS of psychological and spiritual health and trust issues we all still have because of it… but I knew if he came to the wedding, I would just be keeping my eyes on him, unable to focus on what I needed to, and we had so many other friends invited, that ALL I would think about of the wedding, afterwards, is second guessing every moment I wasn’t able to keep direct tabs on him…
…he may have raised ME without sexually assaulting me, but he has also un-earned everything he had, in my book, because of what he did to my family, and deserves torture, and then death.
The ONLY reason I even attempt to respond somewhat-cordially to his random texts is to possibly pull him into some sort of false sense of care I have for him, so that maybe in the future, he would invite me on a one-on-one camping trip with him…
And with the other person, the secretary, feel free to share with her what I’ve told you, or if she prefers to hear it, yes I can speak with her as well. I prefer to keep my family protected from any re-hashing or re-opening of wounds, but I also know he’s still out there, and hasn’t been dealt with properly, so the more people who know, the better.
M: Blaine, I hope you don’t take offense to my difficulty in replying. I’m still processing all this about Brady. I asked Yulia to be the one to do the necessary work to hopefully bring Brady to justice. I’m already going hard and heavy on everyone else. I need to shake the feeling that I’m the traitor here concerning Brady. I’m not. Those men were supposed to be looking out for little ones but instead they were looking to abuse little ones. I hope you are well and just know that you have my support.
I am trying to help you, because I can empathize with you more than I can with Brady.
B: Before you messaged me, he begged me to give you no response, and tell nothing about his past. That’s what pissed me off the most.
Him trying to get ME to cover for him and help him stay in the shadows…. I told him he should be up front with everyone there, and let THEM make the decision of safety for their own kids, NOT to trust himself and in his own self-regulation because he’s already shown himself to be un-trustworthy, and without the ability to self regulate.
I’m pissed that he STILL refuses to speak in honesty and the light of truth about what is THE. MOST. SERIOUS. TOPIC. EVER, and that even when he’s asked DIRECTLY by someone who has found him out, he still weasels away from having the integrity to face the consequences with character.
Please don’t apologize at all for anything, Mark. And please don’t allow his manipulation to try and twist this around on you.
The TRAITOR is the adult who violates kid after kid after kid (yes, I recently got messaged that a distant family member knows of a THIRD child victim of Brady’s) and the people who are standing up for transparency and exposure and full-disclosure are the ones working for the safety of all special groups that need protection.
“Kids” are one of those very special groups that the Bible says it would be better to be strangled or drowned, than to mislead or harm any of them… but “Pedophiles living in the shadows who refuse to speak honestly about their actions” are NOT one of those vulnerable, special groups that need protecting… they need exposure and to learn that we won’t stand for it.
M: You should join the Facebook group. There are about 200 people working to get all this info together to bring these men to justice. It’s not just your dad. He thinks he found refuge in like-minded men, and while very well has found like-minded men, I assure you, there is no longer any refuge. They allowed me to get to the highest levels of their organization and I saw the wicked and evil they engage in behind the scenes. And I say behind the scenes because it is literally just that. A big huge ACT. Kent desperately pumps out Christian propaganda to make it appear to his audience that he is truly zealous for the truth. In reality, the “ministry” is merely a desperate cover to hide everything about the truth; the real Kent Hovind and the horrible people he surrounds himself with. I noticed you had a Youtube channel. I watched some of your videos. they were happy, cheerful, lively. I enjoyed the seeing genuine youthful bliss you had prior to your father taking that from you, your siblings, and your cousins. I am so sorry. And I hope you know you have the support of a lot of people. Not just Christians, but a diverse group of people coming together for a good cause. It is a good thing to see Justice served. I know we can agree on that much.
B: I would be glad to join and to be informed of what others are finding.
I want him to burn, Mark. I’m so pissed at him.
M: He deserves to die. We all do, but especially him. Early. And painful.
I know where Brady lives.

(End Text of Exchange.)

Update October 22, 2021

The Brady Byrum issue is given some treatment in this video:

2.5 hour after show video:

Update November 16, 2022

Blaine Byrum, Brady Byrum’s son, has appeared on YouTube with some testimony prompted by a broadcast involving the subject of Kent Hovind.


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