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From: C. Clarke/Danielle Holm

Date: June 17, 2017

Time: 11:00 AM MT



We made it to D.C. a few days ago.

We have been trying to set appointments with as many officials as we can to present our evidence of our baby kidnapped and held hostage by the tyrannical state of Alabama.

It involves non stop calling and emailing as it’s not as easy as showing up to speak to anyone.

We will begin protesting/ fasting in prayer/ appealing to Caesar in front of the White House with SeraphimAmelia Schwab and Susan Cobb and Robin Cobb when they arrive here to join us.

Any and everyone else that can come is welcome, for we stand United as brothers and sisters to save our families.

We must not use violence, for violence only sets a foundation of hate and brings more hate.

We shall stand as true love and serve the Creator of us all by exposing the evil by enlightening the dark.

To be humbled within one’s pain is to be wise within one’s self and a true servant of the most high God. The truth shall set us free, for the lies shall be exposed and the wicked shall fall on their own sword.

~Christian Holm 



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