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Originally Posted August 20, 2021
by Robert Baty

The New York Post published a story today reporting that Frances Amato had recently filed a federal suit against Judge McGinty.

Link to New York Post Article

Regarding the quality of reporting by the New York Post:

“Overall we rate the New York Post on the far end of Right-Center Biased due to story selection that typically favors the Right and Mixed (borderline questionable) for factual reporting based on several failed fact checks.”
Docket Record

Original Complaint

Amato Original Complaint 07302021

Original Complaint, Exhibit A

Amato Exhibit A 07302021

Order (Text Only)

Available Amended Complaint Documents

See Exhibits 3, 4 & 5 File Links Below

Update August 21, 2021

The New York Post article mentioned that Judge McGinty was to be deposed yesterday in the related case of Alana Orr.  Frances Amato was dismissed from that case.  Frances Amato may be hoping to get her own deposition with Judge McGinty, but I don’t think that is going to happen.  I think Frances Amato’s new case, referenced above, will ultimately be dismissed as was her earlier attempt to sue Judge McGinty.

Below are the restrictions the Court put on the deposition of Judge McGinty.  I suspect Orr and Amato may have trouble keeping their mouths/keyboards shut about the matter.  We will see.

For all of her experience with federal cases, Frances Amato is talking big and as if she doesn’t know how things work in federal court.  She has posted the following 2 messages to her FaceBook page.


Criminal charges are not “pressed” by civilians.  Frances might whine all she wants about alleged criminal activity, but it’s up to law enforcement to “press criminal charges”.


Judge McGinty is no where near being served in Frances’ suit referenced above.

I decided copying Exhibits 3, 4 & 5 for this article was appropriate and they are listed below!

Amato Exhibit 3 Letter from Disability Advocate March 2021

Amato Exhibit 4 Affidavit

Amato Exhibit 5 Letter from McGinty to Amato Lawyer February 2021

Frances Amato is getting a little threatening, as have so many others (i.e., Kent Hovind), by invoking God and suggesting God will “get McGinty”!

Update August 22, 2021

For reference and background, here is a link to a New York Appeals Court case on the custody matter; from 2018.

August 23, 2021

So, seems to me, Frances filed her own new lawsuit in hopes she could get her own deposition out of Judge McGinty.  I don’t think that is going to work for Frances.  We will see.

The New York Attorney General appears to think the New York Post article is symptomatic that Alana Orr, et al, have already violated the Court’s order protecting the deposition of Judge McGinty.

I report.  You decide.

NY Attorney General Letter to Orr Court

Update August 24, 2021

Alana Orr gets a pass, for now, regarding the Attorney General’s concern over the New York Post article about Judge McGinty’s deposition.

Update August 26, 2021

Update August 27, 2021

The Court has been cleaning up the docket record in the Amato v. McGinty case.  Following is the latest updates with the files containing the amended complaing and Exhibits 1-5.

Amato Amended Complaint 08132021

Amato Exhibit 1 Address Confidentiality Program 2019

Amato Exhibit 2 Beesmer Criminal Record

Amato Exhibit 3 Letter from Disability Advocate March 2021

Amato Exhibit 4 Affidavit

Amato Exhibit 5 Letter from McGinty to Amato Lawyer February 2021

Someone could have a problem regarding Exhibit #2, the Beesmer Criminal Record!  I report!  You decide!

Amato Exhibit 2 Beesmer Criminal Record

Update August 31, 2021

Alana Orr really, really wants to have the McGinty deposition released to the public!

Orr Motion to Release McGinty Deposition 08302021

Update September 14, 2021

Judge McGinty has filed his brief in support of his motion that the deposition not be released.

McGinty Brief in Orr Case Regarding Release of Deposition 09132021

Update October 13, 2021

McGinty files another motion alleging Orr in violation of protection order as to deposition; wants hearing!

McGinty Motion in Orr Case 10132021

Update October 28, 2021

Court to Amato – “Try Again!”

Amato Ruling on Pauper Status 10282021

Update November 15, 2021

Seems Frances failed to keep the Court advised of her address!  She did, however, amend her request for “pauper” status and provide her super secret address to the Court (redacted from exhibit below).

Amato Amended Application for Pauper Status

Amato Exhibit to Amended Pauper Application

Amato Returned Mail 11152021

Update November 24, 2021

NOTE: The above is from the related Orr v. McGinty case, not the Amato v. McGinty case!

In the Amato v. McGinty case, Frances Amato has again been denied “pauper” status!

Order on Frances Amato Pauperis Status 11172021

Update November 26, 2021

Another woman, Tammy Terpening, joins Orr & McGinty in trying to “get McGinty”:

Terpening Cover Letter

Terpening Cover Letter File

Terpening Complaint

Terpening Complaint

Terpening Pauper Claims

Terpening Pauper Claims

Terpening Docket Record

Update December 14, 2021

A little more progress in the Orr case:

Frances Amato files another “pauper” request:

Amato tries another pauper request

Tammy Terpening pleads for help:

Update December 17, 2021

Orr and Amato both lose in latest round of decisions by the Federal District Court!

Amato Order and Decision 12172021

Orr v McGinty ORDER 12172021

Update January 11, 2022

Frances Amato tries again for pauper status!

Amato tries again for pauper status

Update January 13, 2022

Orr gets Show Cause Order for alleged violations of protective order!

01122022 McGinty Letter

Update January 25, 2022

Judge McGinty, in the Orr case, asks Court to stay proceedings pending a resolution of the Show Cause Order directed at Orr, as indicated above.

McGinty Letter in Orr case dated 01252022

Image of Letter

Update January 26, 2022


Order of Dismissal in Amato v McGinty 01262022

Update January 28, 2022

Orr’s lawyer pleads guilty and wants to apologize to the Court and Defendant.

Orr Response to Show Cause Order 01272022

Update February 2, 2022

Summary Judgment Motion in the works in the Orr case, and it looks like it is more likely to be granted than not; in my opinion.

McGinty Letter Motion of 02012022 (Docket Entry #151)

McGinty Motion for Summary Judgment 01312022

McGinty Statement of Material Facts in Orr Case 01312022

McGinty Statement of Law in Orr Case 01312022

McGinty Declaration in Orr 01312022

Kasey Hildonen Declaration in Orr Case 01312022

Transcription of Orr deposition in Orr Amato et al v McGinty (Exhibit A – 177 Pages)

Update February 10, 2022

Judge McGinty responds to Orr’s response to Show Cause regarding the imposition of sanctions, and Frances Amato is featured prominently in Judge McGinty’s response.

McGinty Responds to Orrs Response to Show Cause 01102022

Update February 18, 2022

Amato v. McGinty – ORDER of DISMISSAL

Amato Dismissal Order 02182022

Update March 8, 2022

Alana Orr isn’t giving up.  She’s fighting motion for summary judgment!

Orr response to motion for summary judgment 02222022

Orr Declaration 02222022

Orr Statement of Facts 02222022

Update March 28, 2022

Judgment entered in Amato v. McGinty:

Judgment in Amato case 03252022

Update June 17, 2022

Tammy Terpening Update – DISMISSED!

Terpening Report and Recommendation

Terpening Request for Counsel

Terpening Decision and Order June 13 2022

Update July 8, 2022

Alana Orr’s lawyer sanctioned $500 for misbehavior.

Is a dismissal coming next?

Alana Orr ORDER 07052022

Update August 26, 2022

ORDER and JUDGMENT in the case of Alana Orr!

Alana Orr ORDER on Summary Judgment

Alana Orr Judgment 08172022


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