You won’t find it on the website, but, if you happen to pick up a copy of The Monthly View in Conecuh County, you will find a lengthy article by the editor Jim Allen and within that article the following:

(Excerpts from the latest edition)

The Hovind Effect

Yup. It just won’t go away – and has led to some interesting consequences.

It was a year ago this issue that I wrote about Kent Hovind,
alias “Dr. Dino,” moving into Conecuh County to build his suspect Dinosaur Adventure Land using free labor and donations from kind hearted Christians.

Hovind and our now disgraced County Commissioner Johnny Andrews appreciated my journalistic ability so much, they joined together to make a 30 minute YouTube video in which Andrews blatantly lied, and Hovind twisted reality to distort the truth in a failed effort to discredit me personally and this newspaper in general.

It was also suggested I move to China.

I’m still here, but Andrews and Hovind might be gone in the near future.

In March, Commissioner Andrews was arrested by agents with the Alabama Attorney General’s Office on six felony counts of Distributing Marijuana, and remains under investigation by the FBI. The full consequences of that investigation have yet to play out, while Andrews faces
the possibility of 60 years in prison.

And it all probably started due to his association with Kent Hovind, a convicted felon himself who spent nine years in federal prison.

In my original article I said everyone associated with Hovind would be under federal surveillance.

On several occasions since then, both on our website and in this newspaper, I told our readers that Conecuh County was being watched.

It still is.

Some people would rather shoot the messenger than heed the message.

Hovind has also taken a major hit.

After his legal wife divorced him and, within weeks, he had
a common law marriage with a divorced woman in an extravagant horse-drawn ceremony at the Lenox compound, many of his followers and donors abandoned him claiming it was adultery.

Several from his innermost circle fled the compound in Lenox and began posting videos to YouTube and on Facebook denouncing Hovind.

A major, nasty, video battle has been in full swing since April.

And what’s coming back to haunt him?

The video he and Andrews made attacking this newspaper.

Several videos have surfaced using clips from the Andrews/Hovind video – and none of them are flattering.

In one Hovind and the Lenox compound are compared to Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple massacre in Jonestown, Guiana that resulted in the mass murder-suicide of 918 people.

In at least two others, clips of the now infamous video are being used to reference Hovind’s Sovereign Citizen anti-government leanings and his renouncing of his U.S. citizenship.

A year ago, this drama is what I cautioned the people of Conecuh County to prepare for – particularly after Andrews and Hovind posted their YouTube video, which has now been viewed some 27,000 times.

Thanks to disgraced Commissioner Johnny Andrews and his close associate Kent Hovind, Conecuh County is becoming well known – again – for all the wrong reasons.

You can bet we’ll be hearing big things about Andrews, Hovind (and others) in the not too distant future.

(End excerpts.)



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