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Originally Posted April 8, 2020
by Robert Baty


On April 8, 2020, Theodore Valentine Valenzuela, Kent Hovind’s former Information Technology expert, broadcast a YouTube video critical of Kent Hovind.  Within that video was an image of an email message allegedly sent from Bill Sardi, one of Kent Hovind’s CSEM, Inc. directors, to Eric Hovind, Kent’s son, and Jo Hovind, Kent’s first wife.

I believe that email provides some important insights into what was going on at that time and some of the various family issues that had been and continued to develop as the family became more and more estranged from Kent, Jo divorced Kent, Kent married Mary Tocco, ran Mary Tocco off, didn’t get a divorce from Mary Tocco, and began living with Cindi Lincoln, either as a bigamist or just a “friend with benefits”.

There are many other articles on this website dealing with the various and sundry legal and related matters involving Kent Hovind.


Time Mark Link to YouTube Presentation of Email Below

My Transcription of the Above


M Gmail
Subject: Re: The Hovind Family, CSE & God Quest
From: Bill Sardi (bsardi)
To: Jo Hovind, Eric Hovind
cc: Undisclosed
Date: Wednesday, March 9, 2016 at 12:31 PM
All HOVINDS needed to hear this; all is destructive; Eric might as well start washing dishes for a living.  His
mother can continue to offer piano lessons; both will live near poverty and Eric’s wife can go find a job and
let the kids go unattended and drift off into sin.
Kent can rally his supporters, raise money, get his roadside dinosaur, continue his assault on Darwinian
evolution, but he has to lift himself up by the bootstraps and start his ministry all over again if Eric refuses to turn
over property and assets of CSE.
Eventually, the blame game kicks in, whether there is divorce or no, Jo gets pilloried for not being a dutiful
wife and abandoning Kent emotionally and physically at a time when he needs this the most.  Kent would be
subject to question why he has run off with another woman should he seek comfort and affection elsewhere.
Eric’s wife would probably sequester Kent’s grandchildren and deny him access.  The grandkids might grow
up thinking Kent was an un-repentant ex-con.
Women are always on the outside in business decisions.  Jo may want to protect herself but she is not
prepared or equipped to help the ministry make decisions.  If she wants complete immunity from future IRS
assaults, file for divorce for that reason, for protection legally.  Many would understand.  Jo would not be
rejecting Kent, just distancing herself legally.  Under God’s eyes she would still be obligated to be a wife to
Kent.  By the way, Kent should avoid bringing guests into the home and put them up at local hotels.    Women
haven’t (usually) the savvy to make business decisions.  Women want security, men are willing to take risks.
Jo will want to play it safe, Kent will not back down to government.  The IRS has done the devil’s bidding,
dividing the Hovind family and hovers as a threat at any time in the near or distant future.  Cowering to the
IRS is not a worthwhile road.  Others must be summoned into the battle to resist and subdue an out-of-
control government agency.
One Hovind family member, Kent, Jr., has chosen a better road, to get down on his knees before God, build
togetherness, seek answers how to serve God.
Marlissa needs to grow up.  Her father held her deceased husband Paul in his arms the day he died.  Any lack
of consolation by Marlissa is in the distant past.  Holding on to that moment and blaming her father for not
being there for her may or may not be a fact, but she needs to move on emotionally, as does Eric.
The Christian ministry does not need roadside dinosaurs.  It does need to attract wandering souls to hear the
word of God.  The roadside dinosaur is very local.  You want a ministry that reaches across the globe.  CSE
Creation Clubs placed inside churches with trained people would be a ready-to-go global ministry that can be
communicated with directly via SKYPE for monthly presentations by Kent Hovind.
I frankly don’t know what Eric brings to the table.  He wanted to do an animated movie with a talking-head
expert.  Right now he is a Kent Hovind impersonator.  Unfortunately, such a film venture requires
considerably more money than is currently available and needs a $1 million for marketing to make it a
successful evangelistic tool.





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