The edition which Kent referenced in his performance video on November 4, 2016, about the 3:40 mark as indicated below, is now available by download from The Monthly View editorial page.

Kent’s Video Link:


The Monthly View Link to Download Hovind Edition:

Text of offer at above link:

(Begin text.)

The printed response to the video is rather lengthy and contains sidebar information, such as some of the Hate Mail we’ve received, and includes pictures and graphics that would take up a lot of space on this website, so I’ve set up extra server space so that you can download a digital copy of the newspaper itself instead of trying to post it here. Because of the way it’s set up, it might take you a minute or two to figure out how to navigate the pages to following the article. This is the way I have to set it up for publication – so no choice in how it looks. But I believe this is the best way to present it to our readers.

click to download

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Go to the link above to access the clickable link to obtain the download copy of the print version of the Hovind Edition of The Monthly View.

Lots of good stuff throughout the coverage, but I stumbled across this that caught my attention:
The Monthly View
Hovind Edition
Published November 3, 2016
From Page 10
“Hovind needs to stick to selling his merchandise on
the Internet and leave the people of Conecuh County
alone. Should he continue his attack on this newspaper,
I’ll be happy to offer space to Peter Reilly, a CPA who
writes for and has followed Hovind’s tax
problems for years, and to Robert L. Baty, former IRS
agent and Hovind’s arch nemesis. Perhaps they can
enlighten our readers on more things Hovind.” 

UPDATE: November 6, 2016

The Hovind Edition is now available and viewable on-line in a drop-box site at:









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