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Originally Posted November 12, 2016
by Robert Baty


It has been noticed that Kent Hovind seems to be deleting or has deleted his YouTube videos that promoted the false legal narrative designed by Brady Byrum and promised to get Kent’s case investigated, his 2006 convictions overturned, Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers impeached, and up to $30,000,000.00 in damages awarded to Kent Hovind.

It also appears Kent has withdrawn the product from his 2Peter3 flagship website.

These are exciting times.

I am aware of no announcements from Kent Hovind or his people regarding these developments.

I will try to update this page and new information comes in.

Update November 12, 2016 at 9:45 PM MT

Here’s the link to Kent’s performance tonight which, as far as I could tell, tells us nothing about his deleted videos, his removal of the “Innocence DVD” product from his 2Peter3 flagship website, or any related details. Kent’s mystery man with the white hat and beard again appears and seems obviously not wanting to have his face shown on camera.

UPDATE November 14, 2016

Link to Video:


UPDATE November 14, 2016

Another reference showing promotion vidoes directly related to Kent Hovind have been deleted:


UPDATE November 14, 2016

Another “Innocence DVD” venue goes poof:


UPDATE November 14, 2016

Kent just broadcast another performance, only 3 minutes, and he pushes his “Innocence DVD Series” in a rather weak way claiming it’s still available on the website, but not giving the website or addressing why the product was taken off 2Peter3, the deleted videos, or the “” website that went poof.

Later: Wait, it appears Kent is pulling a fast one.  I just realized Kent starts that out saying it’s “November 11”.  So, it would appear that it was made before some of us started noticing the product disappearing, the videos disappearing, and the website disappearance.


UPDATE November 14, 2016

Then there is this cryptic message Ernie Land, one of Kent’s handlers, sent to Chris Pavey, who lives near Lenox, AL. It makes one wonder if Kent’s Kompound has been abandoned by all or most of the residents.


UPDATE November 14, 2016

More cryptic messages from Kent Hovind.  He has posted another video, with the suggestion his bible study video for today is yet to come.  He does say this one is November 14, but despite trying to sell stuff he does not mention the issues involving the “Innocence DVD Series” and what’s up with that.


He also has postings to his FaceBook page at the link below but I again saw nothing to explain what’s up with his “Innocence DVD Series”.


UPDATE November 15, 2016

Kent broadcast his last night’s performance this morning, and again I saw no reference made to his “Innocence DVD” scheme, why the product was taken off his website, or why all those videos were deleted.  So we continue to wait for Kent to come out, come clean and tell us what is up with that.


UPDATE November 16, 2016 around 10:25 PM MT

I’ve listened to the lastest performance videos from Kent Hovind, the latest being posted just a few minutes ago.  I didn’t notice any effort to promote the “Kent Hovind Innocence DVD Series” scheme or any effort to explain why the product was taken off his flagship 2Peter3 website, the removal of various earlier performances where the series was promote, the removal of the content from the website, and the apparent abandonment of the Kent Hovind is Innocent YouTube channel.

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