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Originally Posted February 2, 2024

by Robert Baty

In November of 2020, Mr. Nelson hosted a video recording of a discussion between himself, Peter DeTukker, me (Robert Baty), and Erika. Mr. Patterson’s connections to the controversy may be seen in the history of the case.

Since November of 2020 Mr. Nelson has refused to broadcast the recorded interview and has not provided me with an unedited copy for my records and/or broadcast. As a result of Mr. Nelson’s recent appearance on the YouTube channel of Mark Stoney, a former resident of Kent Hovind’s 145-acre compound near Lenox, AL, the controversy over the video kept secret by Mr. Nelson has resurfaced. Peter DeTukker, who works for/with Mr. Nelson, has indicated that he and Mr. Nelson have no intention of openly, honestly dealing with the problem or ever broadcasting the unedited video, or even an edited version of the video.

Link to the Mark Stoney video broadcast illustrated below:

Following is a link to a post in one of my FaceBook groups discussing the above exchange and the historic controversy:

As reflected in the comments section of the above thread, following are links to other posts in that group which provided added context of the history of the matter:


There is, of course, much more to that story, and some of it may be added here over time. In the final analysis, it appears Mr. Nelson is adamant about that video never being made public and never providing me with a copy of it; edited or unedited.

I have some earlier articles on this site regarding my history with Mr. Nelson and Mr. Patterson. See links below:




I think Mr. Nelson mentioned cryptically about his vacation this next week connected with some group he acted like he knew nothing about. Seems it’s a Florida Chapter of the Freedom From Religion Foundation that is providing Mr. Nelson and his current wife with an expense paid cruise in exchange for a couple of performances.

If you are wondering how I ever managed to be involved in that interview, I just ran across my Twitter exchange with Mr. Nelson about that. Mr. Nelson invited me to join him. I accepted. He makes reference to the secret deal with his wife, but that’s between him and his wife and does not justify his refusal to allow the video to be aired or a copy to be provided to me for airing. Also, the reference to his wife is 7 months after our interview and in response to a tweet about other matters regarding Kent and his claimed innocence. Since we don’t have the video for reference, we cannot review how Mr. Nelson might have ultimately explained his problem in our video interview. The reality is, if he allowed the discussion of what he told his wife he would not discuss, that’s between him and her; not justification for refusing to allow the interview to be broadcast. Is Mr. Nelson and his people now lying about that history? Seems to me to be the case. You will also notice that Mr. Nelson now has me blocked on that account; what might properly be considered “consciousness of guilt”. Below are relevant excerpts from the Twitter exchange.

The opening message documents Mr. Nelson’s intent to “delve into the dark side of Kent Hovind”, regardless of any concern he might have had as to his wife’s feelings. Again, that’s between him and her and offers no justification for his treatment of me regarding the matter or the continuing secrecy regarding the video.

Similarly, following is the exchange (excerpts) between Mr. DeTukker and me when he pulled that little stunt on behalf of Mr. Patterson. I don’t mind being accommodative at times, as indicated, but Mr. DeTukker set me up and started asking for more and more. Nope! There was no good reason to delete all of my work on the subjects affected.

Seems Peter DeTukker took the bait and in his continuing efforts to provide cover for L.A. Nelson, he posted the following on Twitter; nothing of substance, just his whine, whine, whine.

I have now found Mr. Nelson’s initiating of his invitation via my personal FaceBook page shown below:

Update February 3, 2024

Mr. & Mrs. Nelson could have easily resolved this matter, after all these years, but have chosen not to do so; no surprise there. They have had no trouble posting about their vacation cruise (examples below).
(That even suggests Mr. Nelson is fueling his alcohol problem.)







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