In the description box of almost all of Kent Hovind’s YouTube performances, the website was referenced with a clickable link.

Kent and his people spent a lot of time, anonymously, using that website to promote Kent’s false legal narrative and attack me, Robert Baty.

Now, along with other website disappearances, YouTube video disappearances, and the removal of Kent’s highly touted “Innocence DVD” product, the website appears to have disappeared.



Randy Dunn has offered this commentary:

Shawn spoke of ‘scorched earth’. Apparently, something is going on for Hovind to delete everything regarding his rants of “I’m Innocent”. FreeKentHovind.Com is giving a ‘404’ error code, which means there is no content on the server. This is not just an internet connection problem, the site has been removed.

YouTube Channel ‘Free Kent Hovind’ has ALL of its videos and content removed. The Kent Hovind documentaries claiming the whole world is persecuting him for the purposes of his brilliant exposure of the ‘evolution’ fraud are now gone from everywhere except a follower who has two of them mirrored and they are now private on Kent Hovind’s Official YouTube channel.

Obviously, Robert Baty is right, Hovind certainly didn’t manage to shut him up. I also notice that many videos that mention Kent’s big surprise that blazed through the Repton sky and fizzled are now missing.

But, I’m going through my archives to see just what I saved. I am proud to say that i am positive that the young man who told his folks he was going on vacation in Florida only to be whisked to Jonestown, uh, Repton by the Hovind crew still has a copy of Kent happily promoting his “I’m an Innocent Narcissist” while explaining that people can sign an affidavit to DEMAND the impeachment of Judge Margaret Rogers and prosecutors, etc. I’m happy to say that I have preserved this and I will edit the part out to preserve it for eternity on my YouTubeChannel AND KentHovindUnofficial.Com (In case YouTube has a problem with it). We wouldn’t want a single word from this prophet’s mouth to be lost for historical purposes. Plus, they can also relax because I have downloaded the ENTIRE FreeKentHovind.Com website for just such as reason (Plus the fact that it is full of libel.). I will be happy to keep reminding people on a weekly basis the classical writings of brilliance that permeated that website.

Now, the question remains. What EXACTLY would cause Kent to remove everything and not say a word. NPD does not allow someone to do that and I’m certain that neither Kent’s wife, nor Ernie Land could convince Hovind to SHUT UP when he KNOWS he is right.

Could the fact that Kent is STILL on probation have anything to do with this and the B.O.P. is finally fed up with the campaigning while still under their sweet care? Or, maybe a big investor has said “Enough is enough . . . do you want your retirement paid for or not?” We do know that, according to Kent, one investor already left because of Kent’s marriage to Tocco only months after Kent said he would keep trying to win his wife back.

One thing is for sure, Robert gets the last laugh at WHO got shut up!



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