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Reform the Ivory Tower by Matyas Cserhati – May 27, 2016

I had been working in Hungary on my PhD in biology in July 2011 when I applied for a postdoc position in the lab of professor X, professor at UNL.

I viewed this as a major way in which I could advance my career, so I happily accepted the position.

After joining professor X’s lab it then really turned out what kind of man he was.

This man made very perverse sexually explicit jokes, sometimes involving male genital parts. I thought that these jokes were very disgusting and was just waiting for the joke to be over. There was one incident when professor X even went to tell me that I should watch pornography with my girlfriend at that time! Professor X also often made overly critical remarks about other people in the institute, sometimes even other people in our own work group.

Hypocritically, he would make nice comments to them later to their faces. He constantly characterized the church as being money grubbers.

The professor wasn’t satisfied with my work for the most part and there was a constantly hostile atmosphere, his demeanor towards me was for the most part demeaning and arrogant.

After two years I told my professor that I wanted to leave, and we agreed that I would look for another position elsewhere.

Almost at the end of my stay in his lab professor X found out that I was a creationist.

I believe in a literal six day creation account in the book of Genesis along with 45% of this country, according to polls.

I had also given a presentation at a large church in town, about how science proves creation and refutes evolution.

My professor ordered me to remove this presentation which had been put on the Internet, even though this man had never been to the church and was never present during the presentation, as if he had a right to regulate and determine his workers’ religious views.

We had also been working on a paper on ribosomal regulation. We had submitted the paper to several journals, unsuccessfully. One of these journals I will refer to XJ (X Journal), which we had submitted to in mid-2013. Professor X had inquired with XJ as to the reason for rejection of our paper.

He was informed by XJ that the editors or the referees had Googled my name and found out that I was a creationist.

Professor X let me know about this, and he was very displeased.

The last incident before I resigned at UNL was when professor X came into my office and started shouting at me very angrily, in the presence of a grad student. He accused me of shi++ing into science.

He told me that I had no right to study biology as a post-doc at UNL because I didn’t believe in evolution.

He demanded that I resign.

I had never ever been so humiliated in my life because of my beliefs.

All in all, I think university reform is badly needed so as to prevent such abuses in the future.

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December 4, 2016 Comments Posted by Rick Hartzog

Hello, Matthew.

This isn’t quite the same scenario you laid out for us in the Maury and Baty group on Yahoo, now is it?

Two years ago you contacted our group and asked that a critique of your essay, “The BARE-1 transposon as proof of a young earth creation,” be removed, claiming you had lost your job because of it:

“Hello all,

Could you please delete the thread ‘Matthew Cserhati: he’s no ‘David’ either!’ which started on June 1, 2007? It appears on the Internet when I google my name. I lost my job due to this.”


In your next message, you made out like your supervisor was satisfied with your work and everything was going fine until he found out you were a young-earth creationist. You said:

“My boss was satisfied with my work. It was until 1 year ago he discovered I believed in creationism, and started cussing at me, cussing my religion.”


“One year ago” at that time would have been 2013, but according to what you say above, your troubles with your supervisor began as soon as you arrived in 2011, he was *not* satisfied with your work, and you had *already decided* to look for a “position elsewhere”.

So which is it, Matthew?

Both scenarios can’t be true; at least one must be false.

If you remember, we were pretty skeptical of your claims even then — that you had lost your job and couldn’t get your paper published — just because of some stupid creationist argument you had tried to make on some obscure Yahoo group, way back in 2007.

Do you understand even yet that the length of time barley has been on Earth tells us nothing about how old Earth itself is?


Well, if you see a moss-covered rock, do you infer that the rock must be the same age as the moss?

You said above:

“I had also given a presentation at a large church in town, about how science proves creation and refutes evolution. My professor ordered me to remove this presentation which had been put on the Internet, even though this man had never been to the church and was never present during the presentation, as if he had a right to regulate and determine his workers’ religious views.”

Maybe you know this and maybe you don’t, so maybe you’re lying or maybe you’re just wrong, but science doesn’t “prove” creation nor has it disproved evolution.

Maybe you play fast and loose with the idea of “proof”, like you did when you tried to claim that barley transposons were “proof” of a young-earth creation.

But as you say, that’s your “religious view,” isn’t it?

It certainly isn’t a scientific one; and all anyone has to do to prove that is consult the science itself.

So while your professor may not have any say-so over your religious views, he would be well within his rights to get rid of you for what, by all appearances, is a pathetically substandard comprehension of science. (Do you *really* think the moss can be used to prove the rock’s age?)

It also appears, to me at least, that you have a substandard comprehension of evangelical Christianity. Promoting falsehoods about God’s creation… well, just think about it.

There’s another point to make, too: You didn’t tell us, two years ago, that your paper that got rejected had already been rejected by several other journals.

Then, you put the blame for the rejection solely on a reviewer googling your name and finding out you are a young-earth creationist.

But you have had plenty of papers (none of them having anything to do with young-earth creationism, of course) published in various professional journals in the years between 2011 and now, in spite of all the creationist nonsense you have posted hither and yon across the Web, and even in spite of the asterisked disclaimer on your UNMC staff page that says you disagree with “some of the statements on evolution” in papers you helped author.

And you think your UN-Christian professor was being a hypocrite!

So what kind of “reform” are you looking for, Matthew?

Your *beliefs* that the Earth is only about 6,000 years old and that evolution has not occurred may be part of your religion, but you are making empirical claims about the material world and any time you do that, whether you like it or not, your claims are subject to empirical falsification through examination of the physical evidence.

In other words, “science.”

Just because science hasn’t convinced *you*, Dr. Cserhati, that your claims about the material world are false, doesn’t mean your colleagues at the University of Nebraska don’t know it, nor does it mean your empirically false beliefs should be respected just because they are a “religious view” you happen to hold.

There may be reforms needed in academia — one that immediately springs to mind is that research institutions need to be more careful in their hiring practices, because you are just a lawsuit waiting to happen — but, ethically speaking, I think the greater need is for you to reform yourself.

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