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Originally Posted July 2, 2016
by Robert Baty

Hemant Mehta posted an article yesterday updating a story involving a couple that was found guilty of criminal conduct in the death of their child.  The discussion prompted me to post this stand-alone page for reference and possible future consideration.


Here’s the link to Hemant’s post:



Proposition #58 in my challenge to Kent Hovind is based on the credible report that Kent Hovind, as a result of his neglect, was responsible for the disabilities of his son Kent Andrew Hovind.


Kent has yet to confirm or deny the substantive claims regarding how his son came to become disabled.


Was Kent responsible?


I look forward to the matter being resolved as to the facts of the case and Kent’s possible involvement, responsibility for his son’s disabilities.


Proposition #58, one of 61 current propositions in my challenge to Kent Hovind, reads:


Kent Hovind is personally responsible,

as a result of neglect,

for the disabilities of his son Andrew Hovind.


– Kent Hovind: (To Affirm or Deny)


Update July 6, 2016 about 8:15 PM MT


The rumor has been that Andrew and Danielle may not be getting along all that well, and their FaceBook posting habits recently appear to be consistent with speculation regarding that possibility.  Was their marriage arranged by Kent and now not doing so well?  Might they, like Kent and Jo, though for much different reasons, be effectively living apart without legally separating? The Hovinds have shown themselves to be pretty good at keeping secrets, so the speculation continues, and Kent’s Lady Di’s (aka Diane Hummel) middle of the night inquiry fuels that speculation.


Update July 7, 2016

Andrew has been located; as if that was really the issue!


Another update:


It’s starting to look like Kent and Danielle and Andrew and Eric already had the deal made before the paper work started to be filed.




It may reflect another successful attempt by Kent (and Eric) to keep the opposition quiet.


Maybe we will hear more about what is going on.


Maybe not.


Due to the secrecy that so often surrounds the Hovind activities, it’s hard to tell what is going on.  Maybe it is all just routine stuff for divorces with children in Florida.


UPDATE October 7, 2016


See story at the following link for additional insight into the continuing issue regarding parents who neglect their children in favor or religious wishful thinking:



UPDATE November 30, 2016


Has Kent advised us as to what his punishment should be as a result of his apparent neglect of his son Andrew?





Update October 7, 2019


Update June 5, 2020

This update is being made to illustrate how the Andrew Hovind disabilities issue came to be raised.  I had heard of that history quite some time before I posted this article.  However, when Kent went on Bernie Dehler’s show and claimed he had reliable sources telling him stories about me and refusing to face me, I decided to match his claim with my claim about having reliable sources to support the claim as to how Andrew Hovind became disabled and about Kent being discharged from a position for inappropriately touching a child.

My representations as to Andrew’s disabilities has never been challenged since I made my disclosures.

The graphics below illustrate the matter.

Update September 29, 2020

Not sure what the story is in this video, but it features Andrew, his 2 kids, Eric’s wife, and volleyball players, with some mention of something going on with “Stephanie”, which I think is Eric Hovind’s oldest daughter.

Andrew’s FaceBook Page is at:

Update August 28, 2021

Kent Hovind admits to deliverying one of his children at home, but he doesn’t provide details such as if it is one of the 3 that didn’t survive.

In reviewing my records, the story goes that Kent’s and Jo’s first 3 children were miscarriages and all were delivered at home.

I have prepared the following updated version of the story regarding Andrew’s disabilities and near death experience, as a result of Kent Hovind’s possible criminal negligence, based on my review of reports that have crossed my desk.

(Begin report.)

When Mark Hovind, Kent Hovind’s oldest brother, died in February of 2012, there was a celebration of his life and his daughter-in-law’s, who died shortly thereafter, the following summer.
Eric Hovind attended the event.
Eric wanted to know why Mark and Kent didn’t get along and what the deal was.
Eric knew it was a huge skeleton in the closet and no one would say why.
Eric was sat down and those in the know told Eric why that was the case.
Andrew Hovind, Kent’s oldest living child, was around 2 at the time and Kent & Jo were living in Bourbonais, IL.
Andrew was running a high 103 fever for a week.
Jo was not allowed to take Andrew to the doctor.
Kent seemed to believe chiropractors and prayer could fix anything.
Jo frantically called Kent’s parents near Peoria, IL.
They called Mark who lived in Evanston, IL to intervene.
Mark Hovind was not the sort to entertain fools and their nonsense.  Mark called Children’s Hospital in Chicago and told them about the boy’s condition.  He was told to get him there quickly.
Mark went to Kent’s house.  Mark, reportedly, told Kent he was taking Andrew to the hospital, over Kent’s dead body if necessary.
Mark got him there on time to prevent death, but that delay in care is why Andrew has disabilities to this day.
Eric has pledged to watch over Andrew and to care for him, and Eric appears to be keeping that pledge.

(End report.)

Update October 25, 2021

The following page has not been updated to reflect a “stepmother”!







Proposition #58 – Was Kent Criminally Negligent? — 11 Comments

  1. Related Propositions:

    Proposition #55

    Kent Hovind has heard from reliable
    sources that Robert Baty is an IRS
    Agent, a “plant”, and works for the

    Kent Hovind: Affirm (see: )
    Robert Baty: Deny

    Proposition #56

    Robert Baty has heard from a reliable
    source that Kent Hovind is personally
    responsible for Andrew Hovind’s
    disabilities and that he, Kent Hovind,
    was dismissed from a church in Illinois
    when he, Kent Hovind, inappropriately
    touched a child.

    Robert Baty: Affirm
    Kent Hovind: (To Affirm or Deny)


    • Allegedly, Kent Andrew Hovind suffers from certain mental and/or physical disabilities. I think these affected his participation and/or exclusion from Kent’s legal proceedings; particularly leading up to Kent E.’s 2006 convictions.

      See his FaceBook pages at:


      He seems to have switched recently from the first one to the second one.


    • It might also be relevant if Kent Andrew Hovind is ever asked to give his personal testimony and be cross-examined regarding the affidavit he allegedly signed claiming he heard Judge Rodgers say “rape” with reference to comments directed at Kent E. Hovind.

      That affidavit, as you may know, was notarized by the infamous “cougar” now prowling the 150 acres where Kent E. has taken up residence and who has accepted the role of nominee director of Kent E.’s Creation Science Evangelism Ministries. She doesn’t like to be photographed it seems; at least not in the context of being associated with Kent E. Hovind.

      In tonight’s broadcast from Kent he indicates that the woman’s move to the 150 acres from Pensacola is essentially complete and she’s now officially an “Alabama Girl”. With Jo out, she seems to have Kent all to herself.


  2. Link providing some information as to Andrew’s involvement in the criminal case against his daddy Kent Hovind:

    It strikes me as somewhat odd and interesting that the documents filed in that case are not open for public access as is commonly the case; perhaps out of respect for the fact, if it be the case, of Andrew’s disability.


  3. The Andrew Hovind Proposition! – Developing Story!

    I don’t know what to make of it, but we will see how it might continue to develop.

    While it was reported much earlier on this page, the Hovind Quotes page just recently took notice of Andrew’s and Danielle’s pending divorce.

    I posted a note today asking about the allegations regarding Andrew’s disabilities; that conversation follows:

    Link to exchange:

    1. From Robert Baty

    Have you also heard the story of how, allegedly, Andrew’s daddy is responsible for his disabilities as a result of an incident when Andrew was young and his daddy didn’t want him to get traditional medical treatment?


    2. From Kent Hovind Quotes

    I know everything.
    I am an insider.
    However, the article isn’t 100% true.


    3. From Robert Baty

    Feel free to offer any corrections you feel are warranted.

    Feedback is desired and appreciated.

    I am NOT an insider.
    I do NOT know everything.


    4. From Kent Hovind Quotes

    Not at the moment.
    We can discuss it later though.
    Send us a private message on November 3, 2016.


    5. From Robert Baty

    I’ll try to remember to do that if something else doesn’t occur earlier to resolve any details that might be disputed or added to the account.



    • @ didymus
      I meant Kent E. Hovind, the guy who lives on a 145 acre
      conpound near Lenox, AL. He’s about 68 years old, was married
      to Jo Hovind and Mary Tocco and lived with Cindi Lincoln since
      Mary left him.
      That Kent E. Hovind.
      Don’t read too much into “inappropriate touching”.
      It was, reportedly, “inappropriate touching”, but likely not the
      kind that might have come to your mind.

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