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Originally Posted January 2, 2018
by Robert Baty


Link to Kent Hovind Performance Dated January 1, 2018:

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Transcribed excerpts from January 1, 2018 performance broadcast

Beginning around the 29:15 mark

(Begin transcription.)

We need some people with some guts to stand up to these stupid things that are happening in our country.
That’s why it’s falling apart.
Because nobody is standing up.
Is it ever OK to lie?
Think carefully now.
Is it OK to break these commandments.
Yeah, if it’s war time, and it’s war time coming up.
the Rahab Principle.
Sometimes it’s OK to deceive your enemy.
Is it OK to lie to save the enemy?
Yes it is.
If I was a doctor I would tell them I gave the shot and not do it, if you gotta keep your job.
There’s a war going on folks.
I mean it’s a full-fledged, knockdown, drag ’em out war.
It’s time somebody stands up and does what is right.
If I was in the Air Force and they told me you gotta fly and spray these chemtrails, you shouldn’t do it.
You are supposed to be defending your country against enemies foreign and domestic.
We have some domestic enemies in our government that are trying to do some things that are unscriptural, unlawful, unreasonable.
Yeah, it’s time somebody stands up and says, 
“NO, I’m not doing it!”.
So, I told you it would be controversial tonight, didn’t I!
– Kent Hovind 
– January 1, 2018

(End transcription.)




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