Originally Posted October 10, 2017
by Robert Baty


I, Robert Baty, visited Kent Hovind’s compound near Lenox, AL on Thursday, October 5, 2017.  I only spoke to a youngster from Boulder, CO who had only been there about a week, and I did not enter the compound.

In his performance on October 10, 2017, Kent Hovind makes reference to my visit as transcribed below.


Time marked link to Kent’s comments:

Begin Transcription


“There are some folks that really, really, hate me.

You know who that was who came to the gate the other day?

You know now who that was?

From the audience: ‘…I do now.’

Yeah, duh!

Anti-Hovind website No. 85,000 whatever it is.

Came up and took pictures of our gate.

He’s an absolute I.Q. Point 5.

I mean he’s a moron.


Not worth wasting time on.”

– Kent Hovind

– October 10, 2017


UPDATE October 11, 2017 – From Ernie Land

From Peter J. Reilly’s FaceBook page at:

Ernie’s comments not relevant have been edited out.



Update December 28, 2020

Kent Hovind was lying about my visit to his conpound tonight in a live broadcast.  Compare what he said tonight to what he said back in 2017.

Time Marked Link to October 2017 Comments

Time Marked Link to December 2020 Comments





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