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Originally Posted January 14, 2021
by Robert Baty

Mark Stoney, long-time resident on the 145 acre conpound of Kent Hovind near Lenox, AL, has announced he is moving on, under circumstances not yet disclosed (a split/disagreement with Kent Hovind is indicated).

This article is designed to memorialize these latest developments in the Mark Stoney story.

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(Begin Text of Above Narrative.)

For the past year and a half, I have been volunteering for a ministry in Alabama.

I have been living on campus with my 6 year old daughter.

It was our home, but for reasons, it is no longer.

In fact, I was in the process of building a cabin on the property for us to live in, and had even spent over $3,000 in materials for the place.

As fate would have it, the time has come for me and my daughter to find our own path.

I have been given the opportunity to start a veteran’s ministry to share God’s love with my damaged brothers in Arms in Walla Walla, Washington.

As a combat veteran, I have seen the terrors these men deal with and have found hope that I am determined to share with men who have very little.

My best friend and his family are planning on moving to the same location so we are going in on the move together.

Our total cost of moving everything and everyone into our new home is estimated to be around $6000.

After the cash we have on hand, profits from selling what we don’t need to haul 2,400 miles across the country, and my VA disability check on its way, we will be within grasp of making this new beginning a reality.

There are zero ties holding me back as my daughter’s mother unfortunately passed away last spring.

This move is happening come hell or high water.

I’m asking for a little help to reach the estimated $6000 for a cross country move. This will cover truck rental, fuel, food, deposits, rent, insurance, and utilities for the first month which all need to be ready to go as we pull in the driveway of the house I am applying for.

My friend and I are both skilled handymen with tools who can easily earn a living anywhere we go.

I see this as a wonderful opportunity for my little family and would be inexpressibly grateful if you feel led to give this tremendous effort some support.

(End Text of Above Narrative.)


The $2,000.00 came too easy for Mark.  Now he’s going for $5,000.00!

Update January 15, 2021

Kent Hovind appears to address Mark’s departure in his live performance tonight.  He might also be making reference to Cindi Lincoln; her whereabouts cannot be confirmed at this time.  Some have thought that she might have left Kent’s bed and board and conpound.

This might explain some of the tensions on the conpound.  Aaron has me blocked on FaceBook, so I had overlooked this exchange on Mark’s page.

Update January 16, 2021

This unsubstantiated report has also come to my attention!

My article on Kent Hovind & Chris Jones is at:

Update January 17, 2021

I don’t know how GoFundMe works.  Mark Stoney has edited his GoFundMe to return to the $2,000.00 goal and has removed his January 14, 2021 update explaining his request for $5,000.00 since the $2,000.00 goal was met so easily (in 1 day).

Update July 5, 2021

As reflected now in other articles on this site, Mark Stoney has “split” from Kent Hovind, realized his errors related to moving in with him, and has recently been working to show the public the problems/issues with Ketn Hovind and some of the people he associates with and promoters (i.e., Brady Byrum, Chris Jones, et al).


Stay Tuned!




Mark Stoney – New Start! — 2 Comments

  1. Perhaps there has been new news about Cindi, but…

    In his latest videos, he constantly brings up the issue of submission and marriage. I think nearly every video he’s posted for the past week or so has brought that topic up.

    In his video from last night (1/31/21) at the 44:20 min mark, he brings up a “story” about a couple who “called” about some martial issues. Now, I cannot confirm nor deny this, but I believe that Kent makes up these fake stories sometimes to discretely open up about his own problems publicly. He uses his videos as a platform to call out to people and shows them want needs to be fixed and how they should do it. Perhaps “Bob” and “Sue” are really Kent and Cindi and it seems they are fighting about money and who really owns what.


    • @ t65rex
      Yes, Kent is clever about the way he tends to reveal, cryptically, what might be going on with him in such cases.
      We just have to stay tuned, wait, and watch, and hope that, at times, we might get a little help from someone close enough to the action to give up some secrets.

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