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Originally Posted July 15, 2016
by Robert Baty

UPDATE December 12, 2016 7:30 PM MT 

It appears Nydia Rivera has now deleted her pictures with weapons on Kent Hovind’s compound in Conecuh County, AL; perhaps indicative of a “consciousness of guilt”.

On July 14, 2016 Kent Hovind introduced one of his legal dream team members, Nydia Rivera.

I suspect that she, like Brady Byrum, is not a lawyer.

Kent Hovind indicated she was working on his false legal narrative and she, not suprisingly, does NOT think Kent was guilty as charged in 2006.

Alas, Kent refuses to face me to discuss those issues or send out to me any member of his legal dream team or other Champion.

Hopefully, we will learn more of what Brady and Nydia are up to with regard to Kent’s false legal narrative and intentions.

Nydia testifies to Kent that the teaching of evolution in school is what drove her son crazy, so crazy that he committed suicide.

Here’s a link to one story about that:

UPDATE December 10, 2016

Nydia from the old days:


UPDATE December 10, 2016

Nydia enjoying the good life; posted November 28, 2016:

UPDATE December 10, 2016

What was that about Kent Hovind not supposed to be around guns?????

UPDATE December 10, 2016

UPDATE December 10, 2016

Update April 3, 2017

Update January 16, 2022

Federal Complaint on Death of Jesse Rivera!

Prior to Adjudication/Trial Case A Settlement Was Reached!

Nydia Rivera Complaint on Death of Son



Nydia Rivera – Kent Hovind’s “Legal Dream Team” Member — 2 Comments

    • Thanks for adding the reference, Corey.

      I checked awhile ago and it appears the case was ultimately dismissed after the parties indicated they had reached an agreement.

      Makes me wonder how much money the parents got out of it.

      Let “us” know if you come up with anything else regarding Nydia’s background. I’m pretty much drawing a blank except that in the video Nydia indicates she had two kids and Jesse’s obituary indicates he had 4 brothers and a sister.


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