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Originally Posted August 4, 2021
by Robert Baty

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Kent Hovind and his sovereign citizen counselor Paul John Hansen, in May of 2020, filed a federal suit asking for over $500,000,000.00 in damages as a result of Kent Hovind’s criminal conviction in 2006.

That suit was dismissed about a year later on the grounds that the claims were frivolous and delusional, or maybe that Hansen and Hovind were delusional, or maybe both.  In any case it was dismissed as was reported in the related article referenced above.

It seemed appropriate to start a new article to report what might become of the frivolous and delusional appeal.  It may be quickly rejected based on the earlier proceedings.

Appeal Docket Record

Hansen Hovind Notice of Appeal

Hansen Hovind Notice of Appeal

Update August 6, 2021

Appeals Court docket record has now been established!

Update August 27, 2021

The appeal is facing dismissal for Hansen-Hovind failure to do their part to properly prosecute the appeal.

Docket Entry Dated August 27, 2021 4:20 PM

NOTICE OF CIP FILING DEFICIENCY to Paul John Hansen and Kent E. Hovind. You are receiving this notice because you have not completed the Certificate of Interested Persons (CIP). Failure to comply with 11th Cir. Rules 26.1-1 through 26.1-4 may result in dismissal of the case or appeal under 11th Cir. R. 42-1(b), return of deficient documents without action, or other sanctions on counsel, the party, or both. [Entered: 08/27/2021 04:20 PM]

Update September 1, 2021

Hansen and Hovind have now filed their Certificate of Interested Persons in order to keep their appeal alive.

Text of August 30, 2021 Entry
“Appellant’s Certificate of Interested Persons and Corporate Disclosure Statement filed by Appellants Paul John Hansen and Kent E. Hovind. [Entered: 09/01/2021 01:36 PM]”

Update September 13, 2021

The Hansen-Hovind brief was due today, but none has yet been noted in the docket record.  Maybe later.  However, the Court on its own motion raised a jurisdictional question regarding Hansen’s ability to represent the trust as opposed to representing himself and his own interests.

Hansen Hovind Appeal Court Raises Jurisdictional Question

Update September 14, 2021

Looks like Hansen and Hovind are honing their document skills.  They prepared an impressive 26 page appeal brief but the Court only managed to get 1 page filed.  I wonder if they simply failed to send in the other 25 pages or if the Court blundered!

Screenshot of Page 1 of 26 Page Brief

Update September 16, 2021

Hansen & Hovind give 2 days to submit complete brief!

Update September 27, 2021

U.S. Attorney responds to jurisdictional question.  The technology is different between the district courts and appeals courts.  I can’t figure out how to copy and post the actual 12 page brief.  Nothing really new in it.  The issue appears clear enough.

Otherwise, Hansen/Hovind have not filed their complete brief or responded to the jurisdictional question.





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