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Originally posted June 1, 2020
by Robert Baty

Link to article on this site providing a list of videos broadcast by Kent Hovind’s former information technology (IT) guy Theodore/Theo Valentine Valenzuela:

Two of Theo’s videos dealing with the massage issue:


Time marked link to testimony in Theo’s video shown below:

Time marked link to Kent’s response to the above:

Time marked link to Kent’s January 2020 welcome to Jody/Jodie and Eddie to his conpound:

Diane Hummel (aka “Lady Di”) has been hanging around Kent for about 15 years!


Update June 2, 2020

Levi Roberson lived with Kent on the conpound for a long, long time and was “close” to Kent; made some videos with him.  Levi also had massage training. So, I asked Levi if he had anything to offer to this little controversy.


Update June 3, 2020

Kent has responded to the massage controversy, and other matters, in today’s performance at the following link:

Time marked link to comments illustrated below:

CINDI LINCOLN v. ROBERT BATY – The Massage Controversy!

I looked and can’t find what it might be that Cindi Lincoln has reference to as far as what I may have implied about her knowledge of Kent being handled by young women.

Link to her comments illustrated below:

(Go to link above, not graphic below, for video/comments.)

Someone tell Cindi I will turn 70 years old in a couple of weeks. Julie Shunk and the other females in the office, in that context, are, indeed, young girls.

We still have no idea how many of the young girls that have come and gone and may still be on the conpound have had their hands on Kent Hovind’s bare body, or how many he has had his hands on. For all we know, some of the older girls/women have also satisfied Kent manually. Maybe even Levi and other males, young and/or old. And such a fringe benefit may have been extended to others male and female.

Did anyone hear Kent say anything in the video about the allegation in Theo’s video about Kent being prone to massage Lady Di’s (Diane Hummel) hips? I didn’t!

Here are links to some of what I have had to say about the massage issue:

Cindi, and all, if you find what you had reference to in support of your allegation, please provide the link and quote. I have no idea what it might have been.

Update June 24, 2021

Update July 7, 2021

Update July 13, 2021

The massage controversy takes a turn as Mark Stoney reveals finding out that Kent had Mark’s daughter giving Kent massages.

Updated Text Exchange Mark Stoney Kent Hovind 07132021

Update October 24, 2021

Cindi Lincoln on her role in the massage “therapy”!

Update October 25, 2021

Update October 26, 2021

More from Cindi Lincoln on massage controversy!

Update August 1, 2022

Chris Baker is one of the directors of Kent Hovind’s 501(c)(3) Creation Science Evangelism Ministries, Inc. and he has been living with Kent for about a year now.

Update December 9, 2023

Kent Hovind’s former IT expert, Theodore (Theo) Valentine Valenzuela (aka Lies of the Devil) has just posted a new video featuring the massage controversy.  Link to video:



Kent Hovind – Massage Controversy! — 2 Comments

  1. Regardless, the massage thing is actually very weird. My wife would never ask two young ladies to massage my back. Kent does admit to having them massage him in his latest video though. I find that so odd.
    I really don’t see any mention of your implications that Cindi is unaware of the massages. Yet another lie on the part of the Hovind’s. Doubt they will ever correct it. Seems like Cindi is the right fit for Kent.
    Kent wants to hide whatever he can. He will avoid talking about massaging Lady Di at all costs. He doesn’t want that little secret to slip out.

  2. @t65rex
    I hear rumors about Cindi.
    Time will tell.
    I think Mary Tocco was a lot better situated and able to “walk away” where Cindi may not have the same “easy peasy” option; unless maybe Mary Tocco is willing to take her in.

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