Rudy Davis, Kent Hovind’s #1 YouTube promoter, among other problems, had a conference call today with some of his supporters and happened to mention Wiley Drake’s recent show on which I, like Rudy and his wife, made an appearance and discusses Wiley’s tax problem and bulldozing of the IBT story, both of which I challenged, successfully, despite Rudy’s bogus claims to the contrary.

Shortly after that Rudy talks about Brady Byrum and his “Kent Hovind Innocence DVD Series” scam.


The Wiley Drake, Bulldozing IBT, & Robert Baty Comments

Time marked link: https://youtu.be/f9dFxoaGBpE?t=10m55s

(Begin transcription.)

Now he (Wiley Drake), just received a few days ago, a letter from the IRS and it basically said if you don’t pay approximately $54,000.00 in taxes we can seize your church property and your taxes are due immediately and we will have the right to seize your church property on December the 22nd which is one day after the day they plan to take him into custody because if he’s found guilty I guess they could arrest him and put him in the pokey for the flag thing and he won’t be at his church and who’s going to defend the church

because Pastor Wiley Drake is gone on record as saying he’s not gonna let them take his church and keep in mind his best friend, not best friend, but I don’t know their relationship but I know they’re good friends, is Pastor Greg Dixon.

Pastor Greg Dixon ran a church in Indianapolis Indiana called the, I think it was called the Indianapolis Baptist Temple.

Now, a few decades ago, I think it was 10-15 years ago; could be, I don’t know the exact date, but the Government seized Greg Dixon’s church and they bulldozed the whole thing.  It was a $6,000,000.00 property and they sold it some sort of non-christian organization for like a $1,000,000.00.

So, they sold it for a fraction of what’s it’s worth and this was supposedly based on the fact that they didn’t withhold payroll taxes from ministry workers.

Now, for all of you guys who think that, who may be tempted to think that, well, there must be something to it, where there’s smoke there is fire, Pastor Wiley Drake must owe these taxes because he got the bill.

Pastor Wiley Drake did an hour live radio show.  There was Government agents (Robert Baty) that used to work for the IRS that showed up on the call.

I (Rudy Davis) happen to know because these are the same agents that are incessantly coming against Kent Hovind.

These agents, they grilled, they grilled Pastor Wiley Drake on this live show and he answered every question they asked.

He (Wiley Drake), he, he, he gave the entire history of the situation.  He said that he had already received the letter from the IRS indicating he had paid everything that was owed and this letter was completely out of the blue and was a surprise and this contradicted

previous letters where they had a misunderstanding that Pastor Wiley Drake says he doesn’t have any ministry workers.  He is the only one that gets paid and he is the 501(c)(3) organization.

We can debate whether 501(c)(3) is right or wrong.  Pastor Wiley Drake has his opinions about it too and he’s not for it but he goes in to the reasons why he has to do it for the time being in California and he has a 50 year church history with that church.

Regardless of anyone’s position on 501(c)(3), and I’ve got my position too and I’m sure others have their position, it doesn’t stop Pastor Wiley Drake from saying what he needs to say from the pulpit.

It certainly does not limit his speech.  He has been very outspoken on political issues, homosexuality, abortion, and Obama’s birth certificate.


(End transcription.)


The Brady Byrum “Kent Hovind Innocence DVD Series” Comments

Time marked link: https://youtu.be/f9dFxoaGBpE?t=16m

(Begin transcription.)

I also want to make an announcement on Kent Hovind.

We do need Christian website designers.

Brady Byrum is a friend of ours.  He’s done an 8 part video series on how Kent Hovind is innocent.

It’s incredible.

I’ve had a chance to watch not all of it but a good deal of it.  It is absolutely rock-solid.

Anybody that has any common sense can follow this information and see for yourself that Kent Hovind is innocent of the structuring charge, the charges of failure to withhold income tax on ministry workers, interference of federal agents; all of the things they threw against Kent Hovind.

Brady Byrum in a logical, methodical way spends over 8 dvd’s.  I don’t know how many hours it is.  It could be over 10 hours.  I don’t know the exact, but it is a lot of hours of, he goes through methodically every single charge and the law and what we can do about it.

Now, we are looking for Christian website designers.  We know that the world is full of infiltrators and Government agents that would love to be, get the position of Kent Hovind’s website designer so we do need some help in like getting this up on, there’s a website called Kent Hovind Is Innocent.

We have some people that we’re working with but if you know of anybody that has website design skills they would need to be vetted .

We want to make sure they’re not Government agents or luciferian, satonic, infiltrators or

opportunists.  But, assuming you know some friends that have that capability it’s a very

straight-forward website that we need some help with.

Please contact me…

(End transcription.)

Link to Wiley Drake broadcast referenced above:


Recent, related articles on this website:







I think the following demonstrates that Greg Dixon, despite his possible false earlier claims, is now in agreement with me regarding the bulldozing.



Link to organization that took over the IBT property, and it includes separate pages detailing its use of the former IBT property in Indicanapolis:


Video detailing what has become of the former IBT property:




Rudy Davis on Wiley Drake, Bulldozing the IBT, Robert Baty, & Brady Byrum 12/10/2016! — 1 Comment

  1. Don’t be fooled by Greg Dixon.
    He is prone to telling tales as much, or more so, as any other preacher.

    Many false and/or misleading claims are made in the following linked
    article, including his old claim regarding the bulldozers at his
    Indianapolis Baptist Temple.

    It appears Greg Dixon has changed his tune on the bulldozers, but he
    has not shown himself to be honorable regarding his blunder. It would
    have been appropriate for him to admit to his blunder, explain it, and
    then repent and bring forth his works meet for repentance. Instead, it
    looks like he has just tried to sweep it under the rug and simply start
    telling another story, apparently the correct version, in his official
    biography, as previously reported.

    Because of the way Greg Dixon and Kent Hovind and their people handle
    such blundering, others, like Rudy Davis and Wiley Drake, have been doomed
    to repeating the stories and showing themselves to be fools in refusing to
    come to the light.

    So, my ministry is again shown to be justified with long-term job security.

    Link: http://the-trumpet-online.com/supported-dr-kent-hovind-greg-j-dixon-2/

    “Why do I (Greg Dixon) support Kent Hovind?
    Because I was there in 2001 when at the orders
    of the IRS and U.S. Justice Department they
    bulldozed down our church auditorium in Indianapolis,
    I don’t want to see anymore church buildings torn
    down by our government, not here in America.”

    – Greg Dixon
    – The Trumpet
    – 2014

    This also goes to show why Greg Dixon’s testimony may be discounted on
    weightier matters (i.e., the Hovind “rape” claim against Judge Rodgers).


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