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Amber J Williams Complaint 03262020

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Update April 4, 2020

Amber is all excited about the standard package of materials she got from the federal court, and it appears she is going to be trying to train other people to file as she has filed.  Go to link below for copies of materials she included with her post and comments from her readers:

A few minutes ago AJ added the following:

John Stob is the man in AJ’s life!

Update April 5, 2020


Update April 6, 2020

AJ/Amber must still thinks she’s really on to something with the filing of her federal suit.  We’ll see.  Don’t know what this is that she is promoting.


Update April 13, 2020



Update April 14, 2020



Update April 15, 2020


Too Funny!!!!!!!!!

Looks like Amber might be thinking she needs a lawyer after all, a free one!


Update April 16, 2020

Justice will be served.

Amber’s case will be dismissed.

Amber is dreaming if she thinks otherwise.

“Change my mind!”


Update April 18, 2020

Now Amber can look for a reason to sue someone over her dog!

Looks like it doesn’t take much to register a dog on that site!

Other posts in the above thread now explain how Amber had owned that dog before, gotten rid of it, bought it back, and how she sued some landlord over the dog and won.

As was suspected, it appears there has been no special training for the dog.


Update April 20, 2020

Sounds like Amber could be shopping around for her next defendant!


Update April 21, 2020

A little testimony time from Amber.  Take it for what it’s worth.


Update April 23, 2020

Looks like Strausie is now trying to raise money for Amber after Amber’s whining about not being able to find a place to live.


Ever the drama queen, Amber is.  I just figure she is anxious to get down to the money benefits her daughter may be entitled to, and it’s going to take longer than she figured.


Update April 28, 2020

More cryptic posts from Amber and Strausie!


Update April 30, 2020

Seems to me like Amber doesn’t understand the numbers!

Link to JUSTIA page where Amber got her screenshot:

Link to Amber’s post:

Consider the following:


On the other hand, Amber’s case is 6th down the list of cases listed on the JUSTIA page above.  Oh well, maybe Amber will clue is in a little more as to her thinking on the significance of whatever #6 she was talking about.

Then there is this angle:

That JUSTIA page indicates there are 1,081 cases and it appears they are listed in date order, with the newest at the top of the list and with Amber’s case being the 6th from the top of the list, indicating there are 1,075 (1,081 – 6) before hers.


If that means anything, it could be that Amber is in for a long wait; she’s almost at the end of the line.



Update May 1, 2020

More evidence that Amber and her people don’t know what is going on!

I think the Court may have done Amber a favor by treating what she is trying to claim are 4 separate filings for her kids as attachments to her own case.  That is because Amber has no “standing” to file on behalf of her kids and represent them in such filing.

Upon even further reflection, I am thinking the reason the Court has not granted Amber in forma pauperis status is because it is preparing to dismiss the case for reasons stated in the pro forma Complaint filed by Amber.


Update May 20, 2020

Nothing new to report on the federal case, but there is this today from Amber:

I asked John Stob about it on his FaceBook page and his responses have been as follows:


Update May 23, 2020

John Stob is out, and Amber seems to have different notions about that than John Stob has.

The Makeover

Amber likes her memes.

This one appears directed at John Stob.

And this one:


Update May 27, 2020

One of many of Amber’s continuing memes!


Update May 30, 2020


Update May 31, 2020

Amber still seems content to meme her way through her split up with John Stob!


Update June 4, 2020


Update June 7, 2020

I also just realized that both Amber J. Williams and John Stob have old FaceBook pages they appear to have walked away from, but which contain a lot of their history.

Amber’s Old Page Address

John’s Old Page Address

Update June 8, 2020


Update June 9, 2020

So, it seems something ticked off Strausie Hart and she decided to drop in to one of my FaceBook groups and air her grievances.  At first she applied using her Strausie Hart account, withdrew that, and then reapplied and was admitted using her Leia Heartland account.

Link to Group

Link to Strausie’s/Leia’s Thread in Group

Go to link above for comments in that thread!


Update June 10, 2020

Strausie/Leia never showed up for the one-on-one I set up for her at:

She left my group, changed the name of her Leia Heartland page to Strausie Hart and then returned to my group.  She posted the following to her Leia/Strausie page:

Link to most recent post on her other Strausie Hart page from which I am blocked:

I don’t know.  Maybe this is where she works!

She also posted a video today!

I created and added the captions to the still images above!


Update June 12, 2020

Strausie Hart posted the following in my “Kent Hovind’s Worst Nightmare” group.  It appears to be a reference to Amber’s case.  There has been no change in Amber’s case.  It is pending some response from the Court as to whether the case will be allowed to proceed or be DISMISSED.


Update July 14, 2020

The Court issues a report and recommendations.

The case may go forward as to some defendants, but it appears it is going to be dismissed as to most of it.

Amber Williams Report Recommendations 07142020


Update July 23, 2020

Assuming this relates to her federal case, we will see what’s up when something new is posted to the docket record.  So far, nothing posted yet.

No entry of appearance or other action!

So, we wait!


Update August 4, 2020


Amber J Williams ORDER 08042020


Update August 6, 2020

Amber has quit talking about the lawyer someone allegedly gave her.  She posted this today.  What could it be.  Stay tuned!





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