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Originally Posted November 25, 2020
by Robert Baty

Aron Ra, a celebrity atheist with a worldwide audience, asked me to interview with him the other day on the subject of Kent Hovind.  So I did.  One of the other participants was Peter DeTukker from Holland.

Aron decided afterwards that the nature and details of the interview may not be suitable for his YouTube channel, and so it was decided that I would do a followup interview with Peter DeTukker.

Before doing the interview with DeTukker, he contacted Kent Hovind to inquire about his interest in participating.  Following is the link to and a transcription of that conversation.

Kent, as noted above, declined to particpate in the interview.  Peter broadcast our interview live and following is a link to that broadcast and a transcription of the closing segment where I address Kent and the “one issue at a time, starting with” debate proposal.

Peter followed up with Kent about the future prospects of getting together on a program.  Following is a link to that broadcast and a transcription of the substance of what was said in that phone call.

There is no good reason why Kent cannot come out, come clean and face me to discuss substantive matters of dispute between him and me regarding his legal problems.  Similarly, based on past experience, there is no good reason to believe Brady Byrum is going to agree to an appearance and either face me or Peter DeTukker to discuss Kent’s fundamental legal problems.

Stay tuned.

There may be future developments to report.


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