Originally Posted December 13, 2016
by Robert Baty

That is what it sounds like to me (i.e., Brady meddling in the Baby Holm case).

In what might have been unintended, Ernie Land (one of the Kent Hovind handlers) reported today, in a video broadcast by Rudy Davis (aka LoneStar1776), that Brady Byrum had been involved, secretly, in the Christian and Danielle Holm baby case in Alabama.

Time marked link to Ernie’s comments:

(Begin transcription of Ernie Land comments.)

And he (Brady Byrum) did a good job here on Alabama soil with that couple he helped that they kidnapped the baby right off the mother’s breast while newborn, one day old.
They took the baby away from them.
They’ve been fighting for a month and a half to get their baby back because they didn’t want to give it a birth certificate and didn’t want to have a social applied to it at that point and Brady came in there and he’s been the helping hand behind the scenes.
Of course, everything has to be done pro se so they’re doing it pro se and they’re nailing the state of Alabama to the tune of 1 billion dollars.
The FBI has now opened an investigation into that matter.
So, Brady is going to be, he’s going to be, he’s going to help a lot of people across the nation.

(End transcription.)

I’ve had some discussions today with promoters of the Holm cause, which might have some merit, but may have been derailed by sovcit silliness such as Brady Byrum and like-minded folks have brought to the case.
As indicated below, Brady’s involvement, or someone else’s similar involvement, is reported to have influenced the State’s actions in the case and prevented a speedy resolution of the custody dispute.

(Begin excerpt.)
Contact Between Parents and Baby Cut Off After Letter Sent
The source reported that the Holms experienced retaliation recently from DHR.
As of 3 1/2 weeks ago, all visitation between the baby and his parents was halted.
The visits ceased without warning after the Holms sent a lengthy certified letter to multiple people involved with the taking of their baby, with copies of the letter sent to Alabama Senators Jeff Sessions and Richard Shelby as well as to Congressman Mike Rogers.
The 25 page letter lists the laws allegedly broken and Constitutional rights allegedly violated by DHR, the sheriffs department, Anniston Regional Medical Hospital, and other parties who participated in or enabled the actions against the family.
An anonymous source sent a copy of the letter to Health Impact News, and it has been verified as the second notice which was sent to multiple individuals and entities on November 28.
The notice began with a reminder from the Holms that “the Creator of the Universe YHVH is watching and recording everything you do,” and that they will one day give an account for their actions before God.
There was also a reminder that all who hold any type of office or position with any governmental entity are sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Alabama Constitution.
(End excerpt.) 
This could ultimately have ramifications for the Hovind case, if the FBI investigation traces Brady Byrum back to Kent Hovind or otherwise finds connections.  It was reported that Christian and Danielle Holm walked from Mobile, AL to Cheaha State Park which could have taken them through Kent’s 145 acre compound for some time.
It’s still quite speculative at this point.
Demonstrations are planned for tomorrow (December 14, 2016) as the case is scheduled to go before a judge on the custody issue.
I have several separate threads on my dedicated Hovind page at the following link for more details as to how I came to get involved in this matter, links, and my effort to engage those promoting a Brady Byrum approach to the problem.

Secrets, so many secrets…..again!

UPDATE December 14, 2016 about 12:30 PM MT

My exchange (substantive excerpts) of December 13, 2016 with one of the primary supporters of the demonstrations in Cleburne, AL in support of Christian & Danielle Holm.
Jonathan has since deleted the exchange.
Jonathan Payton FaceBook Page:

Jonathan Payton Group:

1. From Robert Baty
Thanks for the add to the group.
I was attracted to the story today after Ernie Land, in a YouTube video broadcaast by Rudy Davis (aka LoneStar1776), claimed, somewhat cryptically, that Brady Byrum was involved in providing legal counsel to the Holms.
I have been trying to keep up with Brady Byrum recently as a result of his antics involving convicted federal felon Kent Hovind, who also happens to reside in Alabama these days.
I would like to get some confirmation, if possible, or denial, regarding Brady’s involvement, perhaps secretly, in the case.
You can hear Ernie’s comments about Brady and the Alabama baby snatching case at the time marked link to the video below:


2. From Jonathan Payton
We have decided not to disclose that information for fear of intimidation. Rest assured they are well  versed in situations such as the one at hand.

3. Robert Baty
I don’t know the baby situation that well; just read the one article on it after hearing Ernie touting Brady’s involvment.
If Brady is involved, I am assured that he’s up to no good and that it might hurt the case (though it might be great public relations for a certain segment of the public); which might explain why it is being kept secret, if it is.
4. From Jonathan Payton
Yeah, but instead they kept the child, vaccinated, made the child miss out on all the antibodies from the mother’s breast milk, missed out on 2 MONTHS of bonding, and stopped visitation altogeether when confronted with their wrongdoings.
And all for what?
5. From Robert Baty
Are you saying that they were allowed visitation, possibly where that bonding could take place as well as the breastfeeding, at the beginning and then did something to have that withdrawn?
If so, what did they do to change things?
6. From Jonathan Payton
Sorry, Robert Baty, since the trial is still underway I don’t want to disclose any information that could harm the Holms in any way. Hopefully after tomorrow I can discuss it further!
7. From Robert Baty
Thanks for that feedback.
As you suggest, there is more here than some want to make known, and it just may be such things as would justify the State’s action or at least my skepticism.
As I noted earlier, I come to the case skeptical because of how it has been associated with the likes of Brady Byrum ( whom I know a little about because of his association with Kent Hovind, convicted federal felon, tax cheat who sent his wife to prison, sovcit, and Baptist preacher) and I am quite unimpressed.
I will look forward to seeing the reports tomorrow.
8. From Jonathan Payton
Yeah some people seem to be bringing their outside grudges with others into a group that was setup with the intent of spreading the wrongdoings of DHR in this particular case, of which I assure you are plentiful!!!
Nothing but positivity coming from my end in this situation and I can’t wait to get to hold that baby myself tomorrow!
9. From Robert Baty
Would that be someone like me you are talking about, Jonathan Payton.
I don’t think your characterization is accurate or honest, considering you have repeatedly said you know more about the case and what is going on than you are willing to reveal.
And you even suggest a reason for that; it would “hurt” your cause.
It’s a strange case, but it may not be so strange if the facts were to fully revealed, and maybe tomorrow’s proceedings will allow for more of that.
Kent and Brady and their people helped put Shawn Stuller in prison for 20 years, and they are doing like you; blaming it all on someone else.
Keep your secrets if you will, but you would do well not to try and make your veiled attacks on me for daring to openly and honestly discuss the issues.
In the legal realm, when, as here, a person has information that could easily be provided and is not, it may be assumed it is not because it hurts the person’s cause.
Time will tell, maybe!
Maybe not.
10. From Jonathan Payton
Yes I am talking about you, Robert Baty.
To come into a group that is established with the sole purpose to shed light into all the corruption DHR has done in this case and then try and turn it into some personal grudge you have against somebody else.
You obviously like to argue with people since that is all your website is about!
How about using some of that energy to spread a little positivity in the world.
11. From Robert Baty
You repeat your false and/or misleading claims, and that is no positive; your preference for secrets is also not positive.
It’s your place, and you can run it as you see fit.
I appreciate your demonstrations.
It’s easy to allege corruption at the DHS while, by your own apparent admission, keeping secret information that might show your case is without merit or is not quite what you are making it out to be.
What was that you were promoting regarding our “rule of law”.
I’m all for it, and that is why I am skeptical about such promotions as you are making here while, admittedly, keeping secret the details that might expose your exaggerations and, just maybe, your false charges.
I can wait to see how the case develops.
Thanks again for your demonstrations in support of my approach to evaluating what is going on with that case.

Unable to post comment. (Jonathan revoked my membership)

UPDATE December 15, 2016 about 3:00 PM MT

It appears Jonathan Payton is still playing his game of secrecy as he continues to refuse to report on what he knows is going on in Heflin, AL, Clerburne County, regarding the Baby Holm proceedings, demonstrations, and the promoters called to woo the crowd of demonstrators.
Link to Clear Image of Graphic:


Link to Clear Copy of Graphic Below:


UPDATE December 17, 2016

Still no indication that the parents are doing anything constructive so as to result in the return of their child.  No details as to what has really been going on that has resulted in the delay in resolving the custody issue.  Claims in post today are inconsistent with picture of baby from visitation referenced.
Links to Clear Copy Images:

UPDATE December 17, 2016 2:00 PM MT

Link to Clear Copy of Graphic:


UPDATE December 17, 2016 5:10 PM MT

Link to Clear Copy Image of Graphic:


It was reported that, earlier this year, Christian & Danielle Holm, parents of Baby Holm, traveled from Mobile, AL to Cheaha State Park, AL where the current controversy began.
So, how long did they stay with Kent and Brady on Kent’s compound in Conecuh County, AL near Lenox; and hone their sovcit and anti-vaxx theology?
Gotta wonder if that isn’t part of the story and part of what the FBI is investigating.

UPDATE December 19, 2016 9:25 PM MT


From the program description:
(Begin quote.)
In this episode of “Bringing Voices To Power”
Robert Baty offers a different perspective to FBI
Investigates Baby Kidnapped from couple in
Alabama Who Declined Birth Certificate and SSN.
Robert’s main perspective is the apparent secret
involvement by Kent Hovind‘s man Brady Byrum
and their effort to turn the event into a showcase
for silliness which may have been the main
contributing factor as to why the case was not
resolved earlier.
(End quote.)

UPDATE December 20, 2016

Notice my name in the above advertisement for the program.  She show host and producer both had my full name and chose not to use it.  And now it seems some are not able to handle that; especially Jonathan Payton who again demonstrates a little cowardice, as indicated by the image below:

UPDATE December 20, 2016 8:45 PM MT

I cannot believe the message below really reflects what is up with Christian Holm and/or Danielle Holm. It does, for me, reflect they have not been doing what is necessary to affect the return of the child in the most expedient manner and are likely, along with their sovcit friends, responsible for the predicament which they find themselves in.  As with all good sovcits, Christian is calling on the Sheriff to fix things, and that, apparently is the result of the chatter in the #freebabyholm group, and who knows where else, alleging the Sheriff can do it and that he is the highest authority in the county.

Link to Full Story:

Link to Clear Copy of Graphic:


UPDATE December 22, 2016 7:45 PM MT – ORDER in the FEDERAL CASE


The text is also posted below in the comments section.

UPDATE December 23, 2016 – 8:10 AM MT

I previously reported that it was reported that Christian and Danielle Holm walked from Mobile, AL to Cheaha State Park, a route that would have taken them by Kent Hovind’s compound. I asked repeatedly about the prospect that they might have had contact with and stayed with Kent Hovind and his new wife and anti-vaxxer Mary Kosloskey Tocco Hovind.
Now comes the Holm promoter Jonathan Payton and writes in the # free baby holm public FaceBook group, in relevant part:
“They traveled from montgomery al not mobile.  That shows you how IN DEPTH crybaby robert batys research is!”
Jonathan Payton
December 22, 2016
I notice no specific endorsement by either Christian or Danielle Holm regarding that claim.
Let’s get to the bottom of this matter and see if Christian and Danielle can actually document their route to Cheaha State Park and resolve the controversy that, according to Jonathan, has been been falsely reported.
Can the Holms actually document how they came to be in Cheaha State Park?
We will see, or not!
– RLBaty

In support of the above claim regarding what the cowardly Jonathan Payton had to say, see following graphic:

UPDATE December 23, 2016

Link to what appears to be a bonafide recording of Christian & Danielle Holm dealing with the DHS over visitation and proving why, in part, they do not have custody of the child:


UPDATE December 24, 2016 5:00 PM MT

From the Heflin, AL street demonstrations, courtesy Jonathan Payton.

UPDATE December 25, 2016 7:00 PM MT

Link to Clear Copy of Image Below:

Without regard to the issues surround the book and its author, in my experience the tactics indicated seem to be what can be observed in the specific cases of Kent Hovind and “Baby Holm” and their promoters.

UPDATE December 26, 2016 12:30 PM MT

Tim Holmes has kept up the sovcit silliness on the #freebabyholm group this morning, posting the following.
Link to #freebabyholm thread:

Link to Tim Holmes page:

(Begin quote.)

Someone might advise their Court they are a municipal Court thus a corporate court, With No Contract they are harming this family and can’t provide Jurisdiction since corporate entities are NOT an actual man/woman thus feel no loses , no pain, can’t stand legally in a court to testify to any Complaint, oh and for the Record our Constitution guarantees “Right to Counsel” meaning anyone you wish may stand to assist, you don’t want them playing Lawyer and playing their games, Learn what Pro Per is, stand as such, demand they prove Jurisdiction, then its game Over!
See Marc Stevens videos on YouTube , many people following as they prove nationwide that no one needs a License to Travel, Its simply illegal what these municipal Corporate courts do to maintain that money vacuum

(End quote.)

Link to Clear Copy of Image from Christian Holm FaceBook Page:


UPDATE December 27, 2016 1:50 PM MT

See comments section below for complete transcription.  Cowardly Jonathan Payton posted a message in the #FreeBabyHolm now closed FaceBook group explaining his treatment of me and that he was relinquishing control of the group to the baby’s parents.

(Begin excerpts.)

From: Jonathan Payton, Administrator
Venue: #FreeBabyHolm FaceBook Group
Date: December 27, 2016
I just wanted to let everyone know that up until last night I haven’t personally deleted anything anybody posted within the group other than the ROBERT BATY posts in the very beginning.
Even this decision was done under the direction of the Holms and I agreed it was in their best interest at the time.
(snip, snip)
After speaking with the Holms we have changed to group to closed and they are now admins.
I will definitely continue to support the Holms in every way possible but my part in building this group is finished.
The direction it goes from here is all up to you.

(End excerpts.)

UPDATE December 31, 2016 4:25 PM MT

UPDATE October 10, 2017 – Brady Byrum Shows Himself

Update January 1, 2021

Today, January 1, 2021, the Holms broadcast on their YouTube channel a secret recording of them at the federal district court in December of 2016, filing their failed writ of habeas corpus.  What is significant is their reference to Kent Hovind’s man Brady Byrum as the one helping them.

Time marked link to comments illustrated below:

Update April 25, 2024

Link to Holm COMPLAINT Dec. 2016:

Link to Holm DISMISSAL Dec. 2016:

Holm Federal Docket Record Dec. 2016:



Kent’s Brady Byrum Meddling in Baby Holm Case! — 25 Comments

  1. This editorial in The Anniston Star may provide a reasoned and reasonable explanation as to why there is an issue:

    By the editorial board of The Anniston Star Oct 24, 2016

    Using an arm of state government to take a child from his or her parents
    is an awesome power. That’s especially true for a newborn in the first
    few days of life.

    From October 2015 until the end of last month, Alabama’s Department of
    Human Resources took custody of babies three days old or younger 129
    times. In most cases, the children were removed because of allegations
    of abuse or neglect.

    We don’t envy the DHR employees who must make these difficult decisions.
    Yet, the department’s first mission is the safety and protection of
    children, and those factors must remain the top priority.

    That is apparently what happened this month when a couple without a home
    who were living at Cheaha State Park had their newborn taken from them
    by DHR. The new parents — Danielle and Christian Holm — as well as state
    officials are under a Cleburne County court’s gag order, meaning many of
    the details of the case are unclear.

    While the specifics of the Holms’ case are unknown, we can see a precedent
    for what may have led to DHR removing the child. In fiscal 2016, DHR placed
    18 infants in foster care because their parents lacked adequate housing.
    (The most frequent reason DHR took a child — 75 times in 2016 — is because
    of the drug use of a parent.)

    A balancing act is required for all of this work. DHR regulations specifically
    outline when it can remove a child from his or her parents. Likewise, DHR and
    the courts face a dilemma of operating openly so to hold the public’s trust
    and at the same time protecting the identity of the minor child at the center
    of these cases.

    At the heart of all this is the protection of a young child, a vulnerable young
    person unable to care for itself.


  2. I guess Jonathan Payton, as noted above, is still keeping secret whoever those
    guest speakers were, if they showed up, and what they said. I’ve seen nothing
    to identify them or anything they might have said. Maybe they are, in part, the
    reason for the FBI, reported, investigation (i.e., domestic, sovcit, terrorism

    Jonathan has recently posted the following on his group FaceBook page,
    and it sounds like further evidence that the Brady Byrum course that
    was apparently chosen continues to be pursued and may be demonstrably
    cause for the delay in resolving the custody issue:

    1. From Jonathan Payton

    Everyone please wrap this around your head and DEMAND AN ANSWER!!!


    This question has been raised numerous times to no avail with no
    answer and should be fairly simple for a judge to understand
    whose sole duty is to UPHOLD THE LAW.


    This isn’t a situation based on policy or guidelines.
    This situation falls directly under the jurisdiction of the LAW.

    If this simple understanding is overlooked then all faith in the
    justice system is lost!


    WITH ALMOST 900 PEOPLE IN THIS GROUP, now is the time to blast
    out positivity toward this unjust and corrupt situation that the
    Holm family has been thrust into.

    Ask yourself how you would feel if someone just busted in and
    took your child on the premise you were a totally different
    person than you claim to be.

    No big deal right?

    Just prove you are who you say you are and they will return
    your child right?

    Not in this case.

    Now they have spent 2 full days trying to gather up any evidence
    from any corner of the earth to justify their actions to no avail.

    The Holms have been irreparably and unjustly affected by the very
    ones that are supposed to uphold the law and have OUR best interests
    in mind.

    This system is no more and EVERY single person on the planet should
    be fighting to correct this situation.




  3. Baby Holm Update!

    Tomorrow is the big day!

    Related Article:

    Today’s Update Below (Payton is still being evasive with false and/or misleading
    claims and refusing to tell what he knows about what has and is going on):

    From the Public List # free baby holm (without spaces)
    December 19, 2016 – 8:40 AM MT

    (“Shared” with FaceBook & Jonathan Payton permission.)


    Okay, here is the game plan people! Tomorrow, Tuesday Dec. 20th is the day of action!

    Everyone that is able, please show up at cleburne county courthouse at 8am central
    to show our support.

    Dhr has had their chance to prove their case and have failed miserably to provide
    any evidence that any law has been broken and now all accountability falls directly
    in the lap of Judge Melody Walker to make the only lawful decision there is and
    return the child to Christian Holm and Danielle Holm.

    A judge has one job and one job only, to UPHOLD THE LAW!

    If this simple task is not followed through on Tuesday morning then we have no choice
    than to begin procedures that will set into motion the events required to have her
    removed from the public office she currently holds.

    Every judge swears an oath to uphold the constitution and the law and if this very
    simple concept is ignored then the judge must be removed from office.

    I have all the confidence in Judge Melody Walker and feel that she has gave DHR every
    chance to make their case and more than enough time to gather any evidence they could.

    They have failed in their task and as such have caused 2 months of separation for an
    otherwise loving and caring family.



    (End Payton Announcement)


  4. The federal case is now available on PACER, and I have copied the text of the affidavit
    filed with the 71 page writ and exhibits.

    If getting the child back is the real intent, I don’t see the writ effort to be worth
    anything. If sovcit points are the goal; they win, and I would appoint them 10,000
    sovcit points for taking this route.

    Maybe eventually someone will image the complete set of documents and post them on-line.

    Case 1:16-cv-02036-MHH-SGC Document 1-1 Filed 12/19/16 Page 1 of 9

    U.S. District Court
    Northern District of Alabama

    County of Calhoun
    State of Alabama:

    Know all men by these presents:

    1. We AFFIRM that we are Christian Holm and Danielle Holm, (hereinafter also known as “us” and “our”).

    2. We AFFIRM that we both have personal knowledge of all of the statements in this Affidavit and we do hereby certify and verify that we are over the age of 21, and that all of the statements in this affidavit are true and correct to the best of our knowledge, ability and understanding of the facts, the law, the Statutes, the Regulations, the case law and the evidence, and that it is being sworn to and signed by both of us under the penalties of perjury of these United States of America.

    3. We AFFIRM that our live, healthy newborn baby boy was kidnapped on October 11,2016, by numerous people who are working together in a conspiracy to keep him from us.

    4. We AFFIRM that the word “kidnapped” is defined as the taking of the physical possession and control of a live, human body, without that person’s consent if they are above the age of consent, or taking the physical possession and control of another person’s live, human body without the consent of the parents if that taken person is under the age of consent.

    5. We AFFIRM that this criminal accusation of being kidnapped could be further qualified or conditioned if there were one or more crimes being committed by the parents, or if there were active criminal warrants out for the parents that could cause the neglect or abandonment of the child, or if there was some fonn of true, verifiable, medical neglect of the child being committed by the parents, or some other form of harm that had already occurred against the child, as in illegal drugs being discovered in the baby’s blood system, and we AFFIRM that none of these qualifiers exist in this kidnapping.

    6. We AFFJRM that beyond these limits stated above in paragraph 5, neither the States nor the Federal government has any authority or lawful right to take and keep the physical possession of our live, human baby boy.

    7. We AFFJRM that we have no Criminal History.

    8. We AFFIRM that we have no pending Criminal Charges against us in any jurisdiction in the world.

    9. We AFFIRM there are no criminal warrants out on us from any jurisdiction in the world, that would potentially cause the future harm or neglect or that would put the life of our live, healthy, baby boy at risk.

    10. We AFFIRM that we do not partake of illegal drugs or even those new chemical compounds that have not yet been classified as illegal in all states, such as “pink” for example.

    11. We AFFIRM that we do not partake of drugs that are legal in some states and illegal in other states, such as marijuana.

    12. We AFFIRM that there is no state or Federal Law that requires us to name our baby and tell anyone what that name is when we do name him.

    13. We AFFIRM that the Social Security Administration’s Enumeration At Birth Program declares on its PAGE ONE that participation in the program is completely VOLUNTARY for parents and hospitals.

    14. We AFFIRM that our live, healthy baby boy was kidnapped from us, without any mandatory law that would cause us to forfeit our baby, without any real or imagined medical neglect, harm or illegal substances found in the baby’s blood stream, without lawful, voluntary acquiescence, consent or assent on our part, without probable cause of criminal acts being accused against us, declared in any sworn affidavit, signed under the penalties of perjury, without even probable cause of past criminal acts committed by us or even of any pending criminal acts that were about to be committed by us, declared in any sworn affidavit, signed under the penalties of perjury.

    15. We AFFIRM that we BELIEVE Judge Melody Walker, Rachel Israel, Stacey Jackson, Leslie Smith, Kristin Alex Martin, Chuck Haworth, Adrienne Cash, Allison J. Miller and Tony Hamlin, as the other known actors named herein, with other actors still unknown to us, committed the below accused acts beginning on or about the date of October 11, 2016, and has been continually ongoing until the present, as the events complained of in this Sworn Affidavit of Criminal Complaint are still continuing as of the date that it is signed below.

    16. We AFFIRM that the location of the herein accused criminal acts committed by Rachel Israel, who pulled the baby off of my breast while feeding, Stacey Jackson, who physically walked out of the hospital room with our baby, Leslie Smith who gave the order for Department of Human Resources to kidnap our child, Chuck Haworth, who restrained my right arm and used threats against me, Kristin Alex Martin, who falsely signed her name as the mother of our child and walked out of the hospital with the baby, Adrienne Cash, who physically walked out of the hospital and drove off the property with our baby, and several Anniston Police Officers who failed to give us their name but that may be identified by police report or other police records not yet gained, and several others who are not known to us in this kidnapping conspiracy, all acting under color of office using color of law, occurred at the Anniston Regional Medical Hospital at 400 E 10th St, Anniston, AL 36207.

    17. We AFFIRM that a woman by the name of Melody Walker is misusing the people’s delegated authority under color of office of the Cleburne County Juvenile Court and that she is using color of law to attempt to validate and convert this kidnapping into a “legalized” kceping of our live, healthy baby boy.

    18. We AFFIRM that we do NOT KNOW exactly when Judge Melody Walker entered the conspiracy, but we DO KNOW that she appears to be the one who is now orchestrating and operating the machinery of the conspiracy, for the express reason that she is directing many other people to do things and to not give us our kidnapped baby back to us, and so far, they arc all obeying her commands.

    19. We AFFIRM that the location of these herein accused criminal act’> committed by Judge Melody Walker initially occurred in Calhoun County, inside and/or outside of government offices, including but not limited to 120 Vickery Street. #200, Heflin, Alabama 36264, and are continuing to occur in and around this location in Alabama.

    20. We AFFIRM that Judge Melody Walker has had approximately 48 days, between the kidnapping dale of October 11, 2016 and the present to READ, DETECT, and then either THROW OUT the fraudulent claims and documents that have been filed in the people’s court, and to ABANDON the opportunity to participate in the FRAUD contained therein, or to ACCEPT and JOIN IN with the Fraud contained in the documents filed by the claimants I declarants.

    21. We AFFIRM that we DO NOT BELIEVE that claimants I declarants, named and unnamed, have the authority, power or ability to FORCE Alabama State Judges to accept whatever they file into court without challenge.

    22. We AFFIRM that we BELIEVE that Judge Melody Walker is or should be sufficiently educated in the law as to have been duped or tricked into NOT detecting the Fraud contained in the documents filed by the unnamed claimants I declarants in the above described case, whoever they are.

    23. We AFFIRM that we do NOT BELIEVE that Judge Melody Walker is insane OR that she has any organic brain disease that she is not aware of, and in absence of her personal confession in open court to the contrary, we AFFIRM that we DO BELIEVE that she and all of the other kidnapping conspirators are therefore mentally competent to know the parameters of – and ditlerence between right and wrong, between lawful and unlawful, and between legal and illegal.

    24. We AFFIRM that we have read the documents that have been given to us by various people within this kidnapping conspiracy, however we BELIEVE that there are secret documents that we are not being allowed to read, and that there are secret conversations that have taken place and that are still continuing to take place between the herein accused parties who are using their various delegated public servant powers under color of law in different government offices under color of office, in a conspiracy to participate in the kidnapping in the case, and that we are being kept in a position of lack of information, under duress, coercion and fear of our lives and of our baby’s life, for the express purpose to continue in the kidnapping of our live, healthy baby boy.

    25. We AFFIRM that because Judge Walker will not release our live, healthy baby boy to us, when we have broken no law, when we are not in jail, when we have no criminal warrants out for our arrest, when we have no criminal history, when there is no probable cause that we have ever been involved in or were about to be involved in any kind of crime, when there was no illegal drugs in the baby’s blood system, and when we have not consented to the kidnapping, then we are seriously beginning to BELIEVE that an “order has been placed” for our child to be kidnapped to supply him into some international child smuggling ring, and instead of the public servants that are supposed to work in the people’s offices in Alabama PROTECTING OUR RIGHTS, it is becoming more and more clear each day that their collective intention is to FILL THAT ORDER with our kidnapped child, at any cost.

    26. We AFFIRM that we BELIEVE that because Judge Melody Walker DID NOT refuse to accept, did NOT abandon, DID NOT cast out and DID NOT reject the Fraud of the unnamed, unknown claimants I decIarants thereof, whoever they may be, during the above time span between the kidnapping date of October 11, 2016 and the present date, that she has therefore accepted, ratified, approved of and joined in with said Fraud, knowingly, willingly and voluntarily in a conspiracy with the other actors named and unnamed herein.


    28. We AFFIRM that all of the public servant actors in all levels and branches of government involved herein KNEW OR SHOULD HAVE KNOW that the TAKING of a live, healthy baby boy for the reasons or alleged violations of choosing to not yet name the live, healthy baby boy and in not yet desiring to have a Social Security assigned, by reason of their trained, learned skill and tradecraft as lawyers and public servants working in legislative, executive and judicial branches of public office, knew or should have known the above facts, elements, law, case law, acts. omissions and commissions, regarding a tictitious, drummed up case of JU-20 I 6-000088.01 , and that all of their ACTIONS AND OMISSIONS taken against us and our baby boy were then and continue daily to be unlawful, illegal, criminal and tortious.

    29. We AFFIRM that we KNOW that Due Process is an inalienable. Federally Protected, Constitutionally guaranteed right of the people of America, protected by the unrepealed 5th Amendment and 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution and decades of unovertumed supporting. Supreme Court case law.

    30. We AFFIRM That we are two of the people of America, and thereby were and are recipients of said inalienable birth rights of Due Process, among all the rest of the enumerated and unenumerated rights that we possess.


    31. We therefore accuse and charge each of the following people, Melody Walker, Rachel Israel, Stacey Jackson, Leslie Smith, Kristen Alex Martin, Adrienne Cash, Chuck Haworth, Allison J. Miller, Tony Hamlin and the three acting police officers, names unknown at this time, individually and personally, with the following Alabama State crimes committed against us and our baby boy: one count each of violating ALABAMA KIDNAPPING, 13A·6·43, as our baby is less than 18 years old and was taken without our consent, without drugs being found in his blood stream, without probable cause of any past, present or pending criminal acts having been committed by us, declared in a sworn affidavit, signed under the penalties of perjury, without mandatory law that would cause the forfeiture of our baby, without one count each of violating ALABAMA AGGRAVATED THEFT, 13A·8·3, as our baby is our precious and priceless gift from YHVH and the people who took him are treating him as if he were their property, when they have no lawful right to do so. one count each of violating ALABAMA CONSPIRACY, 13A·4·3, for all actors working together, using their public servant office and powers under color of office and color of law to kidnap our baby boy without mandatory law that would cause us to forfeit our baby, without crime having already been committed by us, without any valid climinal warrants out for our arrest, without probable cause of pending crime about to be committed by us, without reasonable articulable suspicion that the baby has ever been or was then under medical emergency, under medical neglect, under medical duress, one count each of violating ALABAMA AGGRAVATED ASSAULT, 13A· 1·2 for assaulting Danielle Holm and forcing the baby from her arms, and for showing their visible deadly weapons during the kidnapping to Danielle and Christian Holm, placing us both in great fear of loss of life, liberty and property, Sworn Affidavit of Criminal Complaint, page 6 Case 1:16-cv-02036-MHH-SGC Document 1-1 Filed 12/19/16 Page 6 of 9 one count each of violating ALABAMA HATE CRIMES, 13A-5-13, for committing kidnapping by declaring that they were keeping the baby boy because of the perceived different and thus substandard or unapproved religious practices, and/or different, unapproved or substandard national origin, ethnicity or mental ability of Christian Holm and/or Danielle Holm. one count each of ALABAMA EXORTION, 13A-8-15 for extorting our baby from us under color of office and color of law, one count each of violating ALABAMA INTERFERENCE WITH CUSTODY, 13A-6-45, for interfering with Christian Holm’s and Danielle Holm’s custody of our baby boy without any law.


    32. We therefore accuse and charge each of the following people, Melody Walker, Rachel Israel, Stacey Jackson, Leslie Smith, Kristin Alex Martin, Allison J. Miller, Tony Hamlin, Adrienne Cash, Chuck Haworth individually and personally, with the following crimes committed against us and our baby boy:

    one count each of being a Principal in this Conspiracy, using their delegated public servant powers using color of office and color of law in violation of 18 USC § 2,

    one count each of Misprision of Felony for failing to report the Federal Felonies of each of the other kidnappers that were committed by those other people against us in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 4,

    one count each of operating a Continuing Financial Crimes Enterprise by fraudulently kidnapping children and placing them into foster and adoption homes without law, without crime having been committed by us, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 225, hiding within the construct of a Department of Human Resources shell,

    one count each of Federal Deprivation of Rights, by working with all of the other accused criminals in a Conspiracy against Rights against us in violation of 18 U.S.c. § 241,

    one count each of Federal Deprivation of Rights under Color of Law, a Constitutionally protected, inalienable Right, against us, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 242,

    one count each of Federal Conspiracy to unlawfully charge us with false offenses that do not exist, with the knowing, willing participation of each of the other actors, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 371,

    one count each of Federal Extortion by Officers or Employees of the United States by their extortion of us to keep out baby boy in violation of 18 U.S.c. § 872,

    one count each of Federal Receiving the proceeds of extortion of the Holm’s in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 880,

    one count each of Federal Falsification of a Material Fact against Christian Holm, Danielle Holm and our baby boy in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1001,

    one count each of filing false Federal Official certificates or writings against Christian Holm, Danielle Holm, and our baby boy in violation of 18 U.S.c. § 1018,

    one count each of operating Federal Frauds and Swindles against Christian Holm, Danielle Holm, and our baby boy, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1341,

    one count each of Federal Attempt and Conspiracy against Christian Holm, Danielle Holm and our baby boy, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1349,

    one count of Federal Falsification of Records for knowingly altering, concealing, covering up, falsifying, or making a false entry in any record, document, with the intent to impede, obstruct, or influence the investigation or proper administration of any matter within the jurisdiction of any department or agency of the United States or in relation to or contemplation of any such matter or case, against us or our baby boy, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1519,

    one count each of Federal Peonage. by unlawfully participating in the taking of the human body of our baby boy against our will, (kidnapping) and placing him into what would be a lifetime of bondage and labor in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1581,

    one count each of Forced Labor, by knowingly providing or obtaining the future labor or services of our baby boy by means of force, threats of force, physical restraint, threats of physical restraint, by means of threats of serious harm, by means of threatening abuse of law or legal process, by means of operating a scheme, plan or pattern intended to cause Christian Holm and Danielle Holm to believe that if they did not acquiesce to the demands of the rogue agents using color of office and color of law, that either Christian Holm and or Danielle Holm or our baby boy would suffer some serious harm or physical restraint, and by knowingly benifitting, financially or by receiving anything of value from participation in a scheme which has engaged or will continue to engage in the providing or obtaining of labor or services of us and our baby boy by these above means, in violation of 18 U.S.c. § 1589,

    one count each of Hobbs Act violations for obtaining property (our wonderful baby boy) under color of official right depriving us of interstate commerce in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1951,

    one count each of Engaging in monetary transactions in property (our baby boy) derived from specified unlawful activity (the kidnapping) by alleging false charges that cannot lawfully exist or be charged against us, and then seizing our live, healthy baby boy directly therefrom. converting him to the ownership of the corporate State of Alabama and/or the United States, from which they are either directly or indirectly paid, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1957.



    Christian Holm
    Danielle Holm


    • Someone in the # free baby holm group posted page 3 of 6
      in the exhibits from the Holm federal filing.

      Sample of comments from that public list, in response to
      what seemed to be a legitimate question (unrelated to my posting here):


      I wouldn’t think PERSONAL INFO like this should be posted.


      I don’t either. The baby was removed based off lies.
      So many people want to argue and judge them for the sake of
      attention and they were just handed a document full of lies
      to go and spread them places we may not see.


      Where did someone find this documentation to post it?


      Some woman whom I do not know at all sent this to me in a
      private message and she hasn’t responded back to me yet her
      name is Amy Benefield. I don’t know her intentions at all.


      I would like to know where Amy Benefield got this document as well.


      Has someone posted the full petition and if so where is it?
      I can’t find it within the group.



      – RLBaty

  5. Is Christian Holm a deadbeat dad?

    I report, you decide.

    His wife, Danielle, a bit ticked off, states in a #freebabyholm public group
    message the following, in responding to someone else trying to figure out
    some of the factual details that have become muddled.

    The language suggests it is Danielle even though it was posted
    using Christian’s FaceBook ID.

    (Begin quote.)

    To answer your question
    Christian has a 12 year old son who lives with his grandmother.

    It is a BOLD FACED LIE that he LOST custody.

    That never happened.

    Perfect example of the twisting done within CPS.

    His son just lives with his grandmother because him and his
    sons mother split up.

    Just like every other “divorce” case or separation case,
    etc….he saw his son on weekends and during the week.


    (End quote.)

  6. Baby Holm ORDER in Federal Case

    Text of Order in the Federal Baby Holm Case

    Case No: 1:16-cv-02036-MHH-SGC (Filed December 22, 2016)




    Attorney General of the State of Alabama,


    In their continuing effort to compel the Alabama Department of Human Resources (DHR) to return their infant son to them, plaintiffs Christian and Danielle Holm filed an emergency petition for a writ of habeas corpus in this court on December 19, 2016.

    According to the habeas petition and the documents that the Holms supplied in support of their petition, DHR took their infant from them in the hospital on October 11, 2016, one day after he was born.

    The Holms explain that since then, they have tried to no avail to obtain a remedy through the state court system.

    The Holms allege that the Attorney General of the State of Alabama and the other state actors involved in this case have violated Baby Holm’s constitutional right to due process, and they seek relief in federal court pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 2254.

    To better explain the posture of this case, the Court sets forth the details that appear in the record before it.


    Mrs. Holm alleges that she is a direct descendant of the Native American Mik-Maq Indian Tribe. (Doc. 1, ¶ 14).

    According to the Holms, the Mik-Maq Indian Tribe is federally recognized. (Doc. 1, ¶ 14).

    On October 10, 2016, Ms. Holm gave birth to a baby boy at Anniston Regional Medical Hospital. (Doc. 1-2, p. 3; see also Doc. 1, pp. 1, 8–9).

    The Holms allege that they initially “wanted to birth out in nature, and after two days of labor, we decided to err on the side of safety to protect the baby’s health and allow Hospital birth.” (Doc. 1, ¶ 51). The Holms assert that Baby Holm is a healthy baby boy. (Doc. 1, p. 1; Doc. 1-1, ¶ 3). They contend that their infant son never has been “in any medical neglect, nor any medical harm, nor any contact with anyone who threatened to harm him or any other minor, nor any contact with anyone who has ever been adjudicated as a potential danger to him.” (Doc. 1, ¶ 25).

    Mr. and Mrs. Holm allege that it is customary for Native Americans to have some time with their babies before naming them. The Holms contend that they chose to exercise this “cultural and religious right protected by the First Amendment” and chose not to name their infant son immediately. (Doc. 1, ¶¶ 13– 14).

    But not long after their son’s birth, the Holms allege, hospital staff at Anniston Regional tried to force them to name their baby. (Doc. 1, ¶ 16). In addition, members of the hospital staff tried to “induce and coerce” the Holms into applying for a Social Security Number for Baby Holm. (Doc. 1, ¶ 16). The Holms contend that the Social Security Administration’s “Enumeration-at-Birth Program” is voluntary, and they did not have to apply for a Social Security Number for their newborn son. (Doc. 1, ¶¶ 16–18).

    The Holms assert that someone at the hospital called the Anniston Police Department to report the Holms’ failure to apply for a Social Security Number for Baby Holm.

    While Baby Holm was with his mother in the hospital on October 11, 2016 at 4:30 p.m., Anniston police officers took Baby Holm from Mrs. Holm and placed him in DHR’s custody. (Doc. 1-2, p. 3; Doc. 1-1, ¶¶ 16, 19).

    According to the Holms, the officers and hospital staff physically restrained and threatened Mrs. Holm as the officers left the hospital with Baby Holm. (Doc. 1-1, ¶ 16).

    It is not clear from the record when DHR obtained a state court order authorizing the agency to take custody of Baby Holm. Although the state court order contains a handwritten notation that indicates that the state court judge signed the order on October 11, 2016 at 3:20 p.m. (Doc. 1-2, p. 2), according to another handwritten note, DHR did not file its petition for custody with the state circuit court until 5:18 p.m. (Doc. 1-2, p. 3), and the state court order was filed electronically in the state clerk’s office at 5:24 p.m. (Doc. 1-2, p. 2).

    The DHR petition states that “the child has been subjected to abuse or neglect,” that Mr. and Mrs. Holm were “unable or unwilling to discharge their responsibilities for the child,” and that Baby Holm was “in need of the care and protection of the state” because Mr. and Mrs. Holm were homeless, had lost custody of another child, and were possibly involved in a drug cartel. (Doc. 1-2, p. 3).

    The Holms contend that state officials have no reason to believe that they (the Holms) “would potentially . . . harm or neglect” Baby Holm. (Doc. 1-1, ¶ 9). The Holms attest that they have no criminal history; there are no pending warrants for their arrest; and they are not drug users or drug addicts. (Doc. 1-1 ¶¶ 8–11). The Holms contend that they simply wish to raise their child in natural surroundings as they see fit. (Doc. 1, ¶ 49).

    For religious and cultural reasons, the Holms prefer a secluded life. (Doc. 1, ¶ 51).

    Originally, the Holms planned to bring their baby home to live with them in a tent at Cheaha State Park in Alabama. (Doc. 1, ¶ 48). According to the Holms, in the tent, they had “sufficient cold-weather gear, camp bedding, . . . cold weather clothing, . . . [and] plenty of baby clothing and diapers.” (Doc. 1, ¶ 48).

    And then, on the day Baby Holm was born, a friend gave the Holms a camper which the Holms have placed on private property. (Doc. 1, ¶¶ 49, 52).

    In the order authorizing DHR to take custody of Baby Holm, the state circuit court set a hearing in the state court case on October 13, 2016. Mr. and Mrs. Holm report that they attended that hearing and every other proceeding that has been set in the state circuit court action.

    Counsel for DHR has explained that the original presiding judge began a trial in the state court proceedings on December 4, 2016, and the trial continued on December 15, 2016 and December 20, 2016. On December 20, 2016, the presiding judge recused from the case.

    Counsel for DHR has indicated that no judge was assigned to the case as of December 21, 2016.

    Thus, there is no immediate end in sight in the state court proceedings.

    In their habeas petition, Mr. and Mrs. Holm allege that they believe that they “have no further ability, under any State of Alabama law, to raise, by any available procedure, the question presented herein in any State of Alabama court” (Doc. 1, ¶ 26), but Mr. Holm concedes that he and his wife have not filed a request for relief in one of Alabama’s appellate courts (namely either the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals or the Alabama Supreme Court).


    Under 28 U.S.C. § 2254, a “person in custody pursuant to a judgment of a State court” may seek a writ of habeas corpus from a federal district court “on the ground that he is in custody in violation of the Constitution or laws or treaties of the United States.” 28 U.S.C. § 2254(a).

    To be “in custody” within the meaning of § 2254, the United States Supreme Court has historically required that a petitioner suffer “substantial restraints” on his liberty “as a result of a state-court criminal conviction.” Lehman v. Lycoming Cty. Children’s Servs. Agency, 458 U.S. 502, 510 (1982).

    The typical habeas corpus petitioner is a prisoner who wishes to challenge his conviction. See id. at 508.

    In a handful of cases, the United States Supreme Court has extended the remedy to petitioners who were not “actually in the physical custody of the State.” Id. However, the petitioners in each of these cases, like prisoners, “suffered substantial restraints not shared by the public generally.” Id. at 510.

    Consistent with its view that § 2254 requires a deprivation of liberty, the United States Supreme Court has never held that habeas corpus may be invoked to challenge state-court decisions regarding parental rights or child custody. See Lehman, 458 U.S. at 510–11 (explaining that a child who is seized pursuant to a state court order and placed in a foster home is “not in the ‘custody’ of the State in the sense in which that term has been used by this Court in determining the availability of the writ of habeas corpus”).

    Such children, though separated from their parents, “are not prisoners,” and “suffer no unusual restraints not imposed on other children.” Lehman, 458 U.S. at 511.

    Thus, the Supreme Court has instructed, “extending [habeas corpus] to challenges to state child custody decisions—challenges based on alleged constitutional defects collateral to the actual custody decision—would be an unprecedented expansion of the jurisdiction of the lower federal courts.” Id. at 512.

    According to the Supreme Court in Lehman:

    The considerations in a child-custody case are quite different from those present in any prior case in which this Court has sustained federal-court jurisdiction under § 2254. The federal writ of habeas corpus, representing as it does a profound interference with state judicial systems and the finality of state decisions, should be reserved for those instances in which the federal interest in individual liberty is so strong that it outweighs federalism and finality concerns.

    Id. at 515–16.

    There is nothing in the Holms’ emergency petition or the attachments to it that suggest that extreme circumstances exist in the state court custody proceedings that would create a basis for an exception to the broad general rule that the Supreme Court stated in Lehman. (1)

    Accordingly, to the extent that the Holms seek relief in this federal action under § 2254, the Court denies the Holms’ petition. (2)

    Footnote 1:

    In his dissent in Lehman, Justice Blackmun suggested that, under “extreme circumstances,” a federal court may issue a writ of habeas corpus to “secure a child’s release from state custody” if, for example, the child is subjected to conditions constituting a “struggle for liberty by one imprisoned under the aegis of the state.” Lehman v. Lycoming Cty. Children’s Servs. Agency, 458 U.S. 502, 519 n. 5 (1982) (Blackmun, J., dissenting). The Holms have not alleged that their child has suffered any such restraints on his liberty while in state custody.

    Footnote 2:

    In addition to requiring a deprivation of liberty, § 2254 states that “[a]n application for a writ of habeas corpus . . . shall not be granted unless it appears that . . . the applicant has exhausted the remedies available in the courts of the State.” 28 U.S.C. § 2254(b)(1). An applicant who “has the right, under the law of the State to raise, by any available procedure, the question presented[,]” has not exhausted his state-court remedies. Id. at § 2254(c). Because the Holms are still in the process of litigating their claims in state court and they may present their due process and First Amendment arguments in state court, it does not appear that they have exhausted their state-court remedies as § 2254 requires. Thus, even if the Holms had alleged that the state subjected their baby to significant restraints on his liberty, the standard for habeas relief would compel the Court to stay this habeas action until the Holms exhausted their state remedies. To exhaust their state remedies, the Holms would have to seek appellate relief, either through an appeal of a final judgment pursuant to Rule 4 of the Alabama Rules of Appellate Procedure or through an extraordinary writ pursuant to Rule 21 of the Alabama Rules of Appellate Procedure.

    The Court will not dismiss the action yet because it will consider whether there is any alternative basis for federal jurisdiction.

    The Court has conducted initial research into the jurisdictional implications of Mrs. Holm’s contention that she and her son are descendants of the federally-recognized Mik-Maq Native American tribe. (Doc. 1, ¶ 14).

    To date, the Court has located no authority which would, as a result of such status, provide a basis for the exercise of federal jurisdiction.

    Even if the Court were to treat the Holms’ habeas petition as a § 1983 action, the Court strongly doubts that there would be an exception to the Rooker-Feldman doctrine that would permit a federal court to act while state court proceedings are ongoing.

    As the Supreme Court has stated, “federal courts consistently have shown special solicitude for state interests in the field of family [] arrangements.” Lehman, 458 U.S. at 512 (citation and internal quotation marks omitted).3

    Footnote 3:

    The Court decided to issue this opinion before resolving conclusively all of the jurisdictional issues to give the Holms as much information as possible before the holiday break.


    The Court sincerely wishes there were a Christmas miracle that the Court could perform to resolve this child custody matter once and for all.

    The Court heard the pain in the voices of Mr. and Mrs. Holm and recognizes the concern for Baby Holm of everyone involved.

    This would be a deeply sad situation at any time, but it feels particularly wrenching during the holidays.

    The Court wishes it could do more, but the Holms’ best option is to continue their efforts to exhaust their state court remedies.

    this December 22, 2016.


  7. Alabama State Statutes Reference

    (Begin excerpts.)

    Acts 1977, No. 607, p. 812, §2211.)Section 13A-6-45

    Section 13A-6-45

    Interference with custody.

    (a) A person commits the crime of interference
    with custody if he knowingly takes or entices:

    (1) Any child under the age of 18 from the lawful
    custody of its parent, guardian or other lawful

    (b) A person does not commit a crime under this
    section if the actor’s sole purpose is to assume
    lawful control of the child.

    (End excerpts.)

    That probably won’t impress the Holm parents or their promoters.


  8. Here’s an on-line report on Al Thompson’s tax evasion convictions:

    The same picture of him featured in that article is featured on the
    Al Thompson FaceBook page of the fellow prominently posting sovcit
    williness on the #freebabyholm FaceBook group, with apparent approval
    from the parents of the child in question and the page administrator
    Jonathan Payton.


    • (Excerpt)

      Mr. Thompson’s attitude, and that of other protestors,
      brings to mind a story we heard about a federal district
      judge here in Des Moines. The judge, goes the story, was
      told by a pro se tax protestor that he didn’t have
      jurisdiction to try the case — that somehow he wasn’t
      a “real” judge. The judge is said to have replied to this

      Well, perhaps you don’t believe I am a judge.
      But the man behind you is a federal marshall.
      He thinks I’m a judge.
      The bailiffs think I am a judge.
      The appeals court and the Supreme Court think I am a judge.
      And the warden at the penitentiary thinks I am a judge.
      As long as they think so, it doesn’t really matter that you don’t.

      The judge believes the IRS correctly applied the law, too.


  9. Anna Maria Weaver has now taken up the misguided Baby Holm cause:

    She posted the following unverified and rather sparse account of the recent Holm history.
    Even what is given is not particularly accurate.

    Dated: December 26, 2016
    Time: 2:00 AM MT

    (Begin quote.)

    Meet Christian and Danielle Holm. They met 2 1/2 years ago.
    Months later in August 2015, they moved to New Hampshire together.

    They decided to try to live as biblically as possible, and that meant
    getting rid of all their personal items, and setting off on a journey.

    They recently left their car in storage and set off on foot.

    They traveled about 5 miles a day, to over 30 different churches,
    sharing their LOVE with others.

    The beautiful couple also got married and were expecting!!

    In early October, they arrived at Cheaha State Park in Alabama.

    There they gave birth to a beautiful, healthy 7 lb. 5 oz. baby boy
    on October 10, 2016 at 6:53 A.M.

    Christian and Danielle asked to speak with the social workers to
    make sure they were within the law with their lifestyle choices
    for their child.

    After they had spoken with the social worker, in comes DHR, asking
    them tons of questions, including asking for identification.

    They then state that they are going to take the baby because of the
    couples belief that “Man’s creation is destroying God’s creation”.

    Christian and Danielle also refused a social security number and birth
    certificate, along with any and all vaccines.

    DHR said that their view was “Dangerous”.

    DHR states they had reason to believe Christian and Danielle weren’t
    who they say they were.

    They were accusing Christian and Danielle Holm of being human traffickers
    and drug smugglers. This was quickly shown false as they provided 3 kinds
    of identification to DHR proving they were not the people they were
    mistaking them as.

    That didn’t matter.

    The police came and took their baby boy out of his mothers arms at 4:30 P.M.
    on November 11th, 2016.

    This couple has now been fighting for their child for 2 months.

    They have peacefully protested for 2 months.

    They have had a handful of AMAZING people show up to support them, and
    peacefully protest with them.

    They have not broken ANY LAWS.







    (End quote.)

  10. Here’s the text of the posting from Jonathan Payton that was removed by
    FaceBook and resulted in Jonathan Payton getting a 24-hour FaceBook ban:

    (Begin quote.)

    Leslie Driver Smith of Cleburne County DHS,

    I hope you are enjoying the holidays with your FAMILY
    while these two loving parents are experiencing nothing
    but heartache at the hands of your evil.

    I have talked to numerous people who have told me
    their stories of dealing with you at DHS and let me tell
    you none of them have been good.

    From foster parents, parents, and ex employees, all the
    stories resonate the same basis.

    Let me tell you some of the locals have been more than
    willing to tell me everything about you and it’s time to
    do what’s right!

    You know these parents are no danger to their baby and
    if you continue down the path you are taking I will do
    everything in my power to get you removed from your

    There are plenty of unethical things you have been caught
    doing and if you don’t start doing what is right, a lot of it
    is about to start coming out.

    It’s way past time for a call to Montgomery with the
    mountains of illegal and unethical activity I have against
    you personally.

    Some of the things you have done, you definitely don’t
    need to be in charge of someone else’s family!!!

    (End quote.)

    Sounds like just the sort of thing FaceBook would not approve!

    The Holm promoters are recirculating the post on FaceBook with the name of Leslie Driver Smith being changed to “The Problem”.

    Maybe that will work for them.
    Maybe not.

  11. Considerable controversy arose on the #freebabyholm public FaceBook group this evening,
    in response to questions being raised about the parents’ religious beliefs and other
    matters. Quite a firestorm.

    In connection therewith, the following message was posted, deleted, and then a screen
    shot of the message was reposted by someone else.

    It should be self-explanatory and is now an important part of the public record.

    (Begin quote.)

    Hi Amy, you don’t know me,but I am Danielle Holm’s mom!

    I have been reading things without the knowledge of my
    daughter because I love her and my heart aches for her!

    It is between you and I that I am contacting you!

    Danielle called me hysterical crying the day after the
    baby was born to go there and get him because he was taken!

    Unfortunately I knew that was going to happen and I did warn
    her before the birth if she kept talking crazy the baby would
    be taken!

    I even had my pastor call them at the hospital to talk to them
    even though she wanted no part of a Pastor talking to her!

    He said Christian had him on speaker phone and he tried talking
    to them!

    And he prayed with them before hanging up!

    What Danielle doesn’t know is the Social Worker had found me
    on Facebook and asked me to call her! I did and my heart was
    breaking she asked me tons of questions and asked me what
    Danielle’s religion was!

    I said I have no idea but it’s not anything I believe!

    I asked her about me getting the baby and she said it takes
    a very long time and I would have to go there have interviews,
    background checks and on and on.

    I live in Florida and my health has not been that good lately
    so it was not an option for me!

    In the meantime Danielle contacted my other daughter and told
    her that she was done with me and she wrote crazy things all
    over my fb page and I had to block her!

    It broke my heart but none of it is my fault!

    I pray for her everyday non stop and so do people from my church!

    My other daughter was also contacted by the social worker and the
    social worker asked her if I was on drugs or unstable and my
    daughter said absolutely not so Danielle has been lying to them
    about me!

    I don’t understand it at all!

    I noticed she has been lying that she has three bachelors degrees
    and she only has one and she tells everyone she was an RN at a
    hospital and she wasn’t she was a nursing assistant for a short time!

    As her mother I have been beside myself and even had counseling
    with my Pastor for an hour!

    As she has lost her child, I have also lost mine!

    She knows the truth and has been hanging with conspiracy
    theorists and the wrong people!

    She does not believe Jesus is God but she used to.

    She used to put down Christians all the time and pastors
    saying they teach the word of the devil!

    My pastor said they don’t make any sense the way they talk
    and they twist scripture and take it out of context!

    The social worker told me that Christian called her the devil
    to her face! It is not the way to act if you want your baby back!

    Standing on street corners is not the way to get your baby back!

    They are only making things worse for themselves!

    I have things here they both have written and they worship
    Mother Earth and want to live in nature!

    Danielle has a car that her aunt co signed for her supposedly
    in storage the last and only time Danielle has spoken to me.

    Her Aunt is praying she doesn’t get a call one day about no
    payments being made.

    She also owes her aunt 3,000.00 and to this day has not
    contacted her once regarding the baby.

    And she owes I believe close to 40,000 in student loans
    that she says she will never pay back as she has something
    against the government!

    Her aunt and myself read everything being said on the pages
    to keep informed!

    This is a horrible situation.

    The social workers took the baby because of the way they
    both were talking got them concerned for his welfare!

    They may have a lot of love for that baby but they can’t
    be walking around, no jobs, sleeping in forests or behind

    They want to see that they are stable!

    But they have been showing otherwise by fighting the system!
    I’m still praying for them and saw what you wrote and wanted
    to personally thank you!

    I know God is watching out for Danielle and I will have to
    leave it in his hands!

    I would like to remain incognito as Danielle has heartbreakingly
    cut ties with both me and her sister now!

    At least for now I can watch from a distance!

    Sorry this is so long!

    Please do not mention me to anyone on that page it’s between you and I!

    I need to know what is going on and this is the only way!

    They are not CHRISTIANS but I am!

    My pastor said they talk kooky!

    He said it almost sounds cultish to him!

    The people following them are either highly fooled or just as crazy as them!

    So sad

    (End quote.)

  12. Danielle Holm, the child’s mother, has now fired back with the following narrative:

    (Begin quote.)

    All truth will be revealed….this is Danielle.

    As I write this, I try and come at this with love and with humility in my heart and
    breathe through the betrayal I feel currently.

    Christian and I both feel it is important to allow ALL comments on here so that we
    can all try and see the truth through the darkness.

    I will start by saying, I have never EVER had a good relationship with my mother.

    She will deny this to her death because she has had a painful life, being betrayed
    by her own mother and she does not know how to deal with the denial of her own

    My sister will also deny this, because she also has pain she carries and she backs
    up my mother who I have had a rough time relating to my entire life.

    My sister was born when I was 10 years old.
    I loved her and still do, dearly.
    This does not mean I am not disappointed in her.

    I feel sick as I write this, because I have never felt so much betrayal in all of
    my life than I do right now when my son, their grandson and nephew are involved.

    My mother was a single parent and she claims to have done “the best she could”,
    but I saw day after day HER getting abused by my sisters father who was drunk
    every night and my mother was on anti-depressants and when she WAS home was
    stuck in bed crying from depression.

    For that, I took care of my sister.
    I would rush home from school and watch my sister.
    Bathe her, feed her, play with her, watch TV with her….
    keep her away from her drunk father, etc

    I never had weekends with friends and if I wanted to do something with a
    friend I had to find a babysitter for my sister.

    This was my entire highschool years…..She seems to currently forget all
    I sacrificed to love her as a child.

    My mother seems to forget all I did to help her take care of her own child
    so she could continue being selfish and live her own life.

    Her addictions got the best of her and I am sorry to say this, but truth is
    truth and I did not have a nurturing, nourishing, affectionate, loving mother.

    I had a very selfish mother… A mother that told me I was ugly without makeup
    and that I looked like a witch. No man would ever want to be with me without makeup.

    The mother that sat next to me while I put on makeup telling me I was so pretty
    with makeup as though thats all that mattered to her.

    I was quiet, lonely, sad, missed my dad who was married to someone who hated
    me because of my relationship with my dad until she destroyed that relationship,
    and all I ever wanted was love.

    I only got this love from GOD.

    My mother will claim she was loving, caring, protective. I promise you she was
    not .

    This is not an opinion.
    THis is a fact.

    I hadnt spoken to my mother in years because I was sick of the betrayal and
    the hurt.

    She claims to know me.
    She doesnt.

    She does not know the schooling I have had or the degrees I carry or even
    the jobs I have had.

    I kept her out of my life for a good long while because I was sick of her
    doing this to me.

    And now she continues with her own grandson at stake.
    Her husband defends her.
    My own sister who I loved more than anything defends her.
    I am sure at this point, my aunt defends her.

    Everyone around her defends her because she is a “christian” who goes
    to church multiple times per week and sings songs to God in a choir.

    She MUST not be a liar.

    She is a DEVOUT christian who claims JESUS JESUS JESUS but thinks my
    husband (who she met for 5 minutes one time) is CRAZY for traveling
    by foot and living biblically and following Jesus and “bringing me
    down with him”.

    I asked her if Christian and I could stay with with them in Florida
    for a little while (when I found out I was pregnant, I TRIED having
    a reltionship with her YET AGAIN) and she said her new husband
    (not mine or my sisters father) “did not want another MAN in the house”.

    This was her SON IN LAW…..and she knew we were pregnant with her
    FIRST GRANDSON….this is because she believes living biblically is

    When our son was ripped off of my chest as he was breastfeeding, I
    panicked, and I did what anyone would do…I called the first person
    I thought of that SHOULD console me….my own MOTHER.

    I thought, if anything would make her compassionate it will be
    THIS….her FIRST GRANDSON….Boy, was I WRONG. She did not care.
    She says she loves. Love is action. She says she cares. I BEGGED
    her to come to ALabama and get our baby from them….she said no,
    her husband would not want that.

    And since her husband is Christian and the head of the household,
    what he says goes….she couldnt make the 6 hour drive from where
    she was.

    She stopped calling me.

    I havent spoken to her since the day they took him.

    INstead she speaks to the people who stole our baby for no reason
    at all. Instead she called her pastor to call us. He spoke to
    Christian because I was too distraught.

    My baby was taken just hours before this. Christian talked to him
    about following Jesus and walking the earth. He called us “kooky”
    to my mother.

    Caseworkers called my mother AND sister and I have the transcripts
    from these calls. We got them last week. I sat there, reading these
    transcripts from my own family who I gave up my life for as a child
    to take care of and they talked to the people who stole our child
    saying I was married to a crazy man and that I am brainwashed and
    that I need mental health counseling and that our child should be

    When asked if SHE would take him she SAID NO.

    Can you imagine the betrayal??

    She has lied about me my whole life.

    She has hated on me my whole life and she cries wolf to people claiming
    to love me.

    Her grandson has been taken and she doesnt care.

    I am in pain.
    The love I feel for my son, I could NEVER do this to him.

    I love that little boy and this cycle must stop.

    I will never betray or turn my back on my son especially if he has done
    nothing wrong and his life is being destroyed by others’ lies. I do have
    forgiveness in my heart, and I do love all. I love my mother and I love
    my sister who lies and backs her up…but I will never be okay with
    their destruction that they continue to wreak havoc on my life.

    I love all life and I know it is within the person when the darkness
    consumes them.


    I am sorry to say this child will never know his grandparents or his
    blood family.

    For those who chose to truly follow Christ are our family now. We love
    all, but we do what is right and at the end of the day, truth will be

    (End quote.)

  13. Susan Bender and I were, I thought, getting a long rather well considering she came to the discussion from
    a somewhat uninformed position and one which was quite supportive of the misguided Holm cause. However,
    this morning Susan showed a bit of her true colors as the discussion deteriorated and came to an end.

    From Private Exchange via FaceBook Messaging.

    Susan Bender Personal Page:
    Susan Bender Religion Page:
    Susan Bender Business Page:

    From: Robert Baty
    Date: Tuesday, December 27, 2016
    Time: 10:03 AM

    Just had a brief exchange with Sherrie Saunders and
    she’s talking about getting me back on her show after
    the first of the year.

    Maybe it will happen.

    We’ll see.


    From: Robert Baty
    Date: Tuesday, December 27, 2016
    Time: 10:03 AM

    P.S. – I also noticed that Payton took his #freebabyholm group
    underground. You now have to join to view the discussions.

    I guess it was something I said.

    A number of my adversaries over the years have chosen to go
    underground like that instead of have open, honest conversations.


    From: Susan Bender
    Date: Tuesday, December 27, 2016
    Time: 10:47 AM

    I’m unaware of what’s going on as to your reference to the group you
    mentioned above. Back to work for me today. Praying that all goes well
    in the days to come and quickly.


    From: Robert Baty
    Date: Tuesday, December 27, 2016
    Time: 11:44 AM

    No problem.

    Let me know if anything develops as to the prospect of the radio show.


    From: Susan Bender
    Date: Tuesday, December 27, 2016
    Time: 11:47 AM

    We’re not interested in your perspective at this time – thx


    From: Robert Baty
    Date: Tuesday, December 27, 2016
    Time: 11:49 AM


    You got my number in case you want to properly inform your
    audience that there is “another side” to the story.


    From: Susan Bender
    Date: Tuesday, December 27, 2016
    Time: 11:54 AM

    We will be properly informing when the time is right.

    You have no interest in the case as far as we can tell so unless
    you’re a player in the game by invitation of the judge or witnesses,
    we’re not interested. For an outsider, you truly are biased and
    without just cause that I can see of. But then since you’re from
    the area, you probably have kin who are involved. You and any info
    you have are inadmissible as far as we’re concerned.

    Plz don’t contact me again.


    From: Robert Baty
    Date: Tuesday, December 27, 2016
    Time: 11:56 AM

    That’s a rather lame excuse, but not unexpected.


    From: Susan Bender
    Date: Tuesday, December 27, 2016
    Time: 11:56 AM

    Well then off you go.


    From: Robert Baty
    Date: Tuesday, December 27, 2016
    Time: 11:57 AM

    Yep, but maybe we will meet again and have some
    issue of mutual interest to discuss.


    From: Susan Bender
    Date: Tuesday, December 27, 2016
    Time: 11:57 AM

    Such as?
    Stop wasting my time plz.


    From: Robert Baty
    Date: Tuesday, December 27, 2016
    Time: 11:58 AM

    Bye, Bye!


  14. Cowardly Jonathan Payton posted the following in the now closed #FreeBabyHolm FaceBook group!

    From: Jonathan Payton, Administrator
    Venue: #FreeBabyHolm FaceBook Group
    Date: December 27, 2016

    I just wanted to let everyone know that up until last night I haven’t
    personally deleted anything anybody posted within the group other
    than the ROBERT BATY posts in the very beginning.

    Even this decision was done under the direction of the Holms and
    I agreed it was in their best interest at the time.

    I just wanted to let everyone know FaceBook themselves have been
    very active within this group and deleting things as they see fit.

    Ask yourself for what reasons.

    I am a firm believer in letting peoples’ opinions be heard but at the
    end of the day I created this group as a support group.

    The negative people have been posting things based on hearsay from
    family members and others.

    The vendetta that family members hold can be a driving factor in their

    People have quickly rallied to the Holms’ side in every situation which
    is a testament to the feelings and understanding of what the people
    in this group believe and want to support.

    I have spent a good portion of my life lately trying to help the Holms in
    the best way I see fit.

    I didn’t mind spending the time away from my family when the outcome
    was motivated toward good.

    Recently the time has been about defending someone else’s decisions
    in life and this is not why this group was begun.

    Focus on the positive in the situation, people coming together for a
    common goal.

    Rebuilding the family that was torn apart illegally is the root cause.

    You may not agree with everything the Holms have chose in their
    lives, but that is not what is up for debate here.

    Laws have been broken and procedures have not been followed.

    You either side with what is just under the law or act out against it.

    At the end of the day it is up for each individual to decide.

    All I’m saying is I have made the changes in my life that have allowed
    me to live my life with more positivity and I hope I can lead by

    Others recognize truth when they see it and that truth doesn’t require
    any defense.

    Don’t focus in the negative of everything in your life or others, focus
    on the positivity that is all around us.

    After speaking with the Holms we have changed to group to closed
    and they are now admins.

    I will definitely continue to support the Holms in every way possible
    but my part in building this group is finished.

    The direction it goes from here is all up to you.


  15. This story is from the U.K. but would seem to have application to the Baby Holm case:


    There is a limited range of either quantitative or qualitative evidence
    on violence against social care and Cafcass staff.

    However, a recent study by Community Care magazine suggests that in 2014,
    85% of social workers were assaulted, harassed or abused in the course
    of their work.

    Violence against social workers and Cafcass staff is often regarded as
    “just part of the job”, but at what point does offending behaviour
    become harassment and what remedies are available?

    (End excerpt.)

  16. I have removed the following announcement from the top of the page.
    The group has now been made public again, apparently for fund-raising
    and public relations purposes.

    (News UPDATE December 27, 2016 9:15 AM MT – I just checked and it appears I can take a little credit for having compelled Jonathan Payton to take his #FreeBabyHolm FaceBook group underground.  You now have to join the group to view the discussions.  The promoters, it would appear, are on the ropes.  I guess they “can’t handle the truth”! – RLBaty)

    – From: Deborah Henderson
    – To: Ernie Land
    – Date: May 4, 2017
    – Time: 7:00 AM MT

    – (excerpt)

    – …I warned Brady to not file that insane declaration
    – on the Baby Holm case, I told him it would piss off
    – the judge, which it did, so they lost full visitation for
    – five weeks over it.
    I didn’t see any indication in what Deborah has been posting that Ernie Land ever responded to or otherwise dealt with the Brady Byrum/BabyHolm issue.
    For Ernie Land’s announcement of Brady’s secret involvement in the Baby Holm case, see:

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