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GREG J DIXON – False Witness Called To Testify For Kent Hovind!

So many issues, so I get to pick one, and I picked this one to highlight in this post.

Jman exe (an anonymous and cowardly surrogate for Kent Hovind who showed up in the comments section of a popular YouTube video broadcast by Bertus Den Droef at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EC5TLO4Itqo) really seemed interested in it, and kept asking, while refusing to open his eyes to and acknowledge and deal with my responses:

– “3. You claim Dr.. Greg Dixon was shady,
– send evidence as to why.”

My Proposition #8

One or more former Indianapolis Baptist Temple buildings
were bulldozed
by the federal government after court ordered seizure.

– Greg Dixon: Affirm
– Kent Hovind: Affirm

– Robert Baty: Deny

Kent Hovind has effectively made that claim an important part of his life-long pledge to fight our Government.

You can hear Kent Hovind’s own words affirming such a thing at:

– “The IRS tore his (Greg Dixon’s) church down.”

— Kent Hovind

You can read Greg J. Dixon’s own words about it at:


– “I (Greg J. Dixon) was there in 2001 when
– at the orders of the IRS
– and
– U.S. Justice Department
– they bulldozed down our church auditorium in Indianapolis.”

— Greg J. Dixon

OK, so Kent and Greg said it.
Some of their people believe it.
Some seem to think that settles it.

Besides their “say so”, what evidence do they present to convince us that their claim should be accepted as true?

I have not seen any.

I have been asking and asking and asking.

Maybe it was just that way.
Maybe not.

I happen to believe it was not, and after many efforts to resolve that matter, I have concluded that it is a lie that is being perpetuated by Greg and Kent as part of their overall anti-government agenda.

I do not dispute that one or more of the buildings, formerly belonging to the IBT (Indianapolis Baptist Temple) operated by Greg J. Dixon, were demolished.

My belief happens to be that the evidence will indicate that the demolition was simply part the overall building program of the new owners.

I doubt Greg or Kent will dispute the claim that the new owners demolished one or more of the buildings.

The issue remains for Kent and/or Greg to provide evidence for their claim that the IRS/Justice Department demolished one or more of the buildings.

I will gladly consider such evidence (I already have the many ipse dixit claims such as made by Kent and Greg).

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