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2 December 16

Just to fill you in on the status of the website, you may have noticed the site didn’t crash the end of November. For the past couple months, traffic to this website almost tripled.

I’ll gladly acknowledge that increase to the Andrews/Hovind confrontation, although I’m sure Hovind didn’t cause the encounter to benefit me or this website.

Maybe the increase is my reward for being victim to a couple of knuckleheads. Suffering through the BS has not been a picnic.

…we greatly appreciate all the new visitors.

I have no way of tracking who comes here, only how many and a few other minor details. But I know a lot more local folks, and people from across the United States, have been dropping in to see what’s going on, because I’ve heard from some of you.

Now, before Hovind takes a bunch of credit (like he’s known to do) for increasing our web traffic, I feel obliged to point out that many people coming here may be Hovind followers, but they don’t seem to be Hovind fans.

These folks appear to follow this guy like following a drunk on the highway waiting for the crash.

I’m not trying to stir this controversy any further.

Frankly I hope I’m done with Hovind – unless something happens that’s actually newsworthy.

So to the thousands of new people checking out our website, thanks for coming to see our little corner of the world.

Conecuh County is unique in many ways.

For such a middle-of-nowhere place, we seem to draw unusual events that sometimes garner state and national attention.

That kind of stuff has been happening here since long before Hovind ever arrived.


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