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Originally Posted July 14, 2019
by Robert Baty

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David Jose Romero Watson has emerged as a player in a certain segment of the anti-government, anti-child welfare, sovereign citizen movement.

Despite the claims made for the product(s) he makes available to persons with child custody issues, he has lost his own child/ren to CPS and his highly touted techniques have failed for him.

In order to demonstrate that fact, I have prepared this article to give an account of David’s own federal district court case of which I have only today become of aware.

The Docket Record


What that shows is that despite filing 4 Complaints and a number of his highly touted “affidavits”, David’s case was dismissed WITH PREJUDICE and was not appealed.  More filings after the dismissal were disregarded by the Court (i.e., more “affidavits” and another Complaint.


David Jose ORDER



David Watson,
Mike Ives, et al.,

No. CV-17-01906-PHX-JJT


At issue is pro se Plaintiff David Watson’s Third Amended Complaint (Doc. 9).


In its prior Orders (Docs. 5, 7), the Court identified numerous fatal defects in Plaintiff’s prior Complaints (Docs. 1, 4, 6).


In the Third Amended Complaint, Plaintiff states,


“No one but the jury is to open and read this claim. Interpretation of this claim by court personnel is not required. . . . Only assistance required of court personnel are as follows: Filing Claim, Having room available for court.” (Doc. 9.)


Thereafter, Plaintiff states he is suing for Defendants for


“trespass upon his property.” (Doc. 9.)

Plaintiff does not address the defects identified by the Court in its prior Orders.

Most notably, Plaintiff does not establish that this Court has subject matter jurisdiction over his claims.


As the Court explained in an earlier Order (Doc. 5), federal courts only have jurisdiction over a limited number of cases—generally either controversies between citizens of different states (diversity jurisdiction) or under federal law (federal question jurisdiction).


It is clear from the Third Amended Complaint that no basis for federal court jurisdiction is met here.


Accordingly, the Court must dismiss this case without giving Plaintiff leave to once again amend his Complaint. Fed. R. Civ. P. 12(h)(3).


IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED that Plaintiff’s Third Amended Complaint (Doc. 9) is dismissed with prejudice for lack of subject matter jurisdiction.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the Clerk of Court is directed to enter judgment accordingly and close this case.


Dated this 2nd day of August, 2017.
Honorable John J. Tuchi
United States District Judge

Documents Filed in the David Jose Romero Watson Case

David Jose Original Complaint

David Jose First Amended Complaint

David Jose ORDER 06272017

David Jose Second Amended Complaint

David Jose ORDER 07142017

David Jose Notice 07312017

David Jose Third Amended Complaint

David Jose Notice 2 07312017

David Jose ORDER (Case Dismissed)

David Jose Clerk Judgment 08022017

David Jose Notice 01302018

David Jose Fourth Amended Complaint

David Jose Notice 02082018


Update July 23, 2019

Seems David Jose Romero Watson has a wife, and a bunch of kids, and maybe all of them have been removed by the State (review Brandi’s page below for indications of that and the fundraiser referenced below).



Update August 6, 2019

The last thing David Jose Romero Watson wants people to do is their homework, using the Internet to find out about him.  So, the cowardly, paranoid David Jose Romero Watson, as have others, warns people claiming clicking on links will result in me “hacking” into their equipment.



Update August 8, 2019

David Jose is talking about me again!

Link to clear copy of image/text below:


Update October 4, 2019

David Jose talks of Kent Hovind, himself, and Robert Baty; lamely making Kent Hovind’s excuse for refusing to face Robert Baty.


Update October 15, 2019

Links to David’s State case documents:





Update December 24, 2019

David’s related and similarly failed State Habeas Corpus case:

File Containing David’s Petition Is Below:

David Jose State Habeas Corpus 2018


Update May 10, 2020

Images of property address used by David Jose in his federal suit; allegedly, he lives there with his wife and her extended family.


Update May 12, 2020

FaceBook address of David Jose’s sister-in-law:

Link to thread on Ashley Cooper’s page where Clarizza commented:

Some FaceBook comments from Clarizza:




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