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Originally Posted August 22, 2020
By Robert Baty

Link to Ayala YouTube Video Illustrated below:

Over the years I have had a number of discussions with Presuppositionalists, with varying results.  Sye Ten Bruggencate has refused to face me.  I have had 2 somewhat formal debates with Jason Petersen.  I have, more recently, had some extended, casual discussions in the comments section of Eli’s video interview featuring Sye Ten Bruggencate.  Those discussions are archived elsewhere and may be referenced later.

Eli has yet to engage me in a serious discussions of what I see as the failings of Presuppositionalism.

I thought I would present the opportunity in this medium, and post an invitation below his most recent video illustrated above, in case he might choose to requite my love and come here to discuss relevant matters, in writing.  That discussion can proceed in the comments section below this article, if Eli chooses to meet me here.

My Invitation to Eli

I also sent an invitation via Eli’s FaceBook page as shown below!

The following exchange has taken place at:


Update August 23, 2020

From my Twitter feed at: (3 images below)


Update September 2, 2020

Go to video link for full context of discussion:

Update September 3, 2020

This should bring to a close that effort, with Eli refusing to even try to rebut my claims regarding the failures of Presuppositionalism.


Update September 5, 2020

This is kinda funny!

Eli runs from me and into the arms of J.D. Martin!

I also added comments to J.D. Martin’s FaceBook thread at:

Update September 18, 2020

Eli Ayala is keeping his promise not to face me or dare to try and challenge my fundamental evaluation of Presuppositionalism, but he’s now, even though so busy, launched a book project, and another surrogate has attempted to take up for him.

Link to latest video about his book deal:

Screenshots from comments section below that video:

Link to article about Bahnsen’s “toothpaste argument”:

I added this to the conversation at Eli’s place noted above:




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