I report, you decide.


In a broadcast today, Theo (aka Theodore Valenzuela & Theodore Valentine) made some cryptic comments that those in the know might easily conclude were in reference to Kent Hovind.


Following is the link to the broadcast and my transcription of what I considered the most relevant comments.


(Begin transcription.)
I’m going to tell you something right now.
The more the ministry grows, I’m gonna
come out full force on this specific individual.
He would write paragraphs after paragraphs,
just psychobabble to try to manipulate his
family into breaking the law for him.
He would manipulate people.
He just manipulates people to try to get
them to break the law for him, to swindle
people out of their money, the whole
nine yards.
I think you guys know who I am talking
At some point I will come out big time.
Right now, just patience.
Go after them. I implore you. I am on
your side.
These people that know what I’m talking
He would, he would literally inundate people
with just psychobabble.
There’s a lot of these people, but one specifically
that everybody thinks is just this awesome martyr
for the faith.
You went to jail for speaking the truth.
NO! He went to jail because he’s lying to you
and he’s just perfecting his lies and his
psychopathic tendencies.
For the people that watch this, that know what’s
going on, and I know your watching it.
Expose the truth. Keep going. Dig in. You are
right about who these people are…
– Theodore Valenzuela/Valentine
– April 11, 2017


Theo announces his “attack” on Kent Hovind???? — 2 Comments

  1. Dee Dahl wrote in the comments section below the video:
    Who you are talking about . . . I tried to help, and for
    a while it seemed like the right thing to do.
    I started looking for other ways to help, mostly by donating
    items (tools, padlocks, etc.). Although I sent some packages,
    there came a point where it seemed like I just could not do
    it anymore.
    Something was “up” and no longer feel into place to assist.
    It became WORK, very hard, to follow through with the ideas
    that I had to help.
    I even had planned to go and stay for a week, to help them.
    That didn’t work out either – and now I’m thankful that it didn’t.
    About the time I started having reservations, things were changing
    (behind the scenes) and the good Lord KNEW IT and kept me out of it!
    I am very selective about which ministries I help; there are so
    many that have genuine needs.
    We must have – and exercise – discernment.

  2. Nolan Fields posted a comment below the video:
    I know who you are talking about and the sooner you
    come out the better!
    It will keep people from wasting their money on a
    bankrupt, spiritually dead ministry and those same
    people can use their money on a ministry that bears
    ripe fruit.

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