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Originally Posted May 29, 2021
by Robert Baty

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From Louis DeBroux – 9:54 AM MT

Out of curiosity, since you are running for governor, and have “served” Governor Kemp with affidavits demanding a forensic audit of the 2020 ballots… are you aware that the Georgia Constitution vests sole authority for implementation and oversight of our elections with the Secretary of State, and that Governor Kemp has no jurisdiction over elections, and therefore no authority to initiate the audit which you are demanding?
I’m sure “serving” Governor Kemp makes for good campaign video, but the legal basis for this is deeply flawed.
If you want to be in line with the Georgia Constitution and statutory law, I’d suggest you ask Kemp for the affidavits back, and give them to Secretary Raffensperger instead.

From Jules Roberts – 10:07 AM MT

Louis DeBroux
He can call a special sessions.

From Louis DeBroux – 11:42 AM MT

Jules Roberts,
We’ve never met, but if you get to know me, you’ll find I’m very precise in my language. I never said that the governor can’t call special sessions. Obviously, he can. I said that the governor can’t call a special session for matters related to ELECTIONS (including the forensic audit that Kandiss is demanding), because elections fall directly under the constitutional jurisdiction of the Secretary of State, NOT the governor.
For more detail, see my comments to Kandiss below.

From David Jose – 2:44 PM MT

Louis DeBroux
he said he’s precise in language, tells one of the people to follow statute!

From Kandiss Taylor – 10:20 AM MT

Louis DeBroux
I’ve served all of them too! It isn’t about a campaign video. It isn’t about me being me running at all. It is about the elected trustees and public servants upholding the Constitution of Georgia with their sworn oath of office. Yes! He most certainly can get an audit. He is the head of the state. They all listen to him. He can call a session. He can make a public statement we need one.
It is the will of the people he swore to uphold.
I’m in line, sir.

From Louis DeBroux – 11:41 AM MT

Kandiss Taylor,
Actually, you are not “in line”. If you want to serve the people of Georgia as their governor, then at the very least you should make an effort to understand what the job entails, including what things are and are not under the constitutional jurisdiction of the governor’s powers. And since you say this is not a campaign gimmick, then I’ll assume that this is just genuine ignorance on your part.
But no, the governor can’t just “get an audit” of absentee ballots because, AGAIN, elections in Georgia do NOT fall under his constitutional jurisdiction. The only state officer legally able to initiate an audit of the ballots is the Secretary of State. The governor could file a lawsuit as a private citizen, or write an amicus brief to submit to an existing lawsuit, but he can NOT, under his own power, initiate an audit.
You seem not to be aware that Governor Kemp has publicly called for Raffensperger to submit the ballots for inspection on multiple occasions, including press conferences and press releases on November 20th, November 23rd, and December 5th. Raffensperger has not only not listened, he has refused similar entreaties from GAGOP Chairman David Shafer, members of the Georgia delegation to Congress, then-sitting U.S. Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, and countless thousands of concerned Georgians, not to mention the President of the United States.
You say that you have “served” affidavits to Raffensperger as well, which is good. At least you actually “served” (though that is a gimmicky term to use, since they contained no force of law) the right person. So why don’t you focus your efforts there instead? If this is not about your campaign, then why post that video of you “serving” Kemp at all? Did you post a video where you “served” Raffensperger? Maybe I missed that one.
The governor is the titular “head of the state”, but that does not give him plenary power over every aspect of government, any more than Raffensperger could go in and initiate or demand an investigation into, say, something going on in the Department of Revenue.
So again, yes, the governor, as a general rule, can call special sessions of the legislature, but he can NOT call a special session of the legislature to interfere in those powers which our state constitution delegates to the Secretary of State. Nor can he initiate an audit or an investigation into absentee ballots under his own authority, which would constitute a usurpation of authority of another constitutional officer. The “will of the people” is still subject the limitations of the constitution. That’s how it works in our republic.
If you want to be governor, you’ll need to understand our Constitution and legal principles like the separation of powers doctrine.

From Kandiss Taylor – 12:01 PM MT

Louis DeBroux
Again, I fully know what part he plays. I won’t state again why he was served. Everything you commented I am already fully aware of. If you can help with this cause, please don’t waste time with me, push for the audit. That is my focus and ALL Georgia state trustees will be held accountable to the people they swore to protect.
Last I checked, this is a free country, and I can post what I want that is truthful. You may not like it, and I’m not here to please everyone. Securing our elections is number one.

From David Jose – 12:28 PM MT

Kandiss Taylor
this guy May not understand what the law is. You are right in giving all gov officials notice and the people are demanding the audit, why is he saying the governor?

From David Jose – 12:30 PM MT

Louis DeBroux
sir she’s one of the people right now today! What limits do the people have??????

From Louis DeBroux – 12:44 PM MT

Kandiss Taylor,
Actually, you can post what is truthful, what is untruthful, and even what is ignorant of the law and the facts. That is your right as an American, but that doesn’t make what you post true, or particularly helpful.
Now you are saying you “won’t state again why he was served”. Interesting, since you have publicly stated that the purpose of the service of affidavits was to demand the Governor initiate a forensic audit. Are you now saying that was NOT the purpose of “serving” him? If that was the purpose, and you knew all of what I stated above, then you must admit this was nothing more than a campaign gimmick.
And if you are fully aware of everything I’ve said, then it means you can’t claim ignorance, and therefore you have intentionally misrepresented the law, the facts, and the situation in general.
As for me, I have been engaged in things that will ACTUALLY address the issues regarding fraudulent ballots. I’ve actually been in discussions with people directly involved in the ongoing legal efforts to force Raffensperger to present the ballots for inspection, a course of action which would ACTUALLY help us resolve the problem of the fraud we know occurred. I’ve actually had several conversations with Raffensperger myself over my concerns with the absentee ballots. It may not get public attaboys, but it’s what gets the problem fixed.
I have no problem with you or anyone else criticizing the governor, or any other elected official, when they fail to fulfill their duties. But these demands for an audit, at least those directed to the governor, are either ignorance nonsense or campaign gimmickry. Either way, I’m not impressed, and it isn’t helping solve the problems facing Georgians.
But as you noted, you are free to keep doing these things, as unhelpful as they are.

From Louis DeBroux – 12:48 PM MT

David Jose,
What limits do the people have? In Georgia, the people are limited by the Constitution of the United States, and then the Constitution of Georgia, and then statutory law (whether federal or state statute applies depends on the issue). So the people can act within the law, or they can change the law through the prescribed process, but neither elected officials, nor the people themselves, have the right to act outside of the law.

From David Jose – 12:54 PM MT

Louis DeBroux
sir that was the most ignorant response ever, you really don’t know the law at all! The people have all political power, and no statute is made to hinder the rights of the people sir

From David Jose – 12:55 PM MT

Louis DeBroux
sir the government workers are limited by the state constitutions, the people of the states actually wrote the United States constitution

From David Jose – 12:56 PM MT

Louis DeBroux
the statutes of Fed were not made for the people sir

From David Jose – 12:57 PM MT

Kandiss Taylor Josh Barnett
when they start laughing right away at comments is when you know the kitchen is getting too hot….. please invite this guy on a live so he can go to school, he doesn’t know what a republic really is, he should stop while he’s ahead, but since I’m calling him out, he may be silly enough to go live and get embarrassed

From David Jose – 12:58 PM MT

Louis DeBroux
what laws are created for the people of Georgia in the Statute

From Louis DeBroux – 1:02 PM MT

David Jose,
You can’t construct a grammatically correct sentence, much less provide a lucid exposition of constitutional law, yet you think I am going to be embarrassed by debating you? I AM embarrassed… FOR you. Your grasp of the Constitution and basic legal doctrine is thinner than the toilet paper at the Waffle House.
You are spouting bumper sticker nonsense, and any American citizen should be embarrassed at having such a flimsy knowledge of basic civics.

From David Jose – 1:15 PM MT

Louis DeBroux
then you should destroy this nothing with ease, let’s see what you really know champ, show the people

From Louis DeBroux – 1:24 PM MT

David Jose,
I have no desire to get into a battle of wits with an unarmed man. You’ve embarrassed yourself enough already as it is. I’ve cited the U.S. and Georgia constitutions in support of my arguments, and you’ve replied with nonsensical statements about “the people’s will”. The “people’s will” is expressed at the ballot box, and from there through laws passed by our elected representatives. That is the same process for amending the law, but y’all want to run around “serving” the governor affidavits and spewing nonsense rather than actually working within the law to accomplish the goal.
And that is what is so sad here. I actually share the goal of getting a forensic audit. My only comment initially was to point out that the governor has no power over elections in Georgia, and therefore it is either misguided, or political theater, to demand he launch a forensic audit.
But instead of making an effort to understand the law, and work within the law, y’all want to run around jabbering, as if it is going to make a bit of difference.
Sorry, but I have better things to do with my time.

From David Jose – 1:36 PM MT

Louis DeBroux

thank you for showing how great of a track star you are! You can act like you know and attack a fighter that’s a woman, but you recognize your place well, thanks.
From David Jose – 1:38 PM MT

From Kandiss Taylor – 2:01 PM MT

Louis DeBroux
oh so now I see you….you are offended bc I am going straight to the ones we elected, and you want the recognition for going through a judicial system that has failed us over and over in this task…you can have the credit for that! It hasn’t worked yet, so I’m using common sense and the common law…aka highest law in the land…and I’m doing what the Constitution actually says to do. Funny how you question my understanding of it…hmmmm

From Louis DeBroux – 2:01 PM MT

David Jose,
First of all, I didn’t “attack” Kandiss, I attempted to point out the error in her demanding that Kemp launch a forensic audit. Then you geniuses want to argue with me while never ONCE citing support for your position in either the U.S. or Georgia constitutions, as I did.
And her being a woman has nothing to do with it. She wants to be the governor of the nation’s 8th most populous state, but she can’t handle ME? If not, then maybe being governor is too heavy a lift. And are you saying that I should go easy because she is a woman? Is that your way of saying that women are not as strong or as intelligent as men? You see, I think women are just as strong as men, so I don’t hold them to a lower standard like you apparently do.
I have also read the Georgia Constitution, multiple times, and unlike you, I actually UNDERSTAND it. If you had bothered to read the whole thing, you’d see that Article I, Section II, Paragraph 2 ends with the words “and at all times they have the right to alter or reform the same whenever the public good may require it.”
Get that? “ALTER OR REFORM”. To alter or reform requires going through an established PROCESS, not just jumping and doing stuff every time the uninformed get worked up. The way to “alter or reform” is through the amendment process, but until such time as that occurs, our elected representatives are bound by existing law, and if the people want to change that law, then they have to go through the amendment process. Get it?
It is truly unbelievable that you are a grown man and can’t grasp what every 8th grader should know about civics. I am embarrassed for you.

From Kandiss Taylor – 2:02 PM MT

David Jose
let’s roll

From Kandiss Taylor – 2:03 PM MT

Louis DeBroux
no. You’ve attacked Patriots. That’s embarrassing if you call yourself an American or a Conservative.

From David Jose – 2:07 PM MT

Louis DeBroux
firstly kids in 8th grade don’t bleary state constitutions and neither have you! That’s why you are spitting out those garbage legal theories and assumptions! You are smart enough to make an excuse about how you don’t have time for my challenge but it shows your weakness cause you have time to keep posting! You pride yourself in your long writings of nothingness but you won’t step up and play live cause that lil ego would get deflated! Thank you for that! Josh Barnett, he’s scared

From Kandiss Taylor – 2:11 PM MT

David Jose 
I’m ready for the Live.

From Louis DeBroux – 2:20 PM MT

Kandiss Taylor,
I have not remotely attacked patriots. On the contrary, I have defended patriots all my life. A patriot has the duty to understand the Constitution. Unfortunately, no one here seems to. I mean, you actually stated that “common law” is the highest law of the land. That is embarrassingly ignorant, both for a teacher and someone seeking to be the governor. Then again, if this is what is being taught in our schools, then maybe David Jose has an excuse for his monumental ignorance.
But whatever. Contrary to David’s claim that I am “scared”, I’ve wasted several hours now trying to get this group to understand the basics of our Constitution that should be understood by every American over age fifteen. It genuinely makes me sad to see such profound ignorance from people calling themselves conservatives and patriots.
Hosea 4:6.
I’m out. There is nothing left to be gained from engaging with people determined to remain ignorant.

From Josh Barnett – 12:03 PM MT

Louis DeBroux
he can call a special session anytime

From Louis DeBroux – 12:25 PM MT

Josh Barnett,
People really need to learn the law. Yes, the governor can call a special session, but he CAN’T call it for any REASON. Article V, Section II, Paragraph 7 of the Georgia Constitution specifies the requirements for the governor calling a special session of the legislature. In this case, the call was for the Governor to have Kemp convene a special session of the legislature for the purpose of electing an alternate slate of electors from Georgia to the Electoral College. Under Georgia law, this is ONLY allowable if elections were not able to be held on the date set by federal law. Obviously, that was not the case.
The Georgia Constitution requires a 3/5ths majority of both houses of the General Assembly to amend the purpose of the special session, and though Republicans had just over 60% control of the Senate, they fell just short of that margin in the House, and only a fool would believe any Democrats would join the Republicans in retroactively changing the law in such a way that would have given Republicans a victory.
Even if they had, this would still be a violation of federal law, and the courts would have thrown out the change as unconstitutional.
Again, please take time to learn the law. It would make these discussions far more productive.

From David Jose – 12:26 PM MT

Louis DeBroux
dear sir, I have a question. Who has all political power in Georgia Constitution? Aren’t the servants only Trustees and Servants? Does anyone in Georgia have irrevocable power that can’t be withdrawn by the people?

From Louis DeBroux – 12:57 PM MT

David Jose,
You are correct. The people have ultimate political power, and they delegate those powers to elected representatives to act in their behalf. The representatives then drafted laws, and the governor signed those laws. And until such time as those laws are changed, EVERYONE is bound by those laws. “The people” aren’t demanding a forensic audit… SOME of the people are demanding it. And if we are to have one, it has to be initiated by the Secretary of State, NOT the governor, AS THE LAW PROSCRIBES.
Yes, the power can be withdrawn by the people, but ONLY through the established process. Having random people shout demands and “serve” the governor “affidavits” is just a clown show. It is meaningless. It is political theater.
For the record, I fully support a forensic audit, and I have been working behind the scenes with those involved in trying to force that through legal channels. We are actually much closer than you night expect. In case you haven’t heard, Judge Brian Amero last week ruled that Raffensperger must present the ballots for inspection. Raffensperger has hired a private law firm to contest the judge’s order, so now that ruling will be appealed. But THIS is how you get the audit… NOT by posting meaningless stunts.

From Josh Barnett – 12:30 PM MT

Louis DeBroux
I’m very aware of what the law and constitution says

From Louis DeBroux – 12:45 PM MT

Josh Barnett,
Then I commend you on your masterful ability to hide evidence of that knowledge.

From Kandiss Taylor – 1:48 PM MT

Louis DeBroux
if you’re going to insult Patriots on my page, leave

From David Jose – 1:00 PM MT

Louis DeBroux
why would she want to be in line with statutes

From Kandiss Taylor – 1:47 PM MT

David Jose
I mean…here’s a thought…the statutes expand the God given established rights of the Constitution…not limit or CONTROL them to bend to the will of those who pervert their power and overthrow the will of the people.
I guess the Constitution of Georgia isn’t the highest law of the land…statutes or laws are higher? Um that’s a negative

From Louis DeBroux – 2:10 PM MT

Kandiss Taylor,
It is astounding that you and those on this thread are so incapable of grasping logic and the basic foundational tenets of our form of government, nor are you apparently capable of grasping what I am trying to say in plain language.
So let me try one last time. Here is the hierarchy of law:
Natural (or God-given) law – precedes government
U.S. Constitution
Georgia Constitution
Georgia statutes
Regulatory statute
Contrary to your misinformed statement above, statutes don’t “expand the God given established rights of the Constitution”, they are acts of legislative bodies that restrict or govern various behaviors, whether of elected officials, or of citizens. This is done by consent.
I seriously can’t believe that I am having to explain this to someone running for the highest office in the state.

From Kandiss Taylor – 2:17 PM MT

Louis DeBroux
instead of assuming you are all knowing and supreme…maybe do a little research and history for yourself into what I’m saying and what you are saying.
You are being very judgmental and critical of me. There’s nothing I have stated that is not in line with my freedom, my rights, and my Constitution.
I am a Patriot, tax paying citizen, resident of Georgia (born and lived here all my life), of age to serve, and I understand how our government was established and the role it plays in our lives.
It is not complicated. It is not complex or controlling. Power and money hungry people have made it into something it is not. You have bought into that.
Simple. Easy. Oversight NOT overreach.
I’m one of the people. The people want someone like me. They are done with political games and nonsense. You can join us or keep playing

From Kandiss Taylor – 2:25 PM MT

Louis DeBroux
I choose to forgive you for attacking me instead of trying to work with me as a fellow Patriot. I wish you the best!

From David Jose – 2:39 PM MT

Louis DeBroux
dude, you are just talking and can’t say that Gods law is higher than men’s statute and then ask her to follow statute

From Louis DeBroux – 6:01 PM MT

Kandiss Taylor,
I’m happy to work with you and any other patriot. But as I said before, a true patriot has an obligation to inform themselves on the principles under-girding our Constitution, and as to what the Constitution ACTUALLY says.
As Justice Scalia famously and astutely noted, the Constitution “says what it says and doesn’t say what it doesn’t say.”
Y’all have been spouting bumper sticker platitudes based on what you WANT, rather than what IS. And then you claim I am “attacking” “patriots” when I repeatedly point out the error. And poor David can’t even figure out what I am saying even when it is right here in black and white for him to read over and over again until he gets it correct (if he comprehended what I’d written, he would understand that I never told you to follow statute over the Constitution, or natural law).
All of this started because I tried to explain to you that your “serving” Kemp with an “affidavit” demanding a forensic audit was meaningless, and either rooted in ignorance, or a political stunt.
So I don’t need, nor want, your forgiveness, since I’ve done nothing here that needs forgiveness. If anything, I’d simply prefer you educate yourself on the Constitution.
I wish you the best as well.

(End of Recorded Exchange)

Kandiss Taylor and Josh Barnett, with David Jose participating via the live chat feature, broadcast a YouTube live video which, in part, referenced the above discussion, but they were not honest enough to refer to Louis DeBroux by name; they just doubled down in their knuckleheadedness in promotion of their affidavit scam.

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