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Originally posted January 26, 2024

by Robert Baty

Jesse Boyd, leader of The Montana 4 (TM4), has, from the beginning, claimed they will never enter into any plea deals to settle their felony assault with weapons (MCA 45-5-213) charges filed as a result of their having beaten Brad Terrell after he told Jesse to move his vehicle from where it did not belong (in a traffic lane, facing traffic, and partially blocking entrance to Brad’s property).

Since that time, Jesse has been trying to cultivate support from his friends in the anti-abortion movement, such as Coleman Boyd & Calvin Zastrow. Coleman and Calvin are now having their own trial in Nashville, part of “The 11”, because of their criminal activities involving women’s clinics.

One of “The 11”, Caroline Davis, chose to settle her case and agreed to cooperate with the prosecution. She testified yesterday.

Jesse went nuts over Caroline Davis’ testimony and decision to settle her case and cooperate with the prosecution.

Link to Jesse’s FaceBook post illustrated below:

Jesse later increased his attack on Caroline Davis, and his implied threat to his co-defendants, with the following (edited slightly for clarity):

It may be reasonably concluded that Jesse Boyd’s comments testify to his relationship with his co-defendants and his threatening and intimidating them regarding their possible settlements of their separate criminal cases, as well his grooming of his minor son, Josiah Boyd, who was at the crime scene on November 12, 2022 and may be called as a witness should there be a trial.

It may also be reasonably concluded that the recent “Gallagher Hearing” involving co-defendant Carter Phillips was the product of Jesse Boyd’s tampering with Carter Phillips and his case.

(Image below is Carter Phillips from recent “Gallagher Hearing” broadcast via ZOOM!)

After an aggressive start, the prosecution and the Madison County District Court appears to have backed off. As a result, The Montana 4 appear to have “gotten by” with continually violating their terms and conditions of release. Jesse has professed to be seeking some jurisdiction that will grant them “asylum” if they decide to resist Montana authorities, they have continued to discuss their cases amongst themselves and publicly in joint public appearances, and have been allowed to travel internationally.

I think, again, it’s time to lock Jesse up for his antics!

I asked Coleman Boyd, one of “The 11” against whom Caroline Davis testified, about what he said earlier about Caroline Davis and Jesse Boyd’s posts about Caroline Davis today.

Coleman Boyd said he doesn’t want to talk about it now!

Link to an old article on Carolyn Davis’ settlement agreement in a similar, earlier case. It is from an organization that might now share Jesse Boyd’s opinion of her.

Link to another related article on Caroline Davis, from the same source, wherein she is reported to refer to that movement as a “cult”:

Update January 27, 2024

Here is another biased account of Caroline Davis’ testimony on Thursday:

Link to Live Action update posted today at 11:05 AM:

Update January 29, 2024

The jury will begin its deliberations tomorrow. The “Daily Wire” has an article out about today’s happenings at:

Jesse Boyd did make it to Nashville, but he didn’t have much to say publicly about his doings.

Update January 30, 2024

The Nashville 6 were convicted on all charges. The Daily Wire had this article:

The Daily Wire appears fascinated with Caroline Davis and her role in the case. Note the additional comments in the above-referenced article.

Sentencing has been set for July 2, 2024

Department of Justice news release is at:

Update January 31, 2024

As for me (Robert Baty); see below:


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