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Originally Posted June 28, 2016
By Robert Baty


Hovind Worst Nightmare The Truth and RLBatySee:


I (Peter J. Reilly) heard from Eric Hovind that God Quest will be responding to any inquiries generated by these videos with the following response.

(Begin quote.)

Thank you for contacting Creation Today.

This response is to help with the confusion and misinformation given on a YouTube video posted by Kent Hovind regarding

God Quest, Inc. registered the name “Creation Science Evangelism” as a dba of God Quest, Inc. in 2007 in the state of Florida and has maintained its ownership since that time. (See link below.)

In 2015, a new for-profit business was registered in Utah with the name “Creation Science Evangelism.”  Then in 2016, a 501(c)(3) not‑for‑profit entity was established and registered on February 23, 2016 in the state of Florida under the title “Creation Science Evangelism Ministry.” (See link below.) These new entities may be what are causing some of the confusion and misinformation to circulate.

Some have asked, “Why does a search in Google for ‘Creation Science Evangelism’ give ‘Creation Today’ as the first result?”Google gives results based on domain authority and page ranking. Creation Today has no control over what website appears first when doing a search for Creation Science Evangelism. The Creation Today website has been ranked by Google as an outstanding website and therefore is the first result when people search for “Creation Science Evangelism.” This Google search will not even bring up the website and therefore Google never directs anyone to

Therefore, any confusion about entity names is because people are searching Google for “Creation Science Evangelism,” not because they are typing in “”  Creation Today cannot control what Google does in their page rankings and has never intentionally deceived people to get them to visit our site or donate to the wrong ministry. Our website is very clear in its presentation of who we are and what we do.

Please note that the new 501(c)(3) not‑for‑profit entity established in 2016, “Creation Science Evangelism Ministry,” was informed that the domain matching their name,, was still available and they have now obtained it through a domain service provider.

Kent Hovind has been very clear about the websites that he owns and refers people to: and Both of these websites are listed in the rankings for a word search on “Creation Science Evangelism.” Both direct you to Kent Hovind’s website,

For future reference, please go to to reach Kent Hovind’s website.

Thank you again for your interest and for loving the creation message. Let’s use that message today to impact eternity.

God Quest Inc. registration as Creation Science Evangelism

Filing for new Entity named Creation Science Evangelism Ministry.

(End quote.)


Hovind (Kent) v. Hovind (Eric) – The CSE URL — 3 Comments

  1. See:

    There was an update from Kent Hovind himself (supposedly) yesterday.
    Very interesting.

    What I am wondering, just in part, is what Kent Hovind has offered to Jo Hovind for the 40+ years of her life she devoted to Kent and got rewarded with him sending her to prison. I figure Kent owes Jo a lot more than Kent thinks Eric owes him.

    Kent emphasizes that he “has not changed”. I take that to mean that he is the same UNrepentant tax cheat who sent his wife to prison. Kent needs to get rid of the “same ol’ Kent” and repent.

    Kent, you need to take your own advice and “flip that little switch in your brain”!

    (Begin quote.)

    Kent Hovind (reportedly) says:

    June 29, 2016 at 10:42 am
    To the staff,

    Thanks for helping set the record straight!
    You are correct that his “response” is very deceitful.

    To my son Eric, Since you ignore my letters and texts and since Mt 18 gives
    the 4 steps to resolve conflict and you ignore the first 3 I have followed,
    – this step 4-go public like Paul did in II Tim. 4.

    Why didn’t you create a DBA in 2007 using names like Wal-Mart or Ford or Toyota?
    That would give you LOTS of web traffic!

    Why would you choose a name I have used for the ministry God called me to since
    1990 and the same name we had for our web site since 2001? You are obviously
    trying to use my reputation and name to advance your new God Quest (GQ) DBA
    Creation Today ministry.

    I WANT your new ministry to thrive and win souls and I’m PROUD of what you do
    in the creation ministry! We NEED thousands of creation ministries! I have
    let people copy my materials for 27 years. Do you know any others that do that?
    Does your GQ ministry? Does AIG or ICR allow that?

    I often encourage people to visit your site and get your materials and send support.
    Watch my 400+ you tubes. Do you ever promote my ministry publicly? If so, please
    send me a link.

    Sadly, like the Ephesus church in Revelation 2:1-7, you, my son Eric, have many
    great qualities but I have one thing against you- I trusted you with all the CSE
    assets in 2006 and simply asked for them back when I got out of prison 1 year ago.

    You now use lots of smoke and mirrors to not do that.
    You say CSE inc is a new 2015 business name.
    You know full well that the CSE board voted to add the “inc.” a year ago to try
    to keep the alphabet gang happy.

    I went to prison unjustly for nearly 9 years but I am out now.

    I am the same man with the same name -Kent Hovind- with the same mission in
    life-win souls via the same creation message. Ernie Land (850-419-0955, has known me for over 25 years and will tell you that

    I have not changed.

    Eric, you had free use of about 2 million $ in CSE assets for 9 years.
    That should have been enough to get your ministry going. I didn’t have
    that when I started.

    CSE does not want the materials you have produced or any payment for
    using them for 9 years. Just return the 2006 CSE assets. 1Tim. 5:20
    says “Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear.”

    So… son, return the stuff I trusted you with 10 years ago and this
    friction stops today.

    If GQ needs a fork lift or a desk for you to sit at or shelving for
    products they should go buy them the right way, not claim they “bought”
    it all for $6,300 without anyone on the CSE staff or board “selling”
    it to you.

    If GQ cannot afford to buy their own fork lift and stuff now, CSE will
    help GQ by loaning or renting the items you need back to you. Just flip
    a tiny switch in your mind and admit the rightful ownership.

    I think I have been more than patient for a year now but your smoke and
    mirrors method of dealing with this is angering MANY people and ruining
    your ministry outreach.

    Just stop please.

    Mt. 18 gives us 4 steps to follow in cases like this. I have followed them.
    I asked you privately many times and you refused. I brought two or three
    others to talk with you and you refused. I had 15 godly men between the
    ages of 60 and 80 who have been in ministry for 40+ years look at the issues
    and agree that you should return the stuff. You, like Rehoboam in 2 Chron.
    10, forsook the counsel of the older men and sought out board members who
    will agree with you.

    And now, as if keeping all the CSE stuff, using my name and reputation to
    build your ministry, using my mailing list of supporters (which you also
    refuse to return) to raise money to buy the house at 29 back – but putting
    it in your ministry’s name instead- and then charging me rent to live in
    that same house and then taking me to court to evict me 2 months ago is
    not bad enough…:

    (, you now won’t let my own grandchildren come visit me in Alabama at
    the new ministry we are struggling to carve out of the wilderness with
    bare minimum funds. Please stop! I’m your dad and their grandpa! Come
    visit us up there and bring a hammer!

    Exodus 20:12 is a commandment with a promise and an implied warning.

    I’ve been trying for a year to gently rebuke you so God won’t get

    Come now and let us reason together!

    Love, Dad

    (End quote.)

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