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Originally Posted January 3, 2021
by Robert Baty

David Michael Fulton

Born – June 8, 1972

Died – December 26, 2020


It was variously reported in social media that David Michael Fulton (aka Booleanator) died on December 26, 2020; unattended, in his residence.

For reasons unknown, what normally might have been expected has yet to be reported (i.e., funeral announcement, obituary, cause of death, results of autopsy, etc.).

Unconfirmed details indicate he was a disabled veteran, was autistic (only recently diagnosed about 5 years ago), suffered from seizures, and had a “service dog”.  He recently withdrew from social media and in his “farewell” indicated he may have problems with depression or other mental issues.  He was well known by a social media “community” with which he was associated and was employed in the production of various YouTube broadcasts.

(Update January 3, 2021 10:30 AM MT)

Published in Colorado Springs, CO +The Gazette on Jan. 3, 2021.

The views expressed in this article are not contrary to what is reported in the official obituary noted above.

All things considered, it is not unreasonable to suspect David’s death might have been the result of suicide.  Reportedly, he was found deceased in his apartment, after which his “creepy”, profane, on-line “community”, associated with one Steve McRae, embarked on various campaigns in response to public interest as to the details, not even wanting to mention David’s name; preferring his on-line identification of “Booleanator”.

In questioning the facts of the case, I, Robert Baty, and others became targets of the Steve McRae “community” via various Twitter accounts (examples will be added below).  In addition, a number of YouTube videos were broadcast pretending to memorialize the “Booleanator”.

Many, if not most, of the “creepy”, profane members of the Steve McRae on-line “community” with which David was associated, hide behind anonymous account names, such as “Glober Mom” who broadcast an alleged memorial YouTube video entitled “Bool: One of A Kind – A Celebration of His YT Life” at:

“Glober Mom” spent the last 6+ minutes of that video profanely attacking one of David’s on-line critics.

I got the distinct impression that David’s “creepy” and profane on-line “community” associated with Steve McRae was more of a problem for him, given his physical and mental issues, than a help.  Are they trying to cover up for their suspected part in his possible suicide?

In publicly attempting to discuss the matter on-line, Steve McRae himself responded to something I posted, as shown below, via his Twitter account (more examples of such things will be added):

In the above Twitter thread Steve McRae also added:

More recently in Steve McRae’s Twitter thread there was this from one of the “creepy”, anonymous and profane members of his “community”:

David Michael Fulton’s YouTube Channel


About the cause of death:

One of the number of fundraisers started!


Additional Examples of On-Line Happenings

Link to above fundraiser:

Update January 4, 2021

Among other problems, the hypocrisy of Steve McRae and his creepy community is all the more evident after consideration of the following from Steve McRae:

Following is a time-marked link to a YouTube broadcast in which David Fulton speaks of his autism:

Seems David Fulton would be on my side regarding all this social media hoopla, according to this video and what it has in the description below the video.  David Fulton was an integral part of producing programs via the EIE Network YouTube channel.

The creepiest of them all has now emerged after everyone else was starting to move on, proving the problem, as Steve McRae himself has suggested, is not mine, but theirs.


“As most of you likely already know, a member of the ‘Debunking Community’ passed away very sadly during the holidays.  David Fulton, better known as ‘Booleanator’ passed away on December 26, 2020.  It’s been a very trying time for all of us as we not only reel from the events of the entire year but now had to come to terms with losing someone many of us knew quite well.  ‘Bool’ worked with myself in the EiE Network for a time producing shows for us and many of us became very good friends with him during that time.  Everyone was shocked and saddened to hear that he has been lost.  Unfortunately, this loss has gotten even worse.  A man named Robert Baty has taken it upon himself to weaponize ‘Bool’s’ passing in an ongoing crusade he has against Steve McRae.  For whatever reason, when Steve pisses people off, they can’t just grow a pair and get over it.  They have to become weird, excessive, angry people constantly gnashing their teeth at anyone with an eyesight.  Robert is no exception.  He’s crossed several lines before, but this is the final one.  Robert has added an entire page to his website detailing his conspiracy theory that ‘Booleanator’ committed suicide and that Steve and the community are responsible for it.  He’s tweeting it all over the place in a desperate plea for attention, and I am here today to tell him to stop.  Here’s what it comes down to, Robert.  An obituary is a way of communication.  It allows a family to relay the necessary details of a person’s passing and withhold anything further because anything further is, straight up, not your fucking business.  If ‘Booleanator’s’ family wanted to explain how he passed away, they would have.  They didn’t, which means you have no right to start making grand conspiracy theories and weaponizing a loss of life.  Robert, you did not know ‘Bool’.  You did not have a personal connection to him.  I did, and I am telling you now to stop.  This is unacceptable behavior and if you continue, you will be held accountable.  Below, I’ll be linking a tweet that everyone should report, ‘abusive or harmful’, ‘disrespectful or offenseive’.  Those are the categories.  I would not advise reading the page on his site as it is truly hateful and nauseating to behold. Thank youeveryone for listening.  Rest in peace, ‘Booleanator’, you are missed.”

(End Text)

What an embarassment to David Michael Fulton’s family the McRae Creeps must be with this new and continuing effort to “get Baty”!

(Too Long To Consider Transcribing Right now)

Not Unexpectedly Steve McRae Checked In!

David Michael Fulton spoke openly about having a psychologist, a psychiatrist, a neurologist, autism, epilepsy, and a V.A. Disability, a service dog, and having to leave social media, leaving the impression that mental issues were a factor in that decision, and McRae’s Creeps think there is something off in my suggesting there may have been mental issues contributing to the unverified cause of death.

I don’t recall the obituary mentioning a cause of death, though someone claimed someone in the family said it was “natural causes”.  If so, what would that even mean as to a man of 48 years of age?

If it had been “natural causes”, I think it more likely than not that such would have been mentioned in the obituary; further suggesting it was NOT “natural causes”.

We may never know.

Update January 5, 2021

Dick Dawson v. Robert Baty – Will It Happen?

Come out, come out, fella.  We can talk if you are up to it and we can agree on the relevant, logistical details.  Andy Nemec doesn’t negotiate for me, I do.

10:15 AM MT – No response noted to above proposal!

I did, however, come up with this!

By definition: Bitch = Dick Dawson / EiE Network

Who is the coward?

This is just one proposed symptom of cowardice such as I typically encounter in my on-line adversaries.  Just one!  Compare how much time my real image appears in this video to how much time Dick Dawson’s real image appears.  I don’t even know if Dick Dawson is his real name.

The person using the Dick Dawson name has contacted me, suggesting he will accept the suggested proposition and discuss it with me.  We’ll see how serious he is about that.  I have archived that current exchange at:

That YouTube guy just dropped this on me for consideration.  Looks like it is relevant and so here it is.  This is back in January 2019 when David Michael Fulton was moving into a new living space.

Computer generated image:

Image from video:

Wow!  Something really has Steve McRae riled up!

He’s out to “get Baty” today; via YouTube!

All that feigned empathy and profane babbling, harassing and bullying from McRae’s Creepy Community.  One place they don’t appear to be going, however, is to the official obituary that was posted on line Sunday morning, January 3, 2021.

Dick Dawson wouldn’t just send me a link to his picture somewhere, and challenged me to look it up.  This was the first one I came up with.

I am awaiting Dick’s further response to the exchange we were having about discussing the death of David Michael Fulton, as set forth and archived at:

January 5, 2021 5:40 PM MT

Link to FaceBook thread referenced below:

Link to tweet image below:

Link to tweet below:

Link to McRae performance referenced below:

January 5, 2021 7:00 PM MT

Looks like Steve McRae is doing what he did when he pulled his little stunt in my FaceBook group; hitting the Creepy Community Lecture Circuit and lying about me and the Fulton story above.

At least he confirmed the accuracy of my speculations; if you can believe him.  There was an autopsy and they are keeping their secrets.

More may be added later from the above performance!

According to reports, it appears McRae and his Creepy Cult Community are conspiring to “mass flag”, or “brigadier” my Twitter account.  Really sore losers they are.


In this excerpt Steve McRae seems to confirm their is a conspiracy, but it’s not as he supposes.  It is coming from him and his Creepy Conspiracy Community who he wants to call to arms and “get Baty”.

“Team Skeptic” was heard bragging about how many folks were subscribed to his channel linked above, and you can go to the McRae video link also above and see how many views he has for that video.  Well, I guess that provides some justification for me to post the statistics as to the enormous popularity this article on David Michael Fulton has been enjoying.

This appears to be Dick Dawson’s official withdrawal from the discussion and his concession of his position on the proposition (i.e., he’s got nothing to offer in support thereof sufficient to compel acceptance of his position).

In further evidence of Dick Dawson’s withdrawal and concession of his position on the proposition (i.e., he’s got nothing), he added a few more tweets, such as the following:

Update January 6, 2021

Looks like the effort by McRae’s Creepy Conspiracy Community is under way.  I am getting feedback from Twitter.

And then this; another example of the hypocrisy coming from McRae’s Creepy Conspiracy Community!

Steve McRae’s response to above YouTube comment added 01/08/2021:

I got this testimonial which is posted in the thread in my Hovind FaceBook group at the following link:

(Begin Quote)

Posted: January 6, 2021 9:56 AM MT
Yeah I see their bullshit…you completely backed up your opinion and for them to think after all the fraud and harassment they do that being skeptical about them from having no credibility is somehow means to purposely go after you in a harassment campaign is out of line…they talk a big fucking game about ethics and show that they have none…
Fact of the matter is thier outrage would be justified if you where doing what katie does…go after family and friends that have nothing to do with their behavior…Bool help them and was part of that bad behavior they have to investigate this death is completely justified in the way you did it….
I get involved when I need to because I’ve watched and followed McRape apologist since the last week’s of the Non Sequitur Show and got caught up in his bullshit at first and literally when UniRock exposed him was when I changed my mind on McRape apologist ..sat back and watched him rant on his live streams about Katie and what not ..never showing anything of substance or evidence but UniRock was ….so here we are …
Silver lining in all this is that I met and now enjoy two awesome people that know how to do journalism right….
You probably aware they tried their screenshot bullshit on me when I gave pushback the first time in that its fair to be skeptical about his death from all the lies they do…..I get it…
It’s interesting tho how they twist my reply in defending you and run a weaponizing narrative….funny how that’s what they did when targeting a harassment campaign on you…
Btw I don’t that block against you….you were getting attacked and knew you were just cleaning house..I’ll be fine in this they block those they literally cannot control or cannot get leverage to make content….
These people are going to one day piss off the wrong person or people and there’s not going to be any sympathy from me either when tragedy hits them from their own actions….
I don’t get why an honest living is so scary for people…be nice good….nah they rather lie cheat steal and harass for money…ok then ..that road will lead them to ultimate failure.
So in short….we don’t have to do anything but show thier actions and not budge from the evidence ..when they do cyber bullying just report it…
I wish they would change and be decent people..that be awesome..they really could grow if they didn’t dig themselves deep in lies…oh well..for now they are what they are…they need to get real jobs and be productive members of society…thats my two cents.
Have a great day baty and hang in there…I’m saving these screenshots cause I want to share them as well with your permission of course when you do…this is beautiful and even Twitter backs you

(End Quote)

Lots of analogies have emerged in recent months since Steve McRae showed up in my FaceBook group and started acting up.  Here’s where we make another one; between McRae and his “Creepy Conspiracy Community” and their effort to “Get Baty” and Kent Hovind’s failed attempt earlier.

Still only 3 comments on the obituary page at:

I just ran across this from Steve McRae’s FaceBook page.  It is a further reflection of the conspiracy, the secret-keeping, that has been going on with McRae and his Creepy Conspiracy Community.  Steve claims to know but he isn’t telling while denying the speculations.  “Natural Causes” is pretty much meaningless and insistence on its use, not found in the obituary, is interesting.  It doesn’t really say anything about the cause of David’s death.


January 7, 2021

I suggested Dexter, David’s dog, was an issue early on, and it now appears there are rumors going around that my suspicions were quite appropriate.  That is, the rumor now is that Dexter was NOT a trained, certified, professional “service dog” as has often been claimed.  It was also reported earlier that David’s sister was taking Dexter.  Now, the rumor is that Dexter is going to a shelter of some kind and was NOT a “service dog”.  Maybe we’ll hear more about that simple matter.  Maybe not.

Looks like that member of the McRae Creepy Cowardly Conspiracy Community, Dick Dawson, couldn’t find his “pair” and move along.


He seems to be determined to execute the McRae “Get Baty” orders.

(Begin quote from above video.)

“I am referring to a vile and despicable specimen of biological matter named Robert Baty.  This message is for him.
Mr. Baty, you sir, are the most despicable sack of shit to ever live.  How dare you use the passing of another person you don’t even know and trample over it with your vile and utterly contemptible crap.
You willfully defiled and insulted the memory of a better person than you were or ever will be.  Your vile attempt to sow conspiracy about (David Michael Fulton’s) passing is the lowest and most disgusting thing a person can do.
You have no right to even speak his name, let alone say the things you said.  Just saying your name leaves the most putrid taste of vomit in my mouth.  I fear I will never get it out.
It sickens me that people like you exist.
It is an absolutely distasteful and gut-wrenchingly sickening thing ever to be forced into referring to you as a human being since the only thing that warrants that distinction is biology.
You sir, are a vile, stinking, putrid, sack of decaying amphibian shit.  You are a permanent stain on humanity and a shit-streak on this planet that will forever mar its beauty.
Your disrespectful, cruel and putrid commentary is not wanted and your very existence sullies and defiles the YouTube platform.  There isn’t a hole deep enough to rid us of despicable cretins like you.
I would suggest the very bottom of the Marianas Trench, but the marine life there does not deserve to have their habitat polluted by human filth like you.
Know this Mr. Baty, when your time comes, no one anywhere will be low enough to defile your passing as you have done to our friend (David Michael Fulton).
With luck, your passing will be utterly unnoticed by anyone as you pass into oblivion.  The rest of us will have long forgotten you by then.  Live with that you despicable puke.”
~ Dick Dawson/EIE Network

(End quote from above video.)

Cowardly and Creepy Dick Dawson is not through with yet.  He has teamed up with other members of his Cowardly and Creepy Community to whine about me and my work.  Among other things, if I heard it right, they really fumbled, bumbled and stumbled trying to justify not leaving any messages on the David Michael Fulton obituary page.  I’ll try to catch up later.

Link to Video:


David Michael Fulton died of natural causes on December 26, 2020.

~ Dick Dawson: Affirmed
~ Steve McRae: Affirmed
~ Robert Baty: Denied

All anyone has to do is provide information sufficient to establish the truth of the proposition for my acceptance or other response.

Still waiting!

Update January 8, 2021

11:20 AM MT

Still only 3 messages on the obituary page!

Responding to Sally!

My Response

I don’t know what the cause of death was as to David Michael Fulton.  For all I know, it might well have been suicide.  Sally provides nothing but “her say so” for her claims.
A person contemplating suicide, and successfully completing the task, might well have made arrangements to have someone check on him (without attracting suspicions as to the scheme behind the set up) so that they would not be left to decay for days, weeks, months, years before discovery.
I have heard a number of claims about what “the family” allegedly said, with nothing to back it up.  According to Steve McRae, it was “natural causes”.  Steve claims to know that, and indicated there is an autopsy report to back it up.  Steve indicated, however, he’s keeping the information secret, and I don’t know the secret handshake necessary to get Steve McRae to release any information that might help resolve the matter.
No one representing him/her self to be a member of David’s family has contacted me with any concerns about my reporting regarding David’s death and his on-line community involvement.  It is my opinion that they could not care less about me, my reporting or David’s on-line community and, like me, the family suspects David’s on-line community was not so good for him in the long run.
I am not interested in quibbling about who is obligated to do what or what rights anyone has regarding the details of The David Michael Fulton Story.
Maybe David Michael Fulton’s story will be told.  Maybe it won’t.
This article reflects my opinions on the matter, information I came up with, and my experience with some of the members of David’s on-line community.  I hereby stipulate that there be many who don’t like my reporting on the story.  Such is life.

Looks like Steve McRae may have sent out a coded message to his people and they followed his lead in shutting down the “Get Baty Campaign”.

Link to Steve McRae’s Tweet Illustrated Below:

Update January 9, 2021

Wait! What?

Did Steve McRae change his mind?

Is his “Get Baty” campaign back on?

Update January 10, 2021

Related Stories




Links to The Wade Baker Story


Update January 14, 2021

I recently suggested that Steve McRae might want to remove his “pinned” tweet.  He didn’t.  So, I thought it might now be appropriate to note that there appears to be even more to the Fulton story than McRae and his Creepy Community want to discuss while they hide behind their efforts to “Get Baty”.

I also ran across the following which, as I recall, was a discussion going on about the same time as David Michael Fulton announced his withdrawal from social media.  Was he being exploited by McRae’s Creep Community?  Did he get in deeper than he could handle?  Did it contribute to a deteriorating mental state that might have been a factor in his untimely death.  I don’t know.

Links reflected in screenshot below:

Graphic below from video referenced in tweet above!

David Michael Fulton was, apparently, quite involved in the mess that is known as McRae v. Curtis, a dispute over money and a YouTube channel.  This involvement may have been adversely affecting David’s well-being.  In his own broadcast referenced below, David talks about his involvement with all of that.

Time marked link to comments illustrated below:

Some comments under above video:

Update January 17, 2021

Looks like the creepy communities may be involved in a little infighting over David Michael Fulton.

Link to tweet illustrated below:

Time marked link to YouTube illustrated below:

Update January 26, 2021

The creepy community with which David Michael Fulton was associated with appears to be doing some damage control in trying to present an accounting of some of the money that was raised using David’s death as the draw.

It will take some work to figure out just what is going on with all of that.  I think, from what little I have heard/seen, there may be more questions raised than answered.

The secrecy surrounding what they were up to appears evident, in part, with all the information that might have been presented that was deliberately hidden.

It also seems strange that the broadcaster claims the video will only be publicly available for a few days.

So it was, no longer public: February 8, 2021

From what I heard in the video, Dexter, the dog, did wind up with David’s sister.  The costs allegedly incurred, which are itemized in the video, were about $2,000.00 by my estimate, including a nice road trip for “Vegan Atheist” who picked up the dog and took him to David’s family.  Secrets, so many secrets.  At least they admit to trying to keep their secrets secret.  Another update on the funds is promised.

Update February 5, 2021

The controversy continues regarding the life, the death, of David Michael Fulton, and his “creepy community” antics!

On Service Dogs

Update February 6, 2021

There is too much for me to keep up with regarding the controversy surrounding David Fulton’s creepy on-line community.  However, I make note of some of it, particularly as it might involve me; such as in the case following:

So, for lack of any better information, I will conclude that Dexter, the dog, was not what might be reasonably considered a “service dog”, but was a pet, however well trained to be a companion for David Fulton.

I am also concluding that the announced plans for a private memorial service have been affected and that there will be no public announcement as to the private memorial.

From the above obituary, it is noted that David Fulton is survived by his father Ken (spouse Sharon) and mother Cindy (spouse Henry Cowlishaw), sister Lynette Fulton, niece Hannah, numerous aunts, uncles and cousins.

So, who is getting the money raised by David Fulton’s creepy, secret society.  Therein, the following appears to pass for being accountable, transparent, and all of that.

Reds Rhetoric Has Added This Tweet

Link to Document Referenced Above

(Begin Text Only)


After locating Dexter, Astronomy Live made the trip to the shelter and got Dexter. The bill for the shelter was $110.00 total. Astronomy Live then made a trip to the pet store for supplies. It was during this trip that Astronomy Live noticed blood in Dexter’s urine. So a trip to the vet was also needed. Two trips to the vet, actually.  


Turns out, Dexter had a UTI and it would need treatment. The vet bill provided in this document demonstrates this fact. I also want to point out that ALL the receipts for Dexter’s care and transport were saved and are provided in this document, down to the individual pit-stops for gas. As Astronomy Live was caring for Dexter, Bool’s sister started her roadtrip to Florida. She had already been sent $1500 from Ilya & $1000 from Shawn Hufford. 


However during her drive, her car broke down. she was not confident that she could make it to Florida and back again. After speaking with her on the phone, we came up with a new plan. She would send the funds that she received back to me and I would make arrangements to transport Dexter back to her. Then after everything had been paid for, I would send the remaining funds to Bool’s mother. (See Screenshots below)


So once again, dipshits like UNIrock (who have a history of engaging in fraud) are accusing me and my friends of fraud. How adorable. How hypocritical. Apparently, UNI has forgotten that he already tried this shit in the past. And it resulted in his shit being rammed so far up his ass, that he can still taste the corn he had for dinner back in March of 2020. 


Here is the link to that video:


So for the purposes of transparency, I will give everybody the complete breakdown of what happened with this fundraiser from start to finish. That way, shitheads like UNI can’t claim ignorance when they are actively lying to their audience. 


Recently and sadly, a very good friend of ours passed away. We knew him as Bool. It was very sudden and I am still feeling the full weight of his passing. But in an effort to make things easier for his family, we started a fundraiser to pay for any final expenses. Another reason for the fundraiser was to take care of his service dog, Dexter, and get him back to Bool’s family. 


We collected donations in two ways. The first was through Shawn Huffords Paypal. The second way was through a GoFundMe managed by Ilya Moon. During this time, Dexter was taken to an animal shelter by the county. This was because Bool did not have any family in the area to take him in. 


We immediately got to work locating Dexter and getting in contact with Bool’s sister. After I contacted Bool’s sister, I informed her of the fundraiser and started making a game plan on how we would return Dexter to her. The original plan was for some funds to be transferred to her and she would make the drive to Florida. Some amount would also go to any bills from the shelter, and any vet bills that may come up. 


Finally, after Dexter is safely back home, we would send the remaining amount collected to Bool’s sister. She would then handle the funds from that point going forward. We also got in contact with Bool’s mother and informed her of the situation. And I promised to keep her updated every step of the way. 


After Bool’s sister returned the funds to my Paypal, I got in contact with VeganAtheist. She agreed to help us out and to make the drive to Florida and transport Dexter back to Bool’s family. I want to thank her yet again for her kindness. VeganAtheist, like everybody during this endeavor, saved every receipt. And they will be provided at the end of this document.  


So Astronomy Live was busy taking care of Dexter and VeganAtheist was getting ready to take time off of work and make the trip to Florida. But during this time, some well known ASSHOLES decided to prove they have no compassion or basic human dignity. They demonstrated their shit behavior by falsely flagging the GFM as a fraudulent fundraiser. 


Words can not describe how much of a subhuman piece of shit you have to be to pull fuckery like that. If you are wondering why we split the fundraiser between Shawn’s Paypal and GFM, this is why. It’s to prevent all the funds being tied up just because some fuckfaces got nothing better to do but submit false reports to legit fundraisers.  


After I was informed of the report, I told Ilya to do what she could to fight it. Ilya then decided to send $500 from her savings while she filed a dispute with GFM. (See Screenshots below)


Understand what is being shown with these screenshots. Ilya took money out of her savings to offset PART of the bullshit move done by people like UNI. Sickening, isn’t it? After speaking with Ilya on the phone, I made sure she could actually afford this and she confirmed it would not be an issue. 


She said she would be fine until GFM releases the funds. Then she would reimburse herself the $500 and send me the rest. We set this game plan in stone and just waited for GFM to do their investigation. After some time, GFM concluded that there was NO FRAUD on our part and would be releasing the funds to us. 


However, we have still not received the remaining amount. GFM informed us that their process does take some time. As soon as we know more, I will update this document. But it is confirmed by GFM that they will release the funds to us. Why? Because there was NO FRAUD on our part. It’s almost like somebody actually passed away suddenly and we are just trying to help the family out and provide care for Dexter during this hellish time. 


However, I am happy to report that the fundraiser was a complete success. Thanks to this community, Bool’s family has less to worry about. I can also report that Dexter was cared for and loved by Astronomy Live. Dexter went to the vet twice and the UTI is now gone.


And I can report that VeganAtheist successfully transported Dexter to his new forever home. VeganAtheist also gave Dexter the love and care he deserved during the trip. I can not thank her enough for this. It means the world to me to have Dexter safely back home. 


Both Astronomy Live and VeganAtheist were reimbursed in full. They were compensated for every receipt they provided. And like I said, every single receipt will be provided in this document. Again, thank you BOTH for your efforts. 


Astronomy Live was reimbursed $1153, covering the cost of the shelter, the vet bills, and supplies for Dexter. VeganAtheist was reimbursed $1040 for hotels and for the gas needed to drive thousands of miles to bring Dexter back home. 


The total reimbursement cost for both Astronomy Live & VeganAtheist comes to $2193. The amount we received from GoFundMe & Paypal SO FAR is $4891. This means we will be sending the remaining $2698 to Bool’s family. This will be the FIRST of TWO payments. 


The reason we are mailing a check is because that is how Bool’s mother requested the payment. We confirmed the necessary mailing information with her and sent the check on 02/05/2021 via certified mail. She will be giving me a call when she receives the check. After that, I will update this document to reflect that she did in fact receive the funds.


So listed down below is a breakdown of the donations received and the way the money was transferred. Also provided are the receipts from Dexter’s care and transport. The list is quite long, but I feel it is necessary for full transparency. 


First, this is how the funds from Shawn Hufford’s Paypal were transferred. 


Total from Shawn Hufford: $2802.48


Second, this is how the funds from Ilya were transferred. 


Total from Ilya Moon: $2000 ($500 is from her savings)


The total Amount from both Ilya Moon & Shawn Hufford: $4802.48


I then received a private donation directly to my Paypal. The amount donated: $89.48


This gives us a total for the whole fundraiser SO FAR of: $4891.96


The total reimbursement cost for both Astronomy Live & VeganAtheist: $2193 


So $4891.96 – $2193 = $2698.96 to be sent to Bool’s family. 


The check was made for $2698 and was mailed on 02/05/2021 (Picture of check on page 4)


Look, even though we have been 100% transparent, UNI and similar dumbfucks will always find something to bitch about. It’s what they do. They simply can’t stand the fact their smear campaigns have failed repeatedly. Why else would they try so hard to convince their group that WE are the shitty people? Well it did not work. And it never will work. Our community is very familiar with their bullshit.


I will also not be lectured by a shithead, who scammed his viewers out of $6000, on how much money I CAN’T SPEND on Dexter’s care and transport. Every penny that was spent was done with the blessing of Bool’s family. And I will listen to their opinion over yours since it was their son/brother who passed away, you fucking lobotomised assclown.


This was a legit fundraiser. To claim otherwise would be dishonest. But for people like UNI, being dishonest is just part of a balanced breakfast. It takes a very shitty group of people to false flag a fundraiser like this. It takes a shitty person to knowingly spread conspiracies about honest individuals. This is one of the many reasons we have been telling them all to fuck off. 


At some point, I might have another fundraiser. I have no idea when or for what. Maybe it will be for an emergency, helping somebody in the community, or sadly another funeral. But one thing I do know is there won’t be a fucking thing UNI and Co. can do to stop our community from helping each other out. Take notes UNI, you might learn what it means to be a moral human. 

(Go to link above for latest updates to accounting article.)


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Update February 7, 2021

That creepy, secret society; still trying to “Get Baty”!

The Challenge Yet to be Met

David Michael Fulton’s death was not a suicide!
Daniel Doel, et al: Affirm
(Still waiting for 1st effort to establish that claim!)

From the recent chatter I have noticed on Twitter regarding Dexter, David’s dog, the label “service dog” may be misleading.  From the comments I have noticed, it appears Dexter was not formally trained or qualified as a “service dog”.  That David, reportedly, had epilepsy and Dexter was a dog does not make Dexter an “Epilepsy Service Dog” as that term might be commonly understood.  Dexter’s story is just one story line that may never be properly developed.  Who knows, it could be that Dexter’s failure as an “epilepsy service dog” contributed to David’s death; the cause of which has still not been convincingly demonstrated.

Update February 8, 2021

Whiners going to whine!

Challenge remains unmet!

Link to Tweet Below

Link to Tweet Below

Later in the above recording, UniRock makes a Kent Hovind analogy!

Update February 9, 2021

David’s mom makes a public statement regarding her son, via the obituary page, but the creepy secret society still continues to be conspicuously absent therefrom.

Regarding the above broadcast:

Update February 10, 2021

Update February 12, 2021

The David Michael Fulton story remains untold while the fussing continues over the money continues his creepy secret society raised!

Update February 13, 2021


“The military community often unites to unmask stolen valor, but there is another form of deception threatening veterans: people with fake service animals.”

Update February 13, 2021

Time Marked Link to Comments Illustrated Below

They mention David Fulton’s son died at a pool party, but no real details regarding that.  No mention of how David Fulton died.

If it is the case that David Fulton took his own life, what did Steve McRae and other members of their creepy, secret society know about his plans, when did they know it, and could they have intervened to prevent it?

Update February 16, 2021

Think about David Michael Fulton as you read the article at:

Is David’s story similar, except his creepy, secret society was more of a problem than a help?   I don’t know. Maybe there is no similarity in stories.  Will anyone actually get around to telling David’s story?  I don’t know.

Update March 1, 2021

Controversy continues to follow the creepy, secret community with which David Fulton was associated; in particular, the fund-raising history.  In particular, one Shawn Hufford is dealt with in the video below.


Shawn Hufford and Reds Rhetoric, mentioned in the above video, have been responding to some of the concerns expressed about fund-raising via Shawn’s Twitter account at:

Update March 11, 2021

For some reason, one of Steve McRae’s current associates thought she needed to do a live broadcast about the history of the McRae v. Curtis litigation.  She starts by playing segments of an old video featuring David Michael Fulton (aka Bool), and David talks tough about what is going on with the show in which he played a part.

Link to YouTube Video

Update March 26, 2021

Update March 31, 2021


David Michael Fulton Autopsy

Link to article showing why it may be proposed that the above autopsy report is not conclusive:

(Begin excerpts.)

But in the months following Irons’ death,
speculation fueled by an Outside Magazine
article that exposed the open secret of Irons’
drug use focused on what role, if any, drugs
played in his death. This speculation, it appears,
was not unfounded. Tarrant County Chief Medical
Examiner Nizam Peerwani lists a second cause
of death as “acute mixed drug ingestion.”


“As we are not doctors, we have no choice
but to accept that two respected pathologists
have come to different conclusions about a
secondary contributing cause of death,” the
Irons family said in a statement.

(End excerpts.)

Update April 1, 2021

I also ran across this reference:

(Begin excerpt.)

The limitations of autopsy in the diagnosis of
death due to ischemic heart disease are well known.

(End excerpt.)

Maybe things have improved since that article.

Maybe not so much.

Update April 10, 2021


Update April 11, 2021

Update April 16, 2021

Autopsy Evaluation

I’ve been waiting for others to offer an evaluation and haven’t seen any.  So, I asked my family medical advisor for an evaluation of the David Michael Fulton autopsy.  Following are what I consider the substance of that evaluation.

(Begin quotes.)

“Given his history, it is a huge red flag that no toxicology (drug tests) were done.  I can’t imagine why not done; given the autopsy findings!
“He would likely have been on multiple drugs that he could overdose with; or even just a seizure drug alone.”
“Lack of blood flow to organs due to his blood vessel disease could have caused a seizure, or blood clot in his brain.  A seizure with lack of oxygen could have caused death.”
“To make a valid assessment, a drug screen would have to be done.”
“If he had no seizure meds in his body, then seizure a likely/possible cause, or too many; perhaps overdose/suicide.”
“Reports from all his doctors should have been made available to doctor performing the autopsy.  Many questions here!”
“There was a Swedish study … published by the British Journal of Psychiatry in January 2018 … The leading causes of death in those with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) were heart disease, suicide, epilepsy.”

(End quotes.)

Update April 17, 2021

Nate the Lawyer broadcast a YouTube video today dealing with the problem Steve McRae’s creepy community, of which David Michael Fulton was a member, has been having with their fund-raising; specifically by and/or behalf of Shawn Huffard.

Update April 24, 2021

Looks like Steve McRae’s creepy community is still interested in making sure David Michael Fulton’s story does NOT get told.  The following is from an unrelated Twitter thread on Creaky Blinder’s account where Kent Hovind was the subject.

My response to “Kennedy”:

Speaking of that creepy community, there was also this last night!

Commentary on Dick Dawson’s video above:

Update April 25, 2021

Tweets regarding the creepy community that David Michael Fulton appears to have been trying to get away from:

Then there was this exchange in my Twitter account!

(Keon Aurii Deleted His Account!)

So, I posted the 5 preceding screenshots and the message below to my own Twitter account!

Update April 26, 2021

More whining; nothing substantive!

My Response!

Then there was this:

Update April 28, 2021

Kyle Curtis made an appearance with UniRock on YouTube last night and discussed stuff somewhat relevant to the David Michael Fulton case.

Now this from “Reds Rhetoric”!  And him and his creepy community dared to question me regarding my coverage of David Michael Fulton’s story; a story that has yet to be openly and honestly revealed!

(Tweet consists of 3 screenshots below.)

Update April 29, 2021

I don’t know anything about the Ilya Moon story, but this is a followup about that and what “they” are saying about it.  Go to the opening tweet for additional comments.

Update April 30, 2021

UniRock continues his allegations raising questions about Ilya Moon and her fundraising, and makes reference to the fundraising for David Michael Fulton (aka Booleanator) and the involvement of Reds Rhetoric.

The controversy continues!

UniRock & Nate the Lawyer discuss the issues, live, on YouTube at:

May be something more specific about the David Michael Fulton case in the YouTube broadcast below:

Update May 1, 2021

Update from Nate the Lawyer!

Attachment to Above

This also makes it sound pretty serious!

And this just a little while ago:

Update May 2, 2021

Latest from UniRock:

Update May 3, 2021

Update from Nate the Lawyer

The “Ilya Moon” confession to Nate the Lawyer!

The “Ilya Moon” Tweets

That’s not the end of it!

UniRock is following up live as I report this, claiming he will show that the David Michael Fulton (aka Booleanator/Bool) after death fundraiser was fraudulent!

Nate the Lawyer also is a guest in the following broadcast:

Update May 4, 2021

Nate the Lawyer has more to say!

Creepy community members seem to be scrambling to try and absolve themselves of any responsibility regarding the phony fundraisers; not realizing the creepy community’s problems run much deeper.  See article above for other references to Glober Mom.

Link to Glober Mom Performance Today (illustrated below):

Menace2Sobriety also has some thoughts on the subject:

Update May 17, 2021

More about the computer issue in this broadcast today:

Update May 19, 2021

Link to UniRock video which includes recordings of “Reds Rhetoric” explaining how he got someone to take a hammer to David Michael Fulton’s computer shortly after he was discovered deceased.

Update May 23, 2021

The Bool Fundraiser Addressing The Conspiracies Mirror (Video)

Update May 24, 2021

Getting Ready For BOOLS FUNDRAISER Reveal (Biggest FraudraiserSplosion Yet)

Update May 26, 2021

Someone referred me to the YouTube exchange illustrated below.  Don’t ask me?  Seems almost everyone in David’s creepy community likes to do what they do anonymously.  I don’t know who these people are.  However, in addition to the exchange illustrated below, there seems to be other interesting exchanges, but I have only caught a few minutes so far.

Time Marked Link to Exchange Below

Update May 27, 2021

Link to captured and preserved video which shows David Michael Fulton (aka Booleanator/Bool) promoting the supposed fraudulent fundraiser for “Ilya Moon”:

RedsRhetoric = Stephen Michael Balcom ???

“Ilya Moon” = Kimberly Underwood ???

(Text of Related Email)

To: Captain John Kiely, Knoxville, TN Police Department
From: Nate B. 
Suspect: Kimberly Underwood
Online Names: Ilya Moon / Illumoons / Formerly Known as Moon 
Location #1: Knoxville, TN
Location #2: Oakridge, TN 
Date of Birth: 05/02/1981 
Video of Fundraiser on YouTube:

Kimberly Underwood held a “gofundme” fundraiser claiming she had cancer. She presented an Invoice from “Thompson Cancer Survival Center” in Oakridge Tennessee. Claiming that all the money was spent on “Cancer Treatment.”
The invoices had errors on them. After calls to the hospital to verify the information, the hospital officials confirmed that Mr. Underwood was never a patient at the hospital. 
It is clear that Ms. Underwood claimed to have cancer was false and she stole the money intended for cancer treatment.  
I have attached the receipts that do not match my investigatory call log. 
I will also call you on Monday to discuss.
 Ms. Underwood has closed all of her accounts and fled.
 Thank You,
Nate B.

(End text of related email.)

Update June 7, 2021

Here are 2 tweets from “Exiled” regarding David’s personal life that could be relevant to any consideration of his death and its cause(s).

In response to my further inquiries, I received the following response from the medical examiner regarding the prospect that specimens had been retained and might be subject to testing, which was not done for purposes of the original autopsy.  I have no idea whether or not the “next of kin” will make such a request as is indicated therein.

Update June 8, 2021

In response to my inquiries to the medical examiner’s office, the investigator on the case emailed me a request for my phone number if I wanted to talk to him.  So, I sent him my numbers and he called me.

This entry is a summary of our discussion according to my recollections.

Ultimately, the investigator said that David Michael Fulton did NOT have a heart attack.

The investigator said that if he had had a heart attack the autopsy would have showed that.

The investigator admitted to me that the autopsy report, properly interpreted, only reflected that on December 26, 2020 David Michael Fulton’s heart stopped and that he died as a result.

I do NOT dispute the report/claim that David Michael Fulton’s heart stopped on December 26, 2021.

The investigator indicated that he might check with the medical examiner as to his further consideration that there be toxicology tests done.  Maybe he will.  Maybe he won’t.

The investigator indicated he had worked in law enforcement and had 30 years experience investigating such things.  He had considered the police report which he says indicates no signs that suicide was a possibility.  He claims they counted all the pills in the prescribed medications and all were accounted for.  I did not think of it, and he did not mention the possibility that David might have gone off his meds, leaving the impression that no pills were missing (i.e., as if there was an overdose).

The investigator indicated that there was no indication that any computer had been “destroyed” at the scene where David Michael Fulton died.

I explained that I could not express any opinion about the police report which I did not have access to and that I did not intend on trying to obtain it.

The investigator indicated that the medical examiner, law enforcement and the family were all satisfied with the results of the autopsy and that they did not have to convince me.

I readily admitted that they did not have to convince me.

The investigator seemed a little defensive that I was critical of the autopsy and his effort to make it appear beyond reproach and its conclusion unquestionably correct.

I explained to the investigator how I came to my interest in the matter and my opinions about the issues in the case.  I also used my own coronary artery disease issues to rebut some of his efforts to suggest that, since David Michael Fulton had coronary artery disease and an enlarged heart, those were the immediate cause of death (note: see his admission above that there was no heart attack).

David Michael Fulton had physical and mental health problems and a number of personal problems and on December 26, 2020 his heart stopped beating and he died.

Maybe that’s all there is to it.

Maybe not.

(End Summary.)

References to Investigator

Update July 5, 2021

Update July 18, 2021

Links to UniRock’s Tweets Illustrated Below

Steve McRae Statement Referenced Above

Update August 4, 2021

Twitter is abuzz about David Michael Fulton (aka Bool/Booleanator).
Steve McRae’s money man, Glenn Williamson (aka DubzRoohif), seems to think I am involved. I call ipse dixit. I don’t follow McRae and his creepy community much anymore, but someone tipped me off to the fact that I seem to be living rent free in their heads.
Link to my article referenced by Steve McRae’s money man, Glenn Williamson (aka Roohif):
Link to Menace Tweet:
Link to Glenn’s Tweet:

Time marked link to Steve’s comments illustrated below.  What a creepy coward he is to say something like that and then not document what he is talking about.  I think he is simply making a false claim against me with “plausible deniability”!

After the Twitter storm, McRae tries damage control, but utterly fails!

Update August 5, 2021

Regarding Autopsy Photographs!

From the Medical Examiner’s Office

Update August 14, 2021

It appears Steve McRae and his creepy community are still telling lies about me and the David Michael Fulton case!

Link to my Twitter thread illustrated below:

(No!  That is not true, Han Sanitizer!)

Time marked link to Steve McRae comments illustrated below:

So, I wrote the medical examiner and requested a statement addressing Steve McRae’s comments as shown above.  I also sent a copy to the medical examiner’s investigator, James Beining, who called me earlier to discuss the case.  My summary of my discussion with James is shown above in this article in an updated dated June 8, 2021.

It seems James Beining, medical examiner’s investigator in the case of the death of David Michael Fulton, doesn’t want to touch it.

The medical examiner has a greater responsibility.  I will wait and see if the medical examiner will give me a statement addressing Steve McRae’s comments above.

Update September 5, 2021

Steve McRae is flat out lying again!

Time marked link to comments illustrated below:

Links to my related articles on Steve McRae:

Update October 22, 2021

Sounds like Steve McRae’s creepy community is still stalking me!

Update January 8, 2022

For my whiny critics!

Update January 24, 2022

Popular YouTuber Schrodinger’s Cat, who specialized in exposing sovereign citizens and similar sorts, found deceased in his hotel room after he missed a scheduled broadcast and his wife called authorities for a welfare check.  He had ties to Steve McRae and David Michael Fulton.

Links to YouTube Announcements of the Death:

It was just 2 months ago that I sent the Cat (aka Cliff Overby) a tip which he used in one of his broadcasts!

I’ve seen a number of reports indicating “it’s a small world” and David Michael Fulton was associated with Schrodinger’s Cat.  Here is one example.

A more recent view!

Update January 25, 2022

From the beginning, I was wondering how the reporting of this death might compare to that of David Michael Fulton.  Has it begun?  We will see!


Update January 26, 2022

I don’t know what is going on, but it looks like the Schrodinger’s Cat channel has decided to bump up their program to today, in about 30 minutes at:

About 4 minutes in the claim is made by Marvel Girl that she doesn’t know the cause/manner of death and not to ask.  It is not clear whether Nicole, Cliff’s wife, has some idea or not.

About 40 minutes into the broadcast, in response to others alleging Nicole is “faking it”, Nicole admits that the details are being kept private.

Update January 27, 2022

More of Nicole’s cryptic comments from one of her videos referenced above at:

There was also this!

There was also this!


Update January 28, 2022

Update January 29, 2022

Secrets, so many secrets!

“The service will be this week.  That’s all we are going to say about that … The service is not going to be live-streamed.  This is a private situation, and I just prefer not to live-stream it.”
Nicole Overby – About 15 minutes in

Update January 30, 2022

The latest social media exploitation?????

Update January 31, 2022

Seems David Fulton and Cliff Overby went through similar physical transformations before their deaths.


Loetta appears to be Jillian’s mother!

Winston appears ready, but it appears the details still seem to remain a State secret!

This is just one of many such postings under the latest Community post to the Schrodinger’s Cat YouTube channel.


Yeah, I think “coverup” aptly describes what is going on here!

The above video is now “unlisted”!

Update February 1, 2022

Update February 2, 2022

More examples of the Overby coverup under way!

Update February 4, 2022

Secrets, so many secrets!

Marvel Girl, Nicole Overby, Johnny O. (The Plot Hole) and others appear to have returned to exploiting YouTube, counting burps and other activities.  

Others still ask!


Update February 5, 2022

“Meow Meow” appears to have now deleted her/his channel and also the exchange screenshot below.

In her performance tonight with A Marvel Girl, Nicole Overby admitted that Cliff was cremated and provided some pictures at the unnamed church where they had a memorial of some kind out in the country.  Nicole claimed that was all the public was going to get as she was keeping other details secret. (0:41:35 Time Mark)

Update February 6, 2022

Latest cover story from A Marvel Girl (aka AMG)!

Update February 7, 2022

Cliff’s son goes to live with his mother, not Nicole!

Update February 10, 2022

We have medical examiners/coroners, police investigations, autopsies, etc., because there is a legitimate public interest in such deaths.  It’s not about “questioning them” about what they were told.  It is simply about getting the information and forming our own opinions about the death of Clifford Albert Overby, II (aka Schrodinger’s Cat).  If not now, from “them”, maybe later from the same “authorities”.

Update February 21, 2022

UniRock video on fundraiser for Fulton, and other issues:

Update March 14, 2022

I don’t recall seeing this before.  Jillian (Cliff’s ex-wife and mother of Winston, Cliff’s child) may have only recently made it public.

Link to referenced church FaceBook page:

I have been advised that the actual memorial as noted by Nicole Overby was not at the above church; that the above was Cliff’s and Jillian’s home church.

Update March 19, 2022

Additional research now suggests that the Overby family church was Hampton Baptist of Newport News, VA, but they later moved to Windsor, VA and it was in Windsor, VA that Cliff’s memorial was held.  I do not know the specific church at this time.

Update March 20, 2022

Still they ask!

I am hardly the only one!

Update March 24, 2022

On March 16, 2022, Jillian Jo Overby contacted me and we had an extensive correspondence, via FaceBook Messenger, over the following 3 days.  I have archived that exchange in a draft article on this website.  Due to the sensitive nature of much of what was discussed, I have chosen not to publish that article at this time.

Update March 30, 2022

The controversy appears to be alive and well!

Cliff & Jillian at an earlier time.  Jillian has since removed this image from public view!

Update April 9, 2022

Back to the David Michael Fulton (aka Booleanator/Bool) case!

Update April 29, 2022

Update May 16, 2022

Seems a lot has been going on behind the scenes.  Someone using the title “Dogtective” has posted a series of videos apparently designed to attack those interested in finding out the cause and manner of Clifford’s death.  Some of my material above even shows up in the videos.

Links to “Dogtective” videos:

Update July 1, 2022

Based on false and misleading statements directed at me by Johnny L in a live broadcast on his “The Plot Hole” YouTube channel tonight, I decided it was time to go ahead and publish my exchange with Jillian Jo Overby.  It appears the cowardly Johnny L is still not man enough to face me to discuss his problems and what appears issues with me that I don’t recall hearing about and he was not specific in explaining.


Link to Johnny L’s video illustrated below:

Link to my exchange with Jillian Jo Overby:

Update July 20, 2022


Update August 21, 2022

They continue to ask!

They continue to keep their secrets!

Update September 2, 2022

Update March 18, 2023

David Michael Fulton (aka Booleanator) returns to the news.




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