I have for quite some time pointed out that Kent Hovind sent his ex-wife, Jo, to prison as assuredly as King David sent Uriah to his death.
Kent Hovind has often used the King Davis / Uriah story in his performances on YouTube, but not in a way applicable to his own situation of sending his wife to prison as a means of covering up for his criminal activities.
I have not stressed the cover up aspects, but tonight, in light of Kent’s comments, I thought it important to emphasize the “why” in Kent’s sending his wife to prison.
Here’s the link and outstanding proposition, 1 of 65, for discussion should Kent Hovind ever come out and face me in order that we might discuss 1 or more of the 65 propositions in my challenge to him.
Proposition #28
Just as King David killed Uriah, so Kent Hovind
sent his wife to prison.
Robert Baty: Affirm
Kent Hovind: (To Affirm or Deny)
Here’s the link and transcription of Kent’s comments tonight regarding why King David did what he did regarding Uriah and which also explains why Kent sent his wife to prison.  It’s around the 18:30 mark in the video as indicated by the time marked link.
(Begin transcription.)
People do desperate things to cover up their
Look at what King David did.
Commits adultery with a neighbor’s wife.
She gets pregnant.
So he has the husband killed to cover it up.
Look at all the Clintons have done to cover
up some of their stuff….
Mena, AR…
The Pentagon…
– Kent Hovind
– February 17, 2017
(End transcription.)
Yes, Kent, we know “why” you sent Jo to prison.
Had you wanted to keep her out of prison, you could have easily done so by accepting your own personal responsibility for your criminal conduct and made a deal that would have kept Jo from going to prison.
You weren’t man enough to do that.
You sent Jo to prison in order to keep from admitting to your criminal acts and accepting personal responsibility for them and for manipulating your wife into participating in them with you.
Yes, it was a pretty desperate and heartless act on your part; to cover up your own criminal conduct.
Kent Hovind, you sent Jo to prison and did so to cover up your criminal conduct which you continue to deny.



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