Shawn Stuller called Rudy Davis today and frantically reported that he was in disciplinary confinement and being investigated for possible violations connected with his association with Rudy and Erin Davis and his YouTube/FaceBook presence which is facilitated by Rudy and Erin Davis.

Shawn cries out for help hoping that Rudy will be able to contact authorities and clear his name and get him out of what he makes like are rather unpleasant conditions.

In the course of that conversation, Shawn mentions that Barbara Bryson, his “momma” (i.e., a sympathetic social justice warrior who has taken a liking to Shawn), is leaving tomorrow to come and visit him again; having scheduled the trip before the present distress.

Barbara earlier visited both Shawn and Kent Hovind not long ago.




See time marked link below for discussion about Barbara and her next scheduled visit:

(Begin transcription.)

“Barbara is flying across the country tomorrow to come see me.

And they just put me back in jail.

Yeah, she’s flying across the country.

She’ll be leaving at six in the morning on her flight.

I already called her and told her everything.

She is going to come to this place and talk to them.”

(End transcription.)

Here’s the video itself, and Rudy followed that with two other videos where he frantically tries to contact authorities and document it on YouTube, in order to take the blame for Shawn’s celebrity antics:

Here is the link to Rudy’s call to the prison chaplain.  I don’t know the rules, but depending on the rules, Rudy may be admitting to Shawn’s and his own guilt in the possible violations.  Rudy also tries to put the whole matter on the back of unnamed trolls who he claims would have called or otherwise contacted the prison and lied about Shawn.

And here’s the link to Rudy’s recorded call to Shawn’s warden:


UPDATE November 25, 2016

Yesterday, about 9:00 PM MT, “herbielina” (aka Therese Moore), one of Kent’s and Rudy’s and Erin’s and Shawn’s biggest fans, posted the following comment to Rudy’s video announcing Shawn’s predicament:

“Wow. Doing this on a holiday when the Warden is off. They know Shawn doesn’t have a cell phone. They watch and listen to him every night on the dirty public phone. This is ridiculous. Boy they sure hate The Light being Shined on them. Praying for Shawn and Lonestar’s ministry.”

I responded with the following on November 25, 2016 about 10:45 AM MT:

“Paul John Hansen and Kent Hovind still need to accept their responsibility for having been the primary cause of Shawn Stuller getting his 20 year sentence.

If it were not for them Shawn would have, from all indications, made a deal and probably been out on the street again by now. Now it appears that Shawn’s little ministry through Rudy and Erin might have crossed the line, with or without a contraband cell phone.

Maybe we will hear more about that unless Rudy and Erin get colder feet and shuts down. Maybe Shawn’s ‘Massachusetts Momma’ will get him out of it when she gets to town today.


UPDATE November 25, 2016

“WildRoseCountryGirl” also commented on Rudy’s video as follows:

“I figured it was about time for them to mess with Shawn. So tired of this corruption.”

So, I responded with:

“They do have rules, and, indeed, may have been time to enforce them appropriately as to Shawn. It may be that he has been operating, contrary to the rules, his business from prison, through Rudy and Erin; you know, his ministry and fund-raising business (with or without a contraband cell phone).


Paul John Hansen and Kent Hovind have yet to admit to their most important role in getting Shawn a 20 year sentence, and I suspect Rudy and Erin will not likely be any quicker to admit the problems they have caused for Shawn.”  

UPDATE November 25, 2016

“CrossEyedOne” wrote under Rudy’s video:

“I thought it was just the FBI that was pressing the “dislike button” but it seems it’s prison guards as well. Haven’t they got anything better to do.”

I wrote in response:

“They get paid for investigating and enforcing rules violations and disciplining inmates accordingly.

Without regard to a suspected contraband cell phone, it may be they figured out that Shawn just may be violating the rules by doing fund-raising and running his business through Rudy and Erin.

We’ll see.

See also:

Paul John Hansen and Kent Hovind were chiefly responsible for the events ending with Shawn getting 20 years instead of allowing him to make a deal which might have resulted with him already having been released by now.

Rudy and Erin may similarly be quite reluctant to accept responsibility for their part in Shawn’s present distress.”

Link to Blackwater River Correctional Facility Inmate Handbook:

For rules, that link references the following:

It seems to me that inmates may be prohibited from “establishing or maintaining an account, or any other presence, on any internet website”.

Shawn Stuller Created/Maintained Internet Presence

FaceBook Page Created/Maintained by Erin Davis:

YouTube Channel Channel Created/Maintained by Rudy & Erin Davis:

Related YouTube Channel Created/Maintained by Rudy & Erin Davis:

Florida was going forward with a rule prohibiting inmate internet presence, but that appears to have been recently withdrawn.  I don’t know what the latest on that might be.

See 2015 article on that at:

However, existing rules then and now might still be adequate to provide for discipline of Shawn based on what Rudy and Erin have been doing in promoting him and his “ministry” and fund-raising.

Also, that article concludes with:

“FDOC has withdrawn the rule ‘for some tweaking and adjustment’.”

Maybe that has been done by now.

UPDATE November 25, 2016


Barbara Bryson may be associated with the prison ministry of the St. Anthony’s Shrine Catholic Church of Boston.


The name, Barbara Bryson, appears associated with that church via mentions of that name in various published bulletins from the church.  May be a coincidence; maybe not.



Barbara Bryson returning to visit Shawn Stuller! — 3 Comments

  1. It is interesting how Rudy tells Shawn that he decides what to do and doesn’t take orders from Shawn, while immediately before Shawn was giving him marching orders on how to handle the situation he was now in. Living in a prison town, I know exactly how these prisoners operate. They are all innocent, have been abused and are being abused by the system and they DEMAND people do things for them.

    I think it is ridiculous in the first place that prisoners can make calls to buddies and get their stuff put on social media of any kind. Well, the Bureau of Prisons lets Kent Hovind run the same type of operation he was arrested for earlier. What should I expect? Maybe in ten years the prisoners will get their own Facebook account and a dedicated touch screen in their cell so they can do their own posts to their own account. Now, this is a money-making idea. A computer for prisoners that can ONLY allow Facebook posting and maybe their own YouTUbe channels, we could deduct commissary money for each post, or better yet let their friends on FB use their Paypal accounts to fill up a personal prisoner account for their favorite prisoner. Now that is an idea.

    • Now, if it could only be determined that:

      Shawn was actually in violation of those rules,
      it was a crime for 3rd parties to conspire in the commission of those crimes, whether intentionally or not,
      (Shawn is deemed to know the rules but Rudy and Erin might not be so situated), and
      since it involves interstate activity it was a federal crime,

      that would seem to put Rudy and Erin at some real risk.

      No wonder Rudy, as Jim Lott has been noting, has seemed to be running so scared since that visit recently by the FBI!

  2. Thanks to the likes of Rudy Davis, Kent Hovind, and Paul John Hansen, Shawn Stuller tried playing the sovcit card instead of making a deal that would have minimized his prison time……..and failed, of course.
    He wound up getting 20 years, thanks, in part, to Rudy, Kent & Paul, when he might have been out by now.
    No repentance on the part of Rudy, Kent & Paul as to their part in helping Shawn get 20 years.
    Latest video from Rudy about Shawn is at:
    Rudy had been distancing himself from Shawn, but has recently renewed postings about him. Kent and Paul, it seems, don’t want anything more to do with him, and maybe Shawn feels the same way about them.
    Shawn is still trying, apparently with financial support from his “Massachusetts Momma”, Barbara Bryson, to get a do over with his case; having recently filed a motion for reconsideration because of “ineffectiveness of counsel”. That is pending before the Court in Santa Rosa County.


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