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Ernie Land’s Proposition for Debate

There is no income tax law.

Ernie Land: Affirm

Robert Baty: Deny

I am waiting for Ernie Land to present his first affirmative in support of his position.

To the extent appropriate, I am more than willing to negotiate the reasonable logistical details that would make Ernie’s defense of his proposition more efficient and expeditious.

Link to Ernie Land’s FaceBook post giving rise to this debate:

Ernie Land’s source:

Feline DaQueen’s FaceBook Post (2 screenshots)

Ernie Land originally challenged Peter J. Reilly via Peter J. Reilly’s FaceBook page where Ernie had “shared” his post.  I never saw where Peter responded, so I did, and the following reflects that exchange, beginning with Ernie’s post as “shared” to Peter’s page.


Link to my article on this website providing my position:

“Show me the law!” – OK – Income Tax 101






Ernie Land v. Robert Baty – Income Tax — No Comments

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