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Originally Posted December 11, 2022

by Robert Baty

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On December 11, 2022, I, Robert Baty, engaged in a FaceBook exchange with Em Lambert, client advocate for the John Pierce Law firm regarding the Jesse Boyd case. See links above for my earlier coverage of the Boyd case.

This article is intended to memorialize that important exchange.

Link to the FaceBook exchange represented below with screenshots of the exchange:


Update December 12, 2022

I thought it of some passing interest. Em Lambert changed her intro on her FaceBook page since our exchange yesterday!

Among other things, she deleted the reference to being married to Terry Lambert. Their intros indicate they live in different towns in Mississippi. While that may not be a reliable indication of anything, maybe they split up. Maybe not. I don’t know. Maybe Em is just responding to our engagement yesterday, failing to understand clearly what these things are all about. I don’t know.

Jesse Boyd said the gun he drew on Brad Terrell on November 12, 2022 was a 2-shot .410 Derringer. It might have looked something like this:

Here are 2 links to articles which I think can be fairly interpreted to demonstrate that Jesse Boyd’s “long walk” with an upside down American flag is a political mission, not religious, despite him trying to cover his intent by also carrying a wooden cross.

Update December 14, 2022

Rumor now has it that the arraignment, previously scheduled for December 13 and then December 19 has been rescheduled, as to Eric Trent (with the lesser charge), for January 11, 2023 and for Jesse Boyd, Bethany Boyd and Carter Phillips, for January 23, 2023.

I previously reported on Jesse Boyd’s FaceBook post/picture regarding a dinner engagement he had with Coleman Boyd and Cal Zastrow, 2 of “The 11” who were recently indicted for their protests at a clinic in Tennessee. Jesse deleted that post the next day, and I did not get a screenshot. See ORDER below. It appears Coleman had permission to be in North Carolina to see family, but not permission to go to Virginia to protest at a clinic. He got caught being at a clinic protesting. So, the feds want a “show cause” hearing to try and lock him up for violating the terms of his release pending trial (Scheduled for January 16, 2023). The “show cause” hearing has been scheduled for December 20, 2022.

Found this today (December 15, 2022) from someone who was at the Virginia clinic on the other side of the issue:

Update December 15, 2022

Jesse Loses His Gun

Jesse and his wooden weapon

Tough guy Jesse bragging and talking about January 6, 2021

Update December 16, 2022

I don’t know what is going on with the docket record in the case of “The 11”, but it now appears that Calvin Zastrow as well as Coleman Boyd have been ordered to appear on December 20, 2022 for a show cause hearing regarding their alleged violations of their terms of release.

I figured it out. It depends on how you search for the case. If you search by individual defendant, you get docket history limited to that defendant. If you search for the case, generally, you get the complete record.

Jesse Boyd’s Threat!

This kind of language as used by Kent Hovind was considered a threat, investigated as such, and used as evidence in support of the obstruction charge for which he was convicted in 2006.

Guess What I Found, With A Little Help!

Update December 19, 2022

Roger Roots, a supposed member of Jesse Boyd’s legal dream team, spotted in Washington, D.C.

Important information about Roger Roots’ history is at:


Another good profile article on Roger Roots is found at:

There is also this fairly recent story about Roots preferring to work “behind the scenes”:

Update December 20, 2022

Zastrow and Boyd given a pass on violating conditions of release. Conditions to be modified. Maybe be considered again if another petition filed.

Update December 21, 2022

Links to orders modifying Coleman Boyd’s and Calvin Zastrow’s conditions of release:

Jesse Boyd appears to be wanting to plead guilty on behalf of Bethany in this post at:

Don’t let Jesse fool you. His group outweighed Brad Terrell by 3 to 1, had the guns, had the other weapons, and were trained martial arts professionals.

Update December 22, 2022

Jesse Boyd v. Montana – Latest Update!

This morning’s update from Jesse Boyd, confirming earlier reports regarding proceedings scheduled for January 2023.

Speaking of Kool-Aid…

Update December 23, 2022

Update December 24, 2022

Eric Trent prepares for his fight with Brad Terrell!

Update December 26, 2022

Update December 27, 2022

The man who fears no man now wants us to believe he feared an old, unarmed, fat man!

Update December 28, 2022

Jesse needs to be like his hero Cal Zastrow!

Update December 29, 2022

Bethany Boyd breaks her silence, tries to preach, and my response!

Bethany Boyd has now blocked me from her FaceBook page and deleted my above message!

Seems Bethany and/or Jesse went whining to Em Lambert about it!

Lots going on with Jesse today, and Bethany, and others, but I have not taken the time to post some of it. Jesse did finally make a cryptic post about the status of the criminal prosecution. It’s not much, but it’s something. Jesse is still keeping much very secret.

Update December 30, 2022

My legal counsel fires back at Roger Roots’ and John Pierce’s little bully!

Update December 31, 2022

Jesse Boyd, again, shows himself to be the liar and the coward!

Update January 1, 2023

Jesse Boyd admits to resisting arrest and fleeing from law enforcement in Bangladesh.

Around the 20 minute mark in the above referenced video, Jesse brags about his big plans for his triumphant return this year to Madison County, MT.

Around the 0:41:40 mark, Jesse brags about how he stopped Brad Terrell cold when he drew his .410 shotgun and pointed it at Brad on the side of the road in Madison County, MT back in November. Of course, Jesse cleverly only refers to having drawn his “derringer”.

Update January 2, 2022

Regarding the possible conflict of interest in having one lawyer, John Pierce, represent all 4 defendants, the following 2 documents from a John Pierce Capitol Breach case provides some relevant discussion as to how that issue might be dealt with in the Jesse Boyd cases.

Update August 1, 2023

A Twitter exchange with Em Lambert!

Update December 19, 2023

I ran across Em Lambert on Twitter tonight and so asked her about Jesse Boyd’s latest criticism of his former legal dream team including John M. Pierce, Roger Roots, Em Lambert, et al.

Link to Em’s tweet illustrated below:

Update February 23, 2024

It has come to my attention that there is an angle to the Em Lambert story that I was not previously aware, involving her connections to the infamous Tiger King story, how she got hooked up with Pierce/Roots, and her current circumstances. For now, it’s just a number of details and narratives in a thread in my FaceBook group at:

Update April 2, 2024

Another clue in support of the ongoing rumors regarding an office romance between law firm partner Roger Roots and client advocate Em Lambert!

Update April 24, 2024

Update April 30, 2024



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