The following interview took place between Krista Marie Roberson and Robert Baty via FaceBook messaging after being initiated by Krista Marie Roberson.

References follow the exchange.


Why did you post things about my husband and me on facebook?


Sorry for the delay, Krista.

FaceBook doesn’t advise me of “other” messages and I didn’t notice you had written.

You and Levi are part of the larger Kent Hovind story.

That’s why.

Let me know if you ever wish to discuss the details of how it is you came to get together with Levi, your wedding details, and what is up with you and the Hovind operation currently.


Why would I do that?

It’s none of your business!

What do you have against Hovind anyway?


You say that and then turn around and ask me a question!

That’s not a very nice way to start a conversation.

Most “blushing brides” are more than glad to share the details of their weddings.  You and Levi seem to prefer to keep your secrets, and I am hardly the only who has expressed an interest and concern about such things.

You can share them, or keep them secret.

I can only ask.

As for Hovind, he is an UNrepentant career criminal who has pledged the rest of his life to promoting his false legal narrative which includes an anti-government, sovereign citizen theology.

So, it would seem there is going to be a place for someone to follow his story for awhile yet.

Levi also plays an important part in that, and his part he and Kent seem to be keeping secret for now.

As noted above, I can only ask and you can participate in this important public conversation…………..or not.


What important part did Levi play?


Levi appears to have joined Kent’s business operations and has made at least one broadcast promoting Kent’s business and his own herb business and parlor game.

Rumor has it that Levi’s association with Kent’s business is what led to you and Levi getting together.  Kent fancies himself a matchmaker, and it sounds like he provided the circumstances that resulted in your match with Levi.

I have to rely on you, Kent and Levi to disclose the details.

I don’t even know for sure if Levi is still associated with Kent.  Are they keeping their business arrangements secret, or has Levi moved on to other things?

Maybe we will learn more over time.  Maybe you and/or Levi will let me know what’s up with that.  It is not likely Kent will be explaining any of it to me.


Why are you out to destroy Hovind?


You keep asking the questions while neglecting to actually engage in the conversation and provide any information to which you have special access and knowledge.

Oh well, as stated, I can only ask.

Your reluctance to be open and honest about the things of which you are familiar regarding Kent and Levi and your association therewith is worthy of note, though I wish you would repent and tell your side of the story.

I am not out to “destroy” Hovind.

If there is anything substantive in my reporting on the Hovind story, please feel free to let me know and maybe we can advance a conversation regarding your concerns and I can, where appropriate, improve my reporting.




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The Roberson/Baty Interview – October 17/18, 2016 — 3 Comments

  1. From Krista’s FaceBook Page:

    Krista wrote on October 4, 2016:

    Ok id like to explain a thing or two ..

    Im not saying any of this out of anger or bitterness
    just for clarification because apparently some of you
    are “concerned”

    If you dont know everything about my situation and
    unless you have heard both sides you really have no
    room to talk about me..

    I still love God how anyone could doubt my relationship
    with God is beyond me..

    I have NOT became some totally different person.. as a
    matter of fact the only thing thats really changed about
    me is I fell in love and grew up..

    And yes I know me growing up is a hard thing for everyone
    to cope with cause yall thought I was gonna stay a little
    kid forever but everyone grows up sometime..

    If your not part of the problem or part of the solution
    you dont need to be in my business..

    If ya wanna know something because youre honestly concerned
    I might tell you but truth be told everyone just wants to
    be nosey.


    Joy Bentley Blackwell responded on October 4, 2016 with:

    Some are genuinely concerned, remember that a lot is lost
    in text that would be conveyed in person.

    Part of growing up is realizing there is still some level
    of accountability to others.

    Growing up doesn’t give us the right to no longer answer
    to people.

    I understand your aggravation with nosey people, but
    remember part of being grown is knowing that you there’s
    always someone to answer to.

    Living your life in a veil of secrecy is not the answer.

    Transparency is key to having people see your point of

    It’s a lot easier to claim innocence when there’s nothing
    being held back or hidden.

    Matter of fact, growing up is more of realizing that living
    is a family thing and not a singular existence.

    If people care about you one day, you can’t expect them to
    stop because you decided to change lifestyles or situations.

    This relates to all aspects of life. Not just family, but
    career and parenting as well. Love you girl, hope all is
    well as you say. We love you!


    Go to link for other comments in that thread on Krista’s page.


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