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Originally Posted May 22, 2021
by Robert Baty

Link to Jose – Clements Interview

Link to Jose Follow-up Video

The background for that interview was something someone said that resulted in David Jose misrepresenting David Clements.  David Clements appears to have agreed to the interview in order to try and set the record straight; without having seriously considered that he was dealing with a con man.

At first Clements appeared very accommodating/patronizing towards Jose, but they did eventually get into somewhat heated differences, but Clements never really seemed to appreciate what/who he was dealing with.

Sure enough, today, May 22, 2021, David Jose made another broadcast where he went after Clements and others (including me).

After yesterday’s interview, I contacted Clements via FaceBook and we had an exchange.  He has other interests and was not inclined to go further in criticizing David Jose.

Link to FaceBook Thread of Clements/Baty Exchange


Gail Golec appears to have been involved in getting all of this started, and it just so happens she is broadcasting a live as I type.

Time marked link now available to above screenshot of Gail Golec:

Update May 23, 2021

David Jose isn’t through with David Clements.  He’s going after him today at:

Gail Golec is refusing to engage with me and discuss her affections for David Jose’s affidavits.  Here is a time marked link to her own video featuring David Clements where the matter is brought up by Gail around the 1:11:10 mark as indicated by the link below.  David Jose was participating via the live chat feature.

Update May 24, 2021

Kandiss Taylor, Josh Barnett & David Jose can’t handle the truth!


Example: Josh Barnett & David Jose Flim Flam!

Link to Josh Barnett FaceBook Post Illustrated Below:

Link to Promotion in Josh Barnett’s Post Above:

Link to David Jose YouTube Promotion Referenced in Above:

Update May 25, 2021

May 25, 2021 YouTube Performance by David Jose

Link to Kandiss Taylor FaceBook Post

Link to Josh Barnett FaceBook Page

Link to David Jose FaceBook Post

Link to Angela Ward FaceBook thread where post below was made!

Kandiss didn’t mention David Jose by name in her live broadcast tonight, but David was active in her live side chat & her moderator posted one of his comments to the video. She sounds threatening with her talk of treason and removing (not voting out) those who don’t do her bidding.

Kandiss has taken her video undercover!

Update May 26, 2021

Affidavits!  They got the affidavits!

Update August 26, 2021


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