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Originally posted July 5, 2016
by Robert Baty


The FaceBook Action:


In a separate message, FaceBook advised me that the following post is what was tentatively deemed offensive and that it had been removed:


We’ll see how that appeals go.  If my appeal is not granted, my life could get a lot easier.

This website may be the next target of Kent Hovind and his followers.


It is probably already under attack.

P.S. – It is noted that the referenced video was broadcast publicly and the people in the video, according to Kent, would have signed a waiver acknowledging that they may be shown on his commercial video broadcasts. In the case of Diane K. Hummel, she is of particular public interest because of her long-running association with Kent, his ex-wife, the “rape” scheme, and most recently because of her appointment as one of directors of Kent’s 501(c)(3) organization.



FaceBook Action – Why This Website Exists! — 14 Comments

  1. Taking a website down is not that easy. It depends on the hosting party. They are not very willing to disable a page without good reasons and we can always go to a deep web website (haha the hidden internet)

  2. Fuck facebook. It’s not worth the hassle of having to always tiptoe on eggshells about what is deemed offensive or not. Just move all your activities to this site and the word will eventually get out that this is the place to go for the latest Hovind news and info

      • Looks like my appeal was rejected, for no good reason!

        Oh well!

        The beat goes on, and I am scheduled to be released from jail in about an hour.

        Maybe I will start over with a new and improved Hovind v. Baty/USA FaceBook page of some sort and see how it might withstand UNgodly attacks from Kent Hovind and his people.

        Things to look out for currently (not an exhaustive list):

        The Monroe Journal’s possible continuing coverage in its July 7 edition due out tonight.

        Kent’s motion to have his Supervised Release reduced to the one-year served; which may be filed as early as Friday.

        My appearance on the Bernie Dehler Show, to be recorded on July 19 in direct response to Kent’s comments about me on an earlier show.


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