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Following is a testimonial received today, February 25, 2020, regarding the Baby Sofia case.  Links to my previous coverage of the Baby Sofia case follow the testimonial.

Begin Testimonial

It has taken me a while to think about how to write my thoughts without dislike or hate towards the DCF and the family that abandoned their baby girl November of 2018.

I am going to stay anonymous as I am…

See, I was part of Baby Sofia’s life since her foster parents received her.

When I first heard of the story I was in shock.

I could not imagine a mother not bonding with her new baby.

Much less abandon them at a hospital because she didn’t want to give them their real name or medical history.

I am writing to you to let you and the public know that Sofia is LOVED UNCONDITIONALLY in the time she spent with the foster family.

We celebrated when she came home.

We were in Awe on how beautiful she was and fell in “Love at First Sight”.

We watched her grow into her own little person.

We celebrated her every time she turned a month older and how she changed.

We watched her turn over for the first time;

when she “Crab Crawled” with one leg under her.

When she found her hands and feet.

How she loves to play in her bath water and her favorite binky and blanket she will not sleep without.

Her first steps and her much celebrated 1st Birthday.

A birthday fit for a princess.

Our family LOVES this sweet little soul.

When the Biological parents started posting obscenities about the foster family, it hurt us to the core.

The “Bio Mom” as we referred to her, had a lot of time on her hands to troll Facebook and Google and write fictional stories … instead of working with DCF to get her daughter back.

Foster Parents don’t have the rights as the Biological Parents.

Foster parents have to work through DCF for Doctor visits & DayCare.

They do get a stipend for food and Diapers, but all other expenses fall on the foster parents.

DCF works with the Biological parents for them to come and visit and bond with their baby. The Theodoros were offered plane tickets and hotel stays for all their visits so they can bond with baby sofia and refused. They are also offered a lawyer which they refused as well. Guess it was more important to troll and post on Facebook about the family who cared for her baby and loved her baby unconditionally.

I read these “posts” and WHAT LIES!!!

Made the foster family look like they were the bad people.

SUZY, YOU WERE THE ONE who abandoned YOUR BABY and left with no name or known address. Then have the audacity to call the DCF a week later to get Sofia back. This was not a used car, this was a little human being YOU left.

All the videos on Facebook to make herself look like a martyr, the “oh poor me” syndrome. Then engaging with radical groups to help fuel her lies so she doesn’t have to deal with the truth of her abandonment of her only daughter. Groups that created the page “Stand for Sofia” but Suzy never showed up to the rally’s or the court visits in CT.

Then there is the GOFUNDME page created for Lawyer fees.

The Theodoros did conference calls for the court dates with no lawyer present.

What ever happened to those funds?

Did the donors get their money back?

Guess they will never know as both Facebook and GoFundMe Pages have been deleted.

How Ironic….

What this comes down to is YOU, SUZY THEODORO!

YOU left her behind, instead of staying and fighting for her.

YOU made that choice, not Middlesex Hospital or DCF…



Baby Sofia has been with us for 15 Months.

And in that time, we have loved her, made her part of our family.

The thing that DCF does not understand is the bonding Sofia has created with the foster family and extended family as well. We are mixed race family, But this does not matter to us. The only thing that matters is that she is loved and cared for UNCONDITIONALLY!

Because the Theodoros were losing their battle with DCF, they involved Peter’s Parents to seek custody, as in the State of CT the next of kin does have a chance of getting custody.

Foster Parents did hire a lawyer to get permanent custody of Sofia.

To our dismay, Sofia will be going to her Grandparents April 7th the day she turns 17 months permanently.

My fear is she will forget the first family she has ever known.

Will they poison her mind with lies about us?

If BIO MOM posted all those lies about us, what’s to stop her to say more lies?

DCF says she has grown to be resilient.

What 15 month old is resilient to leave the family she has ever known since she was 10 days old. They don’t know what is her favorite food; her favorite toy; her favorite blanket; her favorite music to put her to sleep or how to soothe her when she gets upset or fussy.

How could grandparents in their late 60’s deal with a toddler her age.

Will they have the energy and patience to deal with such an energetic, lively toddler?

My other fear is once the Grandparents take her, will they give her right back to her unstable Bio Mom??

Guess that is a FEAR I and the foster family will need to deal with…..

We Love you Baby Sofia, you will always be in our hearts!!!!

End Testimonial


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Someone posted a link to this article on Shara Michelle’s page and Shara’s response was typical.


Update February 26, 2020

Shara continues her attack on me and the above report.





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