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Originally Posted February 25, 2020
by Robert Baty

Following is a testimonial received today, February 25, 2020, regarding the Baby Sofia case.  Links to my previous coverage of the Baby Sofia case follow the testimonial.

Begin Testimonial

It has taken me a while to think about how to write my thoughts without dislike or hate towards the DCF and the family that abandoned their baby girl November of 2018.

I am going to stay anonymous as I am…

See, I was part of Baby Sofia’s life since her foster parents received her.

When I first heard of the story I was in shock.

I could not imagine a mother not bonding with her new baby.

Much less abandon them at a hospital because she didn’t want to give them their real name or medical history.

I am writing to you to let you and the public know that Sofia is LOVED UNCONDITIONALLY in the time she spent with the foster family.

We celebrated when she came home.

We were in Awe on how beautiful she was and fell in “Love at First Sight”.

We watched her grow into her own little person.

We celebrated her every time she turned a month older and how she changed.

We watched her turn over for the first time;

when she “Crab Crawled” with one leg under her.

When she found her hands and feet.

How she loves to play in her bath water and her favorite binky and blanket she will not sleep without.

Her first steps and her much celebrated 1st Birthday.

A birthday fit for a princess.

Our family LOVES this sweet little soul.

When the Biological parents started posting obscenities about the foster family, it hurt us to the core.

The “Bio Mom” as we referred to her, had a lot of time on her hands to troll Facebook and Google and write fictional stories … instead of working with DCF to get her daughter back.

Foster Parents don’t have the rights as the Biological Parents.

Foster parents have to work through DCF for Doctor visits & DayCare.

They do get a stipend for food and Diapers, but all other expenses fall on the foster parents.

DCF works with the Biological parents for them to come and visit and bond with their baby. The Theodoros were offered plane tickets and hotel stays for all their visits so they can bond with baby sofia and refused. They are also offered a lawyer which they refused as well. Guess it was more important to troll and post on Facebook about the family who cared for her baby and loved her baby unconditionally.

I read these “posts” and WHAT LIES!!!

Made the foster family look like they were the bad people.

SUZY, YOU WERE THE ONE who abandoned YOUR BABY and left with no name or known address. Then have the audacity to call the DCF a week later to get Sofia back. This was not a used car, this was a little human being YOU left.

All the videos on Facebook to make herself look like a martyr, the “oh poor me” syndrome. Then engaging with radical groups to help fuel her lies so she doesn’t have to deal with the truth of her abandonment of her only daughter. Groups that created the page “Stand for Sofia” but Suzy never showed up to the rally’s or the court visits in CT.

Then there is the GOFUNDME page created for Lawyer fees.

The Theodoros did conference calls for the court dates with no lawyer present.

What ever happened to those funds?

Did the donors get their money back?

Guess they will never know as both Facebook and GoFundMe Pages have been deleted.

How Ironic….

What this comes down to is YOU, SUZY THEODORO!

YOU left her behind, instead of staying and fighting for her.

YOU made that choice, not Middlesex Hospital or DCF…



Baby Sofia has been with us for 15 Months.

And in that time, we have loved her, made her part of our family.

The thing that DCF does not understand is the bonding Sofia has created with the foster family and extended family as well. We are mixed race family, But this does not matter to us. The only thing that matters is that she is loved and cared for UNCONDITIONALLY!

Because the Theodoros were losing their battle with DCF, they involved Peter’s Parents to seek custody, as in the State of CT the next of kin does have a chance of getting custody.

Foster Parents did hire a lawyer to get permanent custody of Sofia.

To our dismay, Sofia will be going to her Grandparents April 7th the day she turns 17 months permanently.

My fear is she will forget the first family she has ever known.

Will they poison her mind with lies about us?

If BIO MOM posted all those lies about us, what’s to stop her to say more lies?

DCF says she has grown to be resilient.

What 15 month old is resilient to leave the family she has ever known since she was 10 days old. They don’t know what is her favorite food; her favorite toy; her favorite blanket; her favorite music to put her to sleep or how to soothe her when she gets upset or fussy.

How could grandparents in their late 60’s deal with a toddler her age.

Will they have the energy and patience to deal with such an energetic, lively toddler?

My other fear is once the Grandparents take her, will they give her right back to her unstable Bio Mom??

Guess that is a FEAR I and the foster family will need to deal with…..

We Love you Baby Sofia, you will always be in our hearts!!!!

End Testimonial


Links to Earlier Coverage










Someone posted a link to this article on Shara Michelle’s page and Shara’s response was typical.


Update February 26, 2020

Shara continues her attack on me and the above report.


Update April 18, 2020

Suzy Theodoro opened her FaceBook page today, but she didn’t post anything meaningful; just a link to a 2 year old anti-child welfare article by Megan Fox.

Link to her Facebook page:

(She still has me blocked!)


Update April 21, 2020

Another cryptic post from Suzy, but she continues to refuse to provide any meaningful details as to what is going with all of that.


Update April 22, 2020

The above was followed by another cryptic post, but no real details from Suzy, and it seems odd the post did not include the father at the end.


Update April 23, 2020


Update April 25, 2020

Another cryptic, uninformative post from Suzy!


Update April 29, 2020

Shara performs her Sofia song!


Update April 30, 2020

Another cryptic, uninformative message from Suzy Theodoro!


Update May 1, 2020

Another cryptic note from Suzy:


Update May 6, 2020

Suzy has posted another pretty much meaningless message as far as what is going on with Sofia’s custody situation, and has included what appears to be videos and pictures from some time ago.

Go to following links for graphics:


Update May 8, 2020

The false narrative continues.

So many of these cases “we” have covered involve similar claims it is always a wonder why the parent(s) work so hard to make sure they don’t get the child(ren) back.


Update May 18, 2020

During the last few days, Suzy has been back on FaceBook actively promoting her false narrative and posting certain pictures of who she considers her enemies on the State’s side of matter.  Too much of that for me to try and condense for presentation here, but there is this commentary about that and the case generally.

Begin Commentary

On SUZY THEODORO’s latest antics – A Commentary!

This is so SICKENING & SAD!!
I sit here and read all these posts and comments from Suzy Theodoro’s Facebook page and how everyone feels for her and her so called “Pain”.
The family that is taking care of Sofia are hard-working middle class like everyone else in this world. They were asked to take care of this beautiful girl who was only 10 days old.
DCF did not demand, they just asked.
They could have said no and Sofia would have been given to another family.
But no, they decided to give this little baby girl a fighting chance due to her parents leaving her behind.
As for her Mother Suzy Theodoro! The woman who made the DECISION TO LEAVE AND ABANDON Sofia at her most vulnerable state without saying anything to the hospital staff.
Just got up at the middle of the night and ABANDONED HER BABY GIRL.
It wasn’t the hospital’s fault that Suzy decided to leave her baby girl behind without leaving any information like a phone number, address, family emergency contact.
Looking at your Facebook page and you’re at it again, getting a Pity Party fest going to make yourself feel better.
Let me tell you, your daughter is doing BEAUTIFULLY. She is thriving, growing, running, talking, dancing and getting ALL THE LOVE THAT SHE NEEDS!
Sadly you are not part of those amazing moments.
Did you forget you tried to leave when nobody was looking, but a Nurse saw you and your husband drive away?
Sofia, what a beautiful little soul.
You talk about DCF, the Judge, Middlesex Hospital, post pictures of people that you don’t know. Making comments and talking lies of people you don’t even know. Are you sure the pictures that you posted are true?
As I learned from a very good source there is no truth to your posts or the pictures you included.
Looks like you have plenty of time to troll Facebook, but don’t have time, energy or resources to fight for you daughter in a DIGNIFIED WAY!
Let’s talk about your resources, your GoFundMe page for Lawyer’s fees. What were those funds really used for?
How is your relationship with your in-laws?
Don’t see pics of them with your other two sons on their Facebook page or on Peter’s Brother’s page.
Family doesn’t approve of you Suzy and your crazy way of handling your case with DCF?
What about your college degrees, supposedly you and Peter have? College Dropouts???? Disappointment in Peter’s Family eyes I guess.
You can write all you want, my conscience in clean, what about yours?
Sure you have sleepless nights, and I am sure they are NOT about Sofia.
The family that have Sofia, are making the most of their time with Sofia and making sure she has everything she needs especially UNCONDITIONAL LOVE… like THE TRUE PARENTS THEY ARE AND AN LOVING EXTENDED FAMILY.
TECHNICALITY?? NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Addendum Added 05/18/2020 8:30 PM MT

Just to be clear, doctors and nurse’s at Middlesex hospital where asking Suzy for her medical history and who was her doctor and she refused to give them that information.
She had her medications in unmarked containers in a zip lock bag and the hospital refused to give her those meds as they did not know what they where.
They were not going to administer meds without contacting her doctor to confirm her medication list.
Then to tell your husband not to divulge any personal information about you either?
Can you say RED FLAG!
If you don’t have anything hide, why not tell the truth?

End Commentary


Looks like it is also becoming commonly reported that Suzy is pregnant!


Update June 6, 2020

Suzy has posted again, with lots of pictures, in the context of her mother having complications from back surgery and being in the hospital.  The following appears to be the current look and profile for Sawyer, Baby Sofia’s soon to arrive 3rd brother.  Typically, Suzy ain’t talkin’ about her birthing plans.  Maybe she will pull it off and get to keep this one along with the 2 previous boys.  Maybe not.

Update June 7, 2020


Update June 8, 2020

Seems like they were just busy with Baby Sofia and her rights, Suzy.  You were just wanting to get in the way.

Someone Offered This Analysis of That

“Baby is out and crying and they are doing delayed cord clamping as is now the norm. They would not be at the point where they would be showing her the baby yet. This short piece cuts off right about the point where cord is cut and baby would be lifted over the surgical drape for parents to see.”

Another Non-Issue – Seems to Me!

The following was also posted today, June 8, 2020:

I don’t figure the above promotion will help Suzy in any effort to regain custody of Baby Sofia.  That website, I believe, is the one set up and operated by Elizabeth Dipasquale.  I have an article on her and my experience with her at:


Update June 9, 2020

Now Suzy has come out with a really slick YouTube production that might violate “fair use” rules in that she appears to falsely represent that Bill Bowers supports her antics.  Maybe we’ll hear more about that.  It seems like a really slick, deceptive production to me, and maybe Elizabeth DiPasquale had something to do with it.


Update June 16, 2020

Suzy is back at it, and you can find her latest copied in my post at the following link:

So, Connie Reguli and Suzy aren’t getting along.  The following is the link to Suzy’s post referenced above followed by a screenshot of the current fuss between Connie and Suzy.


Update June 17, 2020

Suzy is back at it today promoting her false narrative and using old pictures in support thereof.

Go to link above for pictures!


Update June 18, 2020

The infighting continues on Suzy’s page, and Shara Michelle shows up to try and be the peacemaker.


Shara added a 2nd peacekeeping effort to that thread!

Meanwhile, Suzy appears to still be fantasizing about having a natural childbirth.  She’s about to have her 4th child.  If not this one, maybe she’s already planning her 5th pregnancy.  If she somehow manages to try and pull off a natural childbirth at some time, it just might kill her.


Following Shara’s peacekeeping efforts, the following posts were made in that thread and in response to Shara’s posts.  To save some trouble, I am just posting the texts of the messages.

From Suzy Theodoro – June 18, 2020 – 4:53 PM MT

I am not LYING about anything and the only one here who is delusional is Connie Reguli. All I did was ask you about what you thought we should do about our new baby in Nashville! How could we ever pay you for anything when you never offered to do anything for us?!?! The only person this woman is a warrior for is HERSELF. It seems like the only reason she makes all those videos is just to get attention. She only helps people who can come up with hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay her and because she knew we didn’t have it, she had no interest in helping us fight for our child. The only thing I have said about her in this post is that we have asked her for help and advice RECENTLY ABOUT WHAT WE SHOULD DO IN NASHVILLE ABOUT THE UPCOMING BIRTH OF OUR NEW BABY on many occasions and she blatantly IGNORED US! I have PROOF of everything I am saying IN WRITING. After we came back online, she messaged me asking if they had finally terminated our rights and was our daughter finally gone. I asked her many times about what we should do about our new baby, and she just ignored me. Last year she tried to convince us to plead GUILTY to a crime that we did not commit to have our case moved to TN knowing full well that it would have hurt our lives really badly and could have landed us in jail and definitely would have had ALL of our children taken from us! Thankfully we were not foolish enough to take that advice!

She (Connie) actually lives in the same neighborhood as my parents actually just a few houses down.

Last year my mom was supposed to be at the house by herself with the children while we were supposed to be traveling up to our trial in CT. I was asking Everyone I could think of if they could possibly come and sit at the house with her and the boys during the first few hours of what we thought would be our trial because we thought the judge might order the cops to come search our home or something and my mom was afraid to be there alone.

Connie was one of the people I asked, and she said it would need to be at least 3 hours and tried to charge me nearly $1500 Just to come sit at the house with mom and the children during that time!

She told us that she herself lived in CT for many years, still has a lot of friends there and told us to pay $100 consult fee to another attorney named Lisa Vincent to see if she would help us. We paid her the money and she all she told us was to go ahead and take their “plea deal” to plead no contest to “child neglect,” specifically “at risk of harm to minor child!” His statute is a CLASS C FELONY! WHEN WE DID NOTHING WRONG! We would have to be crazy to plead guilty to such a thing! Then she came on my page and started ATTACKING ME claiming “people like me” are the problem with the DCF in CT and that I was just being “hysterical.” I still have the screen shots of it before she erased her comments stacking me. Well Anna Taylor who was one of her previous clients just informed me that this Lisa Vincent Atty has just been promoted to a DCF prosecutor for helping the CT DCF screw over so many families including hers! And last year as we were fighting for our daughter, Connie contacted me several times to ask us to write a signed essay for The book of stories she made and took with her to DC. I didn’t think I had time to write one but finally did because she kept asking and said it would really make a difference for the people of CT. Late I was told by two other people who saw the book, that she did not even include our story! I was shocked and couldn’t understand why. When I asked her about it, she just ignored me about that too! SO RATHER THAN JUST ANSWERING MY QUESTIONS, now she is coming onto my page THREATENING ME?!?! IS THIS WOMAN ACTUALLY SERIOUS ?!?! She needs to Get a grip and stop harassing me before I sue her for harassment, slander and Libel!!!!!

From Susan Cobb – June 18, 2020 – 5:39 PM MT

Great answer, Suzy!

I disagree, Shara with your legal interpretations.

I am not under stress and I DID mean to lash out at Connie.

I reject the de-escalation, and in fact believe it should be escalated!

Shine the light in the darkness and the darkness must flee. Truth and love and righteousness are in no danger of loss from what we are all discovering right now.

Connie states she is a Christian and that is a wonderful thing to state and be, but she came against my friend, David Jose and also Francesca Amato, (also Christians and also dealing with loss of children and fighting for parents in this cause).

In my perception, Connie appeared to be collaborating with high level individuals, one of whom we all found surprising had even heard of David. They were all extremely focused on David’s methods of fighting back. They attacked with many lies, vicious gossip and no reason for it because if they are wrong in how they help parents to fight AT LEAST they are caring and trying. They also have the “we are all in this together” attitude and hard as it is to believe DO NOT CHARGE HUGE SUMS OF MONEY! Not seeing this with Connie. I totally accept freedom of association so you don’t associate with those you disagree, and/or you then state you disagree. But, my alarm bells went off when Connie did not DISassociate with head troll Michael Mihalikis, with his many AKAs. I think just about everyone on the internet in THIS cause is well aware of who and what Meko is. But, I kept quiet while I formed my conclusions because I still hoped Connie might bring attention to our plight. It doesn’t matter what her personal reasons are for declaring herself to be an advocate. Advocates are advocates, nothing more and nothing less. I have worked with MANY kinds of advocates. Some were senators, owners of newspapers, major media reporters and local, top Supreme Court Case winning attorneys, ACLU leaders and attorneys, low on the totem pole Representatives, Highest level of Democratic leadership (while being a Republican) and I can just keep going on and on. Just so you know I understand working with advocates. They NEVER attacked the ones they were advocating for publicly! They argued with me sometimes for remaining conservative, and while swimming in a sea of New Age sharks all those years I represented Christ (and lived). They gossiped about some of the activist leaders they didn’t like but it never went public. That’s because they were true advocates. When one is being crucified on the cross it is NOT the time to stab them anymore with anything, especially if they are dying publicly in front of the world. I want this family to live. I want their Sofia to live. She will be damaged, but a living child can be loved and worked with. They may not be perfect anymore, but none of us are anyway. I am convinced this family just want her alive. They have the love.

I want Suzy to escape alive with this new baby and I am right now working on something to try to make this happen.

No, I have not told Suzy.

I am only mentioning it here and now because I will try to do ANYTHING to help them! They are fellow Christians, and I remain livid regarding this situation. I am NOT doing enough! We all need to unite on their behalf against this crime against an innocent family. No advocate would terrorize them further! In the tongue (or the comment box) is the power of life and death. Choose life.

From Shara Michelle – June 18, 2020 – 6:03 PM MT

Susan Cobb

That bottom Line, rings.. to crucify the crucified. It made me cry. I was hoping it would all just go away. But it can’t. And I’m just speechless. 

Suzy Theodoro

I know you have not lied. Pick your battles sweetheart. Some are a must, some need to be set aside. From what I have collected, I know what you are facing. And I believe you.

From Deborah LoVette-Watkins – June 18, 2020 – 8:02 PM MT

You are always practical Susan…tell me how I can help!

From Susan Cobb – June 18, 2020 – 8:51 PM MT

Thank you. I am praying about it atm and I’m also going to be talking to someone, but that may or may not pan out. I will, however, possibly be able to get some information that could be useful. I am brainstorming with some others too.

At the moment I am really trying to plan a strategy of offense that can break through the media barrier.

These human traffickers have had years to perfect this stronghold and that’s why few efforts are effective when children are stolen, but I actually believe God will help me as I wait on Him.

Meanwhile, Robin and I are just posting their story everywhere, mostly on twitter.

I know that isn’t enough but it is better than doing nothing while I wait on God to inspire me what should be done. He has never forsaken me or left me. Everyone should be encouraged to do all that we can, even though we think it is small, because it does add up. I have not stopped working on sharing this story since I first heard and who is to say that some of what I’ve done hasn’t caused CT to hold off TPR’ing Sofia? Or the efforts that Joyce put in with her one woman protests and singing hasn’t held off the dragons? Or the many, many other things we have done on their behalf (which none of us are aware of the other’s) hasn’t kept them with their two boys?

We may not find out this side of the grave but I am sure that every time I push this story that God is using my efforts for purposes I can’t see.

I have been scouring the various news posts to see where I can hijack it with the Theodoro story.

That is a good way to spread. Also, I did individual phone calls to people (churches and organizations) in CT. That is another. You need good links to their story, because there are many facts in this case.

There is nothing going for the state of CT, but everything is on the side of Peter and Suzy.

They are great reps. When the Theodoros were threatened they removed their FB stuff and a lot of evidence was taken down. I still have plenty but I had to remove dead links. I made Youtube videos on my two channels that I share extensively AND

I still use Suzy’s shower video because she is so powerful in it.

David Jose just made a good Youtube video explaining how parents need to challenge the courts with their State Constitution, not the US one. But, this is tricky because they were attacked, robbed, and Suzy nearly murdered while traveling through another state.

This throws it back into a media arena. No legislator will take responsibility to get involved. The crime syndicate is too big. (Refer to Nancy Schaeffer and Linda Collins-Smith). Brain storming on here is helpful but I don’t believe the Theodoros should state anything that they have done on here. They are in a very precarious position and responding could prove very detrimental (but the other side would sure like to know). We, however, can often do the things that we tell them to do.

The 3 moms who did the best job of fighting for their children are all being taken out.

Cyndie Abcug in jail now for a trumped up charge where she will never get out of prison.

Arlena Willes and Melissa Diegel both facing life in prison because their children were stolen and they dared to tell.

None of these Christian mothers committed any crime, but they had so much evidence to prove what the state did that they are being taken out. So, there is that…

This is a war and we must fight on behalf of our sisters who have no one except the Lord who stands on their behalf!

End Texts of Messages


Suzy mentions above an incident where she couldn’t get Connie to help her mother care for the children during a legal proceeding.  Suzy notes they live near each other in the Brentwood, TN area.  Connie lives at 8015 Wikle Road East and Rita, Suzy’s mother, lives at 8226 Wickle Road East.  The screenshots below provide some context for Suzy’s claim.


Update June 19, 2020

Suzy’s thread at the following link, where the above-referenced infighting was going on, appears to have now been deleted or removed from public view.


Connie Reguli struck back yesterday with a thread in her group at the following link.  Go to link to review the many comments posted there.


After trying to figure out what the fuss with Connie is all about, I came up with 2 old posts of Suzy’s which might help explain what that was all about.  At least I will speculate that Connie may have simply recommended, if Suzy wanted her case in Tennessee, that she accept the plea offer from Connecticut, and that Suzy, in whining about all of that, is not telling us the truth, the whole truth, about what the deal was all about.  The 2 old posts are as follows:

Some have noted something odd about the pictures Suzy typically posts.  I don’t know if anyone has posted something like this before, so here it is now; a grouping of Suzy’s pictures over time.  They do appear to have a certain “eerie” character to them.


Update June 23, 2020

Anyone care to guess the due date?


Update July 4, 2020

Suzy preparing to let ’em hang out at the pool today and for her fourth c-section:


Update July 31, 2020

Surely, it can’t be long now, but I have yet to see any birthing plan.


Update August 2, 2020

Suzy has provided this narrative about her case and her expectations.

It appears that Suzy is estranged from her sister Sybil and her husband, a bonafide doctor; perhaps for reasons involving the children.  To my knowledge, Sybil and her husband have never engaged on social media as far as discussing Suzy’s problems.

Suzy also posted another much lengthier narrative on her page at the following link:

In part, Suzy calls on her people to contact just about everyone and ask for help to save her baby, including Mayor John Cooper.  So, I wrote to Mayor John Cooper via his FaceBook page and in a thread at the following link:

The mayor and his boys:

Suzy with the mayor’s boys in years past:

Notorious wannabe advocates Raymond Schwab and Susan Cobb post some advice to Suzy’s page:


Update August 4, 2020


Update August 7, 2020

Suzy Theodoro launches an attack on Tennessee lawyer Connie Reguli.  In addition to the text of her message, shown below, Suzy included over 35 screenshots of her private communications with Connie Reguli.  Suzy even takes a swipe at me and some of my people


Update August 15, 2020

It would appear Suzy’s due date may have come and gone or is imminent.  Publicly, she has been silent for a week or so; suggesting she’s involved in birthing efforts.  Time will tell.


Update September 1, 2020

No story.  Just a picture.

Update September 14, 2020

This cryptic FaceBook note from Susan Cobb!

Susan has added the following:

Update September 16, 2020

Suzy, or someone using her account, made another cryptic post today.  Cryptic in that, again, no details were added to explain what is up with Suzy and CPS in TN and CT.  The implication is she and Peter have been cooperating instead of fighting and their situation is changing as to the children.

Update October 3, 2020

Go to link for short video from Suzy:

That narrative indicates Baby Sofia is with Peter’s parents in N.J.

Update October 6, 2020

Suzy’s latest post below (go to link for video attached) is further evidence Suzy & Peter are no longer publicly promoting the anti-government, anti-CPS, “fight, fight, fight” movement.

Update November 8, 2020

Looks like my last observation was misinformed.  Suzy & Peter, according to their latest post indicates there has been no change in their course.  You can go to the link below for the short video which was posted along with the message.

Update December 6, 2020

Suzy appears to be taunting her estranged sister Sybil in one recent post and demonstrating that she has not changed her anti-CPS theology regarding the stunts she and her husband pulled in Connecticut that cost them custody of Sofia.

Sybil’s FaceBook Address is:

Sybil’s Husband is a Neonatologist.  His FaceBook Address is:

Sybil’s father-in-law is also reported to be a judge in Tennessee:

It is reported that Peter Theodoro (Saad) has a sister-in-law that is a Ph.D. in criminal justice and is a professor:

Update December 13, 2020

Suzy is on a rampage over not getting her way with Baby Sofia.

Summary of above:

Sure enough, they have filed 2 federal suits recently as indicated below.  That will give us something new to consider.

Link to stand-alone article on above-referenced federal cases:

Update April 12, 2021

I found no other postings with details.  It might be reasonably assumed that Suzy & Peter finally got serious about cooperating with authorities and affected some unspecified changes in custody/visitation; or it’s just a ruse.

Update April 16, 2021

Still no admission by Suzy that she finally took the advice “we” have been giving her since the beginning!

Update August 28, 2021

Still Unanswered Questions!

Does Suzy only get to get on Facebook every two months?

Does she only see Sofia every two months or so?

She posts so many pics all at once, mostly in one or two outfits, then nothing for a long time.

I’m not convinced she has her back.

I’m convinced she has visitation for a long weekend every couple of months.




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