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Originally posted February 5, 2023

by Robert Baty

Link to Dave LaClair FaceBook page:

Link to wife’s FaceBook page:

Picture of the couple:

After reviewing numerous field reports from my agents in Madison County, MT, the weight of the evidence suggests that David/Dave LaClair is the mystery writer of the message that Jesse Boyd has sought to exploit in his continuing public relations campaign to smear his victim (Brad Terrell) and ruin his business. It might be reasonably supposed that his wife was the videographer mentioned in the mystery message.

(If you run the statistics, you will possibly find there is a lot of law enforcement action involving Brad Terrell’s part of the county, and Brad is a real sweetheart compared to the real trouble-makers in the neighborhood.)

Link to post below attributed to Jesse Boyd:

Jesse Boyd and his three fellow trekkers, who assaulted Brad Terrell on November 12, 2022, have been charged with criminal assault and are free on a total of $200,000.00 bond, subject to terms and conditions.

I am pretty sure those terms and conditions as well as admonitions from the judge, include the prohibition from going after the victim and even going so far as to cultivate locals who may have somewhat against Brad.

The Dave LaClair, who is now presumed to have written that complaint against Brad, didn’t quite get his facts straight, but that is not what is important to Jesse Boyd and his people when it comes to the “politics of personal destruction”. They are only interested in stories that can be used to attack Brad. They cannot handle the truth.

Dave LaClair and others recently tried to sue some of their neighbors. That case was ultimately dismissed with prejudice. Those neighbors now are returning the favor and have a pending suit against Dave LaClair and the others who tried to sue them. No opinion is herein expressed regarding the merits of that suit.

Here is a link to one of the recently filed documents in the suit against Dave LaClair, et al, which will give you some insight into how things have been going out there in Madison County, MT:

I sent Dave LaClair a FaceBook Messenger message asking him to confirm that he was the mysterious whiner noted above. I have not yet received a response.

Jesse Boyd has me blocked as do many of his people. They might confirm the mystery writer’s identity as well; if someone can influence them to do so.

If I am right about that kind of activity (and one should not think that is the only incident) being a clear violation of the terms and conditions of release as to the “Montana 4” (Jesse Boyd, Eric Trent, Carter Phillips, Bethany Boyd), then maybe we will be seeing another “emergency hearing” where revocation of bond is again considered.

David Buchler, Thorin Geist, are you listening??????

(This is so reminiscent of how Kent Hovind, another preacher of sorts like Jesse Boyd and his fellow trekkers, spent 15 or so years trying to destroy just about everyone involved in his investigation, prosecution and trial that sent him to federal prison for 8+ years.)

Update June 26, 2023

Rumor has it that Dave LaClair found himself a new girlfriend and his wife left him and has been out of the home for awhile. A mystery woman seems to have moved in with Dave.


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